Stellar transformation Chapter 747

Stellar transformation Chapter 747

"Wow! He is too bold! He can really keep his composure!"?

Exploding pill furnaces! Driving beasts to madness! Soul Convergence Pills!

Before, the image on the fan's face had featured a mountain and a river with a boat in it, within which two people were playing Go. But now, at the source of that riverˇ­ a palace was visible!!


After all, the two pills were on completely different levels!

Therefore, Bai Xiaochi's words struck Bai Xiaochun like bolts of heavenly lightning.

"Qing Shui, I should thank you for this."

Attempting to carve again, Qing Shui was already used to failure. Just as he expected to fail again, there was no sound indicating failure. Looking at the result, he was incomparably happy. Although he had not completely succeeded, this small success was proof this method was feasible.

He didn't expect something like this to happen!

"You know what I love to hear the most? The screams of people getting struck by lightning. I just close my eyes and revel in the beauty of itˇ­." Licking his lips, he gazed at Bai Xiaochun, his eyes brimming with malice.

Then Qing Shui pulled Canghai Mingyue to the room next door. From the time Qing Shui started pulling her, she had been blushing, her heart rate had increased.

He couldn't help feeling guilty, since he did tell them he would be going to Yan City with just his mother, yet nowˇ­ˇ­

Their sinister gazes were coupled with a terrifying aura that left Bai Xiaochun certain that if they decided he wasn't a member of the Bai Clan, and tried to enter uninvited, that he would be struck with lightning-like destructive power.

After seeing that pearl, the Spirited Snake Turtle's eyes shot up with a powerful glow of yearning. It took a look at Qing Shui and in that moment, it was as if he could see the turtle's eyes or snake's eyes having a hint of hope and questioning.

The fact that the wok he had pulled out was capable of blocking her red spear caused Mistress Red-Dust's eyes to glitter. However, she didn't hesitate to once again advance on Bai Xiaochun, her cultivation base surging as she summoned a Dharma idol into being behind her.

"Stop, Master!" Bai Hao shrieked, terror written on his face. "The flame is unstable! It's too horrible to contemplate what could happen if you lost control!!"

Shi Qing Zhuang slightly wrinkled her brows, as she coldly stared at Qing Shui who was beside her. To her surprise, she discovered that this little fellow actually had refined and exquisite features, and had a face filled with elegance and slight bit of masculinity, with eyes filled with a clear sense of direction. This was a man who knew what he wanted to achieve in the future. Inadvertently, she could not help but to compare him to those "refined" men who were around her, who appeared gentle and kindhearted on the surface, but in reality were constantly checking her out secretly with eyes filled with lust. The difference between them was akin to that of heaven and earth.

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