Hello there!!! Chapter 372

Hello there!!! Chapter 372

Qing Shui was inherently uninterested in the spoils of war he had looted from the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect and the Sima Clan. He gave all of the items away to the members of Di Clan as gifts because he didn't find any of them useful. None of these things would matter to him if his life was in great danger.

Gongyang Yu licked his lips as he grinned lasciviously.

"It would be inappropriate for me to interfere. It will all come down to Bai Xiaochun's personal good fortune." If Bai Xiaochun had been making his attempt at some other location, the Saint-Emperor might have interfered. But here in Saint-Emperor City, with so many people watching, he couldn't meddle easily.

She felt that she was getting further and further away from him. She could not succeed in chasing after his presence. Thinking of her previous husband, she recalled that he did not return for the whole night when they got married. However, on the second day when he returned, he was already dead.

He controlled every aspect with skill and deftness!

Sword pierce!

One would think that an entity strong enough to exterminate everything in the starry sky, including all of the other sovereigns and their people, wouldn't be so weak as to be sealed by three sovereigns.

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The next day, he intentionally went to look for Wenren Wu-shuang and warn her of the matters regarding Zhu Qing. Wu-shuang's bashful face began to fill with a hidden bitterness as she glanced at Qing Shui. However, she believed him as Qing Shui had never lied to her before, especially with this type of matter.

"I need to take my research in a different direction," he thought. "I need to find another way to cleanse the impurities, something that doesn't use lightning, and that doesn't affect other people. But how do I do that?" After some more thought, he looked toward Violet Cauldron Peak, and his eyes began to shine.

Everyone backed up, even the heavenly dukes. Only the Grand Heavenmaster remained in place, and in fact, he actually leaned forward, his eyes sparkling.

"Why did the Violet Jade Immortal not inscribed this rule on the stone monument, freaking causing me to worry for nothing." After Qing Shui discovered the limitations of using the spatial realm, he became much more relaxed. In these few days, the profanities which he spewed, were even more than what he had said in his entire lifetime!

Furthermore, demigod experts were not common at all. In all of the Heavenspan River regionĄ­ there were only four, all of them being patriarchs in the riversource sects.

Qing Shui also knew now that the Fourth Uncle of that woman from Mu Clan was called Mu Yiping and her other Sixth Uncle was Mu Yiang. Among the elderly men, other than Mu Yiping and Mu Yiang, the others were addressed as Third Uncle, Seventh Uncle and Eighth Uncle. Qing Shui didn't know the name of that woman from Mu Clan, neither did he have any intention of finding out right now.

"For some reason, now that Sect Uncle Bai is back, the Spirit Stream Sect seems different than before. Things are usually busy, and the fact that war could break out at any time is a pressure that constantly weighs down over our heads. But now... how come that pressure seems to have lifted a bit?"

Tier 3 () :?Canghai Mingyue, Shi Qingzhuang,?Mingyue Gelou

He looked at the flight of stone steps that was about ten metres wide and winded upwards. Each stone step was less than one foot high. But every flight of stone steps led up to about five or six metres before the next one.

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