I Can Be A Hero? Chapter 52

I Can Be A Hero? Chapter 52

"My ancestor, you're finally out! If you hadn't come out by now, your master dog would shit on your head!"

Duan Jianhong said.

The light in Jian Chen's eyes immediately frosted over as a tremendous amount of killing intent began to leak from his body and enshrouded the other man in it. "One-armed Warrior, do you know who I am?" Jian Chen asked with a demanding growl.

"Yea!" Jian Chen nodded his head, a look of satisfaction on his face. In his heart, he secretly enjoyed the loving concern his mother had shown him.

Nangong Yunzheng said with a loud void and stern expression.

The old man in the black robe spoke with a cold and emotionless voice. His killing intent could easily be sensed by the others; no one doubted what he said.

Guo Shan glanced at Yu Zihan. A look of joy could finally be found on his face.

"This Jian Chen is far too hard working at his cultivation. It has been half a month already, and he only comes out every three days or so to eat a meal. I don't know how he has managed to endure this, but it's been four days this time and he hasn't stepped out of his room even once. Ai, I'm worried he worked himself into an illness." Fang Hui looked at the closed door to Jian Chen's room with a look of worry on her face.

"Since I, Jiang Chen am here, I will break the social order of this continent. I will annihilate the Demon King Palace and make the humans the only masters of this land."

Once again, the Ice Demon King and Shangguan Ying fought intensely. After resurrecting, the Ice Demon King's combat strength hadn't weakened at all. It was still furiously attacking Shangguan Ying, because it knew its own advantage; it would never die. Therefore, it just didn't bother defending itself.

It seemed like this huge sword was a sentient object. It didn't attack any humans, it only focused on demons, and it wiped out every single ferocious creature along its way. Nothing seemed to be able to stop it, and no demons were able to withstand more than a single strike from this gigantic golden sword.

Jiang Chen laughed heartily. He treated this fortune as his very own without any feelings of guilt. He was more than happy to kill someone and rip all their fortune. Besides, leaving this great amount of fortune behind was forbidden by the natural laws.

In other words, in this short period of time, Jiang Chen wouldn't need to worry about getting pills. This had saved him a lot of trouble.

"Hmph! It really is you. You killed my son, so you will die today even if you have nine lives. Little bastard, if you took good care of your life by staying in the Jiang family mansion, then maybe I would have let you live££ But, I really didn't think that you'd throw away your life by coming to Red city. You are just looking to meet death!"

With that, Khafir and the other Heaven Saint Master spoke of their thanks as well before leaving.

"Haha, even after Firethorn Savage retreats, Liu Hong and the other two old fools won't have any good days to come. The Sect Chief will definitely put all the blame on those three!"

Yan Chen Yu took a step forwards and held Jiang Chen's arm with her hand, speaking with a happy tone.

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