I Just Want Peace Chapter 652

I Just Want Peace Chapter 652

It was done.?

"Just which of these mountains is destined for me?!" he thought, frustrated. There were countless mountains within this world of clouds, and although most of them looked impressive, none of them seemed to be connected to him by destiny.

It was at this point that everyone watching could see a scintillating light shining out from the joints and cracks in the pill furnace. Elder Xu suddenly leapt forward to peer into the pill furnace, within which was a one-inch-long stick of Inkspirit Incense that was completely violet. His eyes danced with elation.

Long Lingyun and Qi Gang were startled by Qian Mo's cry and immediately stood up to help her. But they sat back down soon after that, clearly weakened by the poison in the meat. Qing Shui, on the other hand, remained motionless. This drug must be outrageous if an Elementary Martial Saint was affected as well.

Regulating his breathing, recuperating, cultivating!

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Qing Shui used his strength to draw the bow


"Wind Dash?" Bai Xiaochun murmured, taken aback. Meanwhile, more cultivators were landing on the ship. Bai Xiaochun didn't go very quickly, and arrived within the first hundred or so.

The gate leading to the trial by fire was completely bizarre, and at the same time, led almost everyone to the same question: why was the Celestial using these rules and this dangerous trial by fire in order to select a new apprentice?

When Bai Xiaochun saw that both Chen Su and Aged Spirit had been pacified, he breathed an inward sigh of relief. At the same time, he was very pleased that his strategy was working.

The most profound change was not the 10 stars of strength brought by the Blood Essence pool. The thing was that the Blood Essence pool controlled his blood and bones. He could feel a large change in terms of the hardness of his bone and his recovery pace, etc.

This was a famous street in Southern Sea City and was also the widest street. Legend has it that a Martial God once originated from this place. As for what rank he was, no one knew. They only knew that he was very strong.

In the blink of an eye, yet another five days passed. Both Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing have already visited the most popular places in Ice City. The most beautiful things in Cold Ice City were their ice, snow and their ice statues. Hence, Ice City was the place which represented Cold Ice City the most.

"No," he murmured, "I remember that there was something important I needed to do." Frowning, he tried harder to think back to whatever it was that he'd forgotten, and it was in that moment that he suddenly heard someone singing.

At the moment, he felt nothing short of elated. Back when no one knew who the little turtle was, he had never been able to find the right opportunity to make a big debut. Now that he had, he was experiencing exactly the feeling he had hoped for.

Even more shocking was how the mysterious energy suddenly swept over him for a moment before heading toward the area where the Eternal Flower had vanished. Afterward, Bai Xiaochun reached out with his hand, confirming that the energy was still there. Then he closed his hand in an attempt to grab it.

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