Renascence: War of the Zodiacs Chapter 1317

Renascence: War of the Zodiacs Chapter 1317

But too bad, the Fiery Magma Dragon was too fast. In just an instant, it completely engulfed both men.



"This energy is really powerful, and it's still rising! Looks like he's going to break through to the Demon King realm! I never thought I'd have the chance to witness the birth of a Demon King, this is truly an honor!"

Sitting on top of the mount, Jian Chen flew over the roads with a blinding speed that quickly took him to the base of the city gates.

"No, it's not the Lee family, there are people from the Heavenly Blade Clan here!"

Jiang Chen thought for a moment, before replying to Jiang Cheng.

"To dare kill one of our Jiede Clansmen, you are seeking death!" In that moment, a furious person roared as a thirty-year-old youth with a meter-long sword flew at Jian Chen. A fire-like Saint Force began to billow out from him, causing everyone to look at him with shock.

"Alright then, in the future I'll call you Brother Hu Po." Jian Chen laughed.

The big yellow dog growled before it leapt towards Jiang Chen like an arrow leaving the bow.

The square started boiling, this scene was just too exciting. The number one genius of the outer circle disciples from the Burning Sky Pavilion was killed, this was such a sensational moment.

"Every month a Class 1 Monster Core will be given, as well as free access to the first five levels of the library?" Hearing Bai En's explanation, Jian Chen's heart swelled up in marvel. Could it be that the students weren't able to even get a monster core every month? And who would have thought that the library would have a restriction imposed on it?

"It was Jiang££ Jiang Chen££"


The horrible death of Lee Shan Yue had turned the Lee family into a mess. Their hopes and spirits instantly disappeared. Everyone's faces turned into grey ashes. Even Lee Shan Yue was killed with just a single strike, so how could they be able to fight him?

"Headmaster? Do you mean Khafir?" Ming Dong laughed. He felt no pressure at all since he and Khafir were very well acquainted with one another.

"Fuck you!"

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