BLINDED Chapter 1759

BLINDED Chapter 1759

"Lady Duanmu, if youˇ­ˇ­"

Although it was ancient, it still radiated incredible energy and power. When it threw its head back and roared, all of the beasts in the jungle prostrated themselves and remained on the ground, completely unmoving.

"Let's enter and verify the rumors about the taste." The middle-aged man smiled. The smile on his face did not appear naturally, as if, forcedˇ­ In fact, he looked even more fearsome smiling compared to when he was not.

Unless a huge army of savages showed up all of a sudden, he wasn't really in any danger at all.

"It's reallyˇ­ really hauntedˇ­." He felt like crying; other than death, the thing he feared most in life was ghosts. It didn't matter that he was in the Heaven-Dao Nascent Soul stage, he still couldn't shake that deep-seated phobia. Without any hesitation he procured a big stack of paper talismans from his bag of holding and began to slap them down all over himself.

In the depths of the necropolis was a pool of black liquid surrounded by a huge spell formation, fully 30,000 meters from side to side. It was a spell formation created, not by spirit stones, but by human bones!

Qing Shui thought about Di Qing's previous behaviour. Could it be that she knew that Di Chen was about to leave? Rubbing his head, he carried a heavy heart as he entered the Realm of the Violet Immortal.

Squeezing his hand down, he completely crushed it!

He took out the set of Gold Needles which were seven inches long.

Having agility was equal to having strength. With absolute speed, the opponent wouldn't be able to do anything no matter how strong they were. Not to mention his opponent didn't only have great speed, he was also at an absolute advantage.

Using all the power at his disposal, he shoved himself like a nail into the ground, ensuring that, no matter how wildly the gravitational force tugged at him, he didn't move.

War chariots and other precious treasures of war were visible, most tattered and damaged, but still capable of unleashing destructive power!

Qing Shui, "ˇ­ˇ­"

"It's fine, or shall we give it a try?" Qing Shui looked at Huoyun Liu-Li "yearningly" and said.

Qing Shui side-stepped again while he unsheathed the long sword in his hand as quickily as lightning and pointed the hilt towards Tie Songshan, forcing him to back off four or five meters before he could find his balance.

A boom rang out as the man felt something like an infinitude of heavenly mountains slamming into him. Screaming miserably, he exploded. His nascent divinity had no time to flee before it was also sucked into the blast of power, and was completely destroyed.

The source of the aura was Gongsun Wan'er's immortal's cave!

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