Mystical Encounters Chapter 1848

Mystical Encounters Chapter 1848

"Time to go for broke!!" Bai Xiaochi shouted. Blurring into motion, he shot forward to merge into the sovereign arm. A moment later, the arm began to emanate the aura of a sovereign!

Chen Hetian wanted to scream out loud in rage. It seemed completely impossible to communicate with Bai Xiaochun, and no matter how he wracked his brains, he couldn't think of what he had done recently to provoke an insane reaction like this.

If they got lucky and he was teleported into their territory, and they found him first, they would be able to invite him to visit their clan personally. That would be a huge honor in and of itself, considering he was a Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment cultivator now.

"Am I dreaming? Can he really beat Jin Xu with this little effort?" This exclamation woke up the rest of the audience who were still in shock.

Song Que gasped out loud. Zhao Tianjiao and Bai Lin stared with eyes as wide as saucers. As for Master Thousand-Ghost and Guru Spirit Immortal, they looked on with expressions of complete disbelief.

"What? All of the members of the Heavenly Shadow Combat Squad has actually perished? The three brothers have also diedˇ­" the Sword Tower's old ancestor immediately looked at the messenger man. At this moment, fury and suspicions filled his face.

"I screwed upˇ­ I really screwed upˇ­." As of this moment, he realized that he really shouldn't have gone and taunted God. It was really too dangerousˇ­. All of a sudden, he thought back to that time in the Spirit Stream Sect when he had been flying along on a sword and been struck by lightning.?[1]?[2]

"Zimo!" he said loudly, "Uh, your father the Giant Ghost King sent meˇ­ I'mˇ­ I'm your fianc¨¦, Bai Hao!"

He had long hair and fair skin, and wore a simple robe. He seemed noble and magnificent, and yet, his eyes were as sharp as the sharpest of swords. He was none other thanˇ­ Bai Xiaochun!

The voice crashed within Bai Xiaochun's mind like great waves of shock. He wasn't sure who the Mortal Renegade and the Worldly Daoist were. However, merely listening to the short speech filled him with unprecedented levels of understanding!

As for Bai Lin, when he saw what was happening, he roared, "Everyone, toss out your Soul Convergence Pills! I refuse to believe these vengeful souls can't be vanquished!!"

Inside of the fan was Bai Xiaochi, whose vital energy had been badly damaged. When he saw what was happening, he let out a miserable cry. As for Song Que, his eyes flashed with anger, and powerful fluctuations rolled off of him.

Chaos ensued, and Little Wolfgod was immediately enraged. And that was only the first incident. After the time it takes an incense stick to burn, there was a second incident somewhere else in Arch-Emperor City. Then a third, and a fourthˇ­.

Rumbling echoed out as a new spell formation giant took form. It was much taller than any of the other giants, and was completely corporeal. It looked exactly like a primeval giant, although its facial features closely resembled Bai Xiaochun's.

Qing Shui's icy gaze never left Gongyang Yu's face as his bloodlust surged relentlessly.

The Nine Serenities King, War Champion King, and even Xu Shan's father, the Spirit Advent King, were all deeply shocked. As for their opponents, the demigod patriarchs from the other three riversource sects, they couldn't control their reactions.

Ever since he consumed the Pure Gold Mystic Turtle Core, Qing Shui's defence was already abnormally high. He could fully withstand even 6 million jin of force. Qing Shui could not understand how 10% of the Diamond Demonic Boar can raise his defence by 30%.?

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