The Summoned Incognito Hero Chapter 914

The Summoned Incognito Hero Chapter 914

"Your son is only curious!" He answered.

Jiang Chen raised his head and stared into the skies afar. Guo Shan would never understand his vision.

The tall grass began to sway as a cyan colored light appeared in front of them. There was one in every direction, with no less than 50 points of origin. As Jian Chen and Tie Ta looked on amazed, they realized the bright spots of light were actually the eyes of magical beasts, and there were at the very least 20 of them.

Big Yellow sprinted forwards and arrived in front of a Blood Ginseng that had aged for at least a few hundred years. Without hesitation, he swallowed it with just two bites.

Jiang Chen said.

When Jiang Chen walked out from his mansion, Yu Zi Han had been waiting for him for quite some time. Jiang Chen gave some tasks to Town Marshal Zhang Zhen, and asked him to take good care of Big Yellow, as well as never allow anyone to enter his mansion.

"This must be the Zhou clan's trump card." Jian Chen thought to himself. Just as he thought about that, the King Tiger Squad had already reached a hundred meters within range of Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons outstretched. At the same time, Zhou Butong and Zhou Yun both flew at Jian Chen to strike simultaneously.

"You're right! No matter how much of a genius he is, he's still only a Mid Divine Core warrior, he's no match for Sect Chief!"

"I beg of you, please let us go££"

Does he really have to admit defeat? That's impossible!

Curious, Jian Chen glanced at the two elders beside her. Just inwardly, he remarked to himself that these two elders surely had to possess an extremely terrifying strength.

Although there had been some bad history between Jian Chen and the three siblings from the Ka Di clan, it was nothing more than small time scuffles between children ¨• harmless and of no major importance. This meant that Jian Chen bore no grudges against the three, so when Ka Di Qiuli was staring at him, Jian Chen only gave a friendly nod to her in greeting before turning his eyes away.

Furthermore, intense anger could be seen in its eyes. The existence of these weak mortals in its territory killing its people was an insult to its dignity. This was something that it couldn't forgive.

Jiang Chen shouted as he swung his Heavenly Saint Sword. At the same time, Tyrant took the Buddhist beads around his neck and threw them onto the Devil King.

As soon as the prison was beaten away, a gray wisp of poisonous smog was exposed to the world. Almost like how a dragon would move, the smog billowed in every direction, mixing the air with its poisonous miasma. Soon enough, the air was dangerous to breathe in while the radius of the miasma continued to increase.

Sensing the aura of this young man dressed in white, the longsword once again let out a loud cry. It flew rounds around this young man, showing signs of intimacy.

Jiang Zhen Hai said while looking at Jiang Chen.

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