Erlitz Chapter 1850

Erlitz Chapter 1850

The wedding banquet continued, but no one dared to step onto the arena anymore. How would anyone still want to fight? A Xiantian cultivator was vaporized into a mist of blood by a single strike. Many women, young girls, young married women, milfs, all fluttered their beautiful eyelashes as they looked at Qing Shui. In their eyes, were admiration, curiosity, and even worship.

Countless red lightning bolts crashed in the sky above as the scarecrow suddenly vanished. When it reappeared, it was right outside of the spell formation shield, where it lifted its right hand up. As it did, the steelyard balance grew immeasurably large, and then, within the weighing tray, an image appeared.

"Xiaochun!!" he said loudly.

And there was one final aspect, the most important of all¡­. Bai Xiaochun had been fishing every day for half a month, and despite the fact that all of the aristocracy was grumbling angrily about it¡­ none of them did anything to stop him.

"Alright. Qing Shui, I will miss you." Mu Qing nodded her head lightly.

When he thought about how much more powerful he was than before, his excitement rose. Every time he absorbed blood qi, he felt indescribably wonderful. He also worked on his Blood Annihilation World, and although he didn't actually notice, he was getting much quicker at forming blood swords. The blood swords he formed were also more powerful.

"He is such a lewd fellow. I was such much more powerful than he was then, yet he even dared to say those words to me," Canghai Mingyue thought to herself. Thinking about those memories, she really cherished those times.?

"Terrifying? He's not just terrifying! He's simply a demon! I'm putting up with it? No, this is bending down to him, giving in to him. He is not someone our Cloud Mist Sect can afford to offend. Remember to pass down the word - no one must go provoke him. Otherwise, I'll kill that person myself."

However, it was different than the legendary River of Time and Space. By stepping into that river, one could actually travel to the past, and even change it. At least, that was what the legends spoke of. No one had ever done such a thing. Not even the Mortal Renegade was capable of entering the River of Time and Space.

And yet... this formation he was standing on was definitely the formation he had been looking for! Unfortunately, although it might seem as though this formation was the one that would save his life, Bai Xiaochun now realized that it was also a potentially deadly catastrophe!!

"Bai Xiaochun went to Violet Cauldron Peak to concoct medicine!"

"Xiaochun, look around¡­. Can you tell what's different about the sect¡­?"

Everyone felt incredible pressure weighing down on their hearts because of the bizarre little girl, and they were all wondering about what serious consequences there could be depending on how things turned out.

Furthermore, he was now convinced that just about everyone in Vile-Emperor City was crazy. Not a single one seemed like an ordinary person. At the same time, he decided that nothing about the Vile-Prince's speech just now made sense. After all, he didn't want ideas like that to take root inside of him and cause unwanted changes to his psyche¡­.

Zuo Shandiao regretted his decision. This time he had kicked an iron plate.

Eventually, two people arrived at the embassy, both women. One of them was tall, slender, and particularly beautiful, with a celestial cultivation base. Bai Xiaochun almost immediately detected her presence.

Yiye Jiange was like a bottomless pond of water, whereas Luan Luan resembled more of a splashing river, with the former being outstandingly extraordinary and the latter being cheerful.

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