Rise of the Lord Chapter 662

Rise of the Lord Chapter 662

Comments about the situation filled the entire Eastern Continent. It was as Daoist Black and the other had expected; most people were worried about the Martial Saint Dynasty's hidden force, and hence, not many people dared to join them. When faced with this kind of battle, all they could do was stand on the side and watch.

£¦What the fuck!'

"You're right. What we needed to do now is revive him from his false death state. As long as we can revive his Divine Beast bloodline, everything else should be easy to handle."

Suddenly, an azure glow could be seen across the sky as the wind attributed Heaven Saint Master chased after Jian Chen.

Jian Chen knew that this Saint Tier Battle Skill was the cause, therefore he immediately turned away and sat on the ground. He tried to think of nothing, emptying his mind of everything as he fell into a deep meditation.

"I'm sorry, you can't touch that monk."

There were many countries of different sizes surrounding the forest. Every day, there would be large numbers of mercenaries who would enter the outskirts of the first to kill some low class magical beasts to support their families. Of course, there were also some Earth Saint Master who brag about their strength and enter the depths of the forest in attempt to hunt a Class 5 magical beast. However, without any exception whatsoever, all the Earth Saint Masters would enter unharmed and leave heavily injured. There was actually no one who had succeeded in killing a Class 5 magical beast.

Despite the fact that the Andreas Kingdom had over ten million soldiers, their military might was far below that of an army belonging to one of the Eight Great Powers. Even an army of fifty million soldiers would barely be enough.

The fatty let out a sigh in relief, "Jian Chen, you're a nice guy. If you were my grandfather, that'd be great. That way, I'd be able to see what it's like outside."

After he had talked with the other mercenaries about what other supplies he would need, Jian Chen had already collected the majority of them and continued to stroll around Wake City.

Guo Shan waved his sleeves and spoke without considering Fan Kun's feelings. If it wasn't for him not wanting to provoke Fan Kun's grandfather, Guo Shan would have just slapped him and sent him far away.

Heavenly Tribulation was something far away from him; he didn't think he'd face it this quickly. In the entire Saint Origin realm, there were only a handful of people capable of facing Heavenly Tribulation, but at the same time, Heavenly Tribulation was something that every single peak Combat Emperor warrior dreamed about. This was because after passing the Heavenly Tribulation, they would be able to break through to the Minor Saint realm. However, Heavenly Tribulation terrified all Combat Emperor warriors at the same time, as the survival rate was extremely low. Only those who successfully survived the Heavenly Tribulation would become saints, and those who failed would perish.

"Haha, this dog must be afraid! 1 to 2 ratio, it looks like he doesn't have too much confidence in that young man! That brat is only an Early Mortal Core warrior, I'm sure he is not match for the Little Devil King and Li Wu Shuang! It's impossible for him to be the number one! I'll bet the rest of my money, 100 Mortal Restoration Pills!"

Kai Er gave a look to the other three for a moment before summoning up his courage. "Captain, allow me to say it. When you first left, we followed your orders on doing our best to expand the Flame Mercenaries' strength. At that time our strength was enough to make us undefeatable in Wake City, so our very first step was to reorganize the structure of Wake City and reclaim all the power that had been lost to us."

The second sister of the Qin family stood quietly behind her elder brother. Both of her bright eyes blinked in a curious manner as she looked at Jian Chen's back.

Even under the collapsed restaurant, a stream of mercenaries crawled out looking disheveled, but they continued to join the other mercenaries.

Tie Ta's expression grew hard as he heard Jian Chen. If it was just one magical beast, he wouldn't have been worried, three magical beasts and the both of them combined could take them on. But now that there were at least 10 of them; Tie Ta didn't dare to have a swelled head now.

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