The Old One Chapter 936

The Old One Chapter 936

"Can I come and find you in the future?!"

Soon, several dozen disciples from the Hall of Justice arrived and stationed themselves in various positions around the statue, where they sat down cross-legged to act as Dharma Protectors.

Mmm, thinking of Cold Ice City, Qing Shui thought of Hai Dongqing again.

Qing Shui's expression did not change even after murdering two people consecutively, as though it had been a small matter to attend to. It was for this reason that people of Wan Clan were left speechless and could not react.

Its eyes opened, and Bai Xiaochun looked out, his gaze as piercing as a razor-sharp sword.

Gasps were also audible among the audience. Quite a few people had odd expressions on their faces as they too came to the conclusion that Bai Xiaochun had calculated the bill wrong. However, this pink-robed young man was obviously a noble chosen, and none of them wanted to offend him. Many people were looking at Bai Xiaochun furtively, wondering what would happen next. As for Chen Xiong, he was obviously a bit surprised at Bai Xiaochun's proud front. However, he still couldn't figure out what exactly was going on. Although he refused to believe that his opponent would actually miscalculate the bill¡­ he patted his bag of holding and threw out another soulhoarding pagoda.

"What if I entered his memories? Then I could see what I wished to see." After some deep thought about the matter, he shook his head. "I can't be completely confident in succeeding, not right now. But after I reach Foundation Establishment...." His eyes began to shine with a profound light.

In an instant, the entire Violet Divine Crystal emitted a dazzling violet light. At the same time, a boundless energy spread in every direction.

"This is the Earth Element:: Legendary Grade Giant Spirit Divine Fist!"


As he hovered there in the starry sky, his hands twitched, and then cracking sounds rang out from his head. At the same time, the dirt and rock that had built up on him over the many years began to crack.

"Why are you doing this?" Qing Shui said, a little angry.

There was no madness or arrogance on his face now, only terror. After a bit of hesitation, his reverence toward Bai Xiaochun caused him to simply sit down in place cross-legged and meditate.

Li Tiansheng began to wither up as his life force poured out of him and into Bai Xiaochun. As it entered Bai Xiaochun's bones, he shivered, and rumbling sounds echoed out inside of him. Furthermore, deep within his eyes, a golden light could be seen. His Undying Bones¡­ had broken through into the third stratum of the Tempered Bones!!

"Don't be so sure!" At this moment, Qing Shui opened up both of his eyes widely as he looked at Wu YiTian who had walked to his side. Simultaneously, he stretched out his hand and extended it towards Wu YiTian at an incomparably fast speed.?

Moments later, bugles began to sound, filling the city and drawing the attention of all cultivators of the five legions, no matter what they were doing.

"There's no need to stand on ceremony, I'm the one who's willing to do this. This place feels very familiar to me. I've also live for a very long period of time in a similar environment and have also seen many people hurt by wild beasts." Qing Shui shook his head. These were really his heartfelt words.

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