The Legendary Demon Hunter Chapter 2575

The Legendary Demon Hunter Chapter 2575

"Big brother!" Jian Chen cried out in astonishment. Immediately his face became one of shock, and without hesitation, he rushed on over with his iron rod in hand.

Jian Chen continued to speak. "Princess You Yue, to live in this world is to not live with any feelings of pity. The only thing you should look at is the road you walk on underneath your feet. I gave them a chance to surrender, but they didn't cherish it. In this world, there is no such thing as cruel or uncruel. There is only strength. Strength is what is needed in order to survive."

"If this Ruler Armament was formed by a Saint Weapon, then it is no wonder it's this strong." Jian Chen thought to himself.

"It's yours."

"Damn dog, is there something wrong with your brain?"

"Ka Di Yun, you can do it! Beat Ling Zhengtian££."

The woman raised her sword and yelled, "First Form of the Imperial Water ArtsÿWater Dragon Strike!" As she spoke, the concentrated amount of Saint Force within her sword took on the form of a dragon almost instantaneously before breaking away from the sword and charged at Jian Chen.

"Arrogant and ignorant junior, don't be so proud of yourself just because you have some talent! I'll teach you the difference between the Divine Core realm and the Combat Soul realm, and I'll let you know how frightening my true strength is!"

Afterward, Jian Chen took out a small fist-sized fruit from his Space Ring and handed it to Bi Lian with a smile. "Lian'er, this is a Geofruit, a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource. I bought this in an auction house in Mercenary City to help change your cultivation. Once you eat this fruit, your body will become extremely suitable for cultivation. In the future, you'll find almost no obstacles in your path."


Jiang Chen was laughing out loud. The aura of superiority that Nan Bei Chao emitted was just a joke in front of Jiang Chen.

"These Flame Mercenaries really have exceeded what I expected in strength. Since they have an old woman who is at least in the Eighth Heavenly Layer protecting them, the original plan definitely won't work. Looks like we have to return to the drawing board." Old man Situ said as he pondered.

"Master, what brother Jiang said is correct. I can go to the Great Leiyin Temple and become a disciple there. After that, I'll leave the Western Region and continue my training. This is a win-win situation, and it can also let you live in peace."

Yan Chong and the other two men almost cried out in joy. Although Jiang Chen was younger than them, his abilities were definitely higher. That was why they still had to call him big brother.

"Yes, a Mid Divine Core Black Crow is really powerful, ordinary Late Divine Core warriors would be unable to fight it at all. But, that's only because of its special abilities. The Black Crow is incredibly fast, it possess powerful poison, and its sharp beak is its most powerful weapon. However, when its opponent is me, all these advantages become useless. I don't fear its poison, the True Dragon Flame is its natural enemy, and I have 410 Dragon Marks. I can easily kill an Early Divine Core warrior with my bare hands, and I'm able to have a fair with a Mid Divine Core warrior. This Black Crow is restrained by my abilities, so I'm sure I can kill it."

Immediately afterwards, the restaurant was filled with gasps of shock. What happened was very different from what they were expecting, causing everyone to look at Jian Chen in surprise. However, those who were slightly more discerning saw Jian Chen use a single chopstick to stab through Gan Hou's hand, their faces became heavy and hardened. The following looks towards Jian Chen also slightly changed; quite a number of them carried deep shock.

However, this atmosphere didn't last long before an elderly voice broke the silence, "Sire Wu Yun, the issue of how to split the monster cores is something that we'll naturally discuss later. There is no need for you to worry about it. For now, just bring out the Class 5 Monster Cores."

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