The Unrivaled Tang Sect Chapter 2165

The Unrivaled Tang Sect Chapter 2165

The girl smiled mysteriously, as she showed a prideful expression. In a low voice, she said, "Sister Jing, I encountered those two in the 2nd region, and even stayed with them for an entire day. You cannot underestimate them; they're both very formidable. Especially that Changyang Xiang Tian, he managed to kill quite a few Class 1 Magical Beasts with a lousy iron rod by piercing them directly through the throat."

The manager's expression instantly changed upon hearing the name Tan Lang. This Tan Lang was a genius who recently made his debut. He had left the Asura Palace for a period of time and only returned recently. After he returned, he had quickly become a young Combat King, and the Asura Palace also had a very high opinion of him. He was also one of the most popular candidates for the tycoon position. A genius like this, not only the Golden Tower, even the Hongyue City Lord wouldn't dare offend him easily.

Huang Zheng who had also come to the outer area of the Black Sect spoke angrily.

In the beginning, Jian Chen's strength at the Peak Saint Master level was enough to kill a Class 4 Magical Beast. Now that he was at the Great Saint Master despite being only at the Primary level, his strength had been multiplied. Killing a Class 4 Magical Beast was now much easier than before and didn't require as much energy.

It was easy to imagine that once a war of this scale erupted, blood would definitely flow like rivers, and the Demon King Palace would become an embodiment of hell. The situation would be much bloodier than it was on Mount Nether.

In the minds of these people, perhaps this young man whose origins were unknown was an incredible genius from one of those superpowers, and if this genius wanted to destroy the Demon Palace, it was highly possible that all those demon beasts in the Demon Palace would soon face their deaths.

"Please spare our lives young master, we took things too hard. That's why we made such a stupid decision."

Everyone were panicking, only Jiang Chen could still maintain his calm expression. This caused Big Yellow to feel much admiration for him. No matter what kind of situation he was facing, it seemed like nothing could make this young man panic. He always had the same calm attitude.

Another man ran up to Lee Shan Yue and kowtowed in front of him. The first man to kowtow was Yang Xiao, and the second man's name was Chang Shan. They were both guests who were visiting Jiang Zhen Hai, and they had been loyal to Jiang Zhen Hai before this.

Jian Chen didn't beat around the bush either, and instead looked around himself. Pushing the tips of toes on the ground, he immediately shot off like an arrow into a specific direction before quickly disappearing from sight.

"Listening to what Yan Zhan Yun said, he is going to use all of the Yan family's power to protect Jiang Chen££ I can tell that Jiang Chen is a genius, but I don't think he's worth enough to get such protection."

"Fine, I give you permission. Let the death match begin!"

Jiang Chen touched his nose and said casually.

"Damn you bastard! Daddy won't let you go even if I become a ghost!"


"That young man truly didn't lie to me, he does have the ability to seal this dimension crack. However, although the formation is truly miraculous, it isn't strong enough to completely seal the crack. It's as if there is a special force mixed in with it, and that's why the formation is so rigid, preventing those Dimensional Creatures from coming out."

Jian Chen landed on the ground with a trace of a faint smile on his face. It was a smile of self-confidence; after cultivating non-stop for over half a month, his strength had smoothly broken through from the Peak Saint Master level to the Great Saint Master level.Chapter 200: Misfortune

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