The Villain Has Something to Say Chapter 2606

The Villain Has Something to Say Chapter 2606

All of the Mu Rong family properties were being attacked by Zhou Bei Zhen, and they couldn't hold on for much longer whereas the Mu Rong family base was unable to fight back due to Mu Rong Zhan being held back by Jiang Zhen Hai. The four Qi Hai warriors were killed by Jiang Chen, and the rest of the men had become animals waiting to be slaughtered.

Jiang Chen sneered, that dog is not easy to catch. Even if he wanted to hand the dog over, there would be no way for him to actually do that.

"Brother, I want to know, is there a powerful Firethorn Savage residing within Misty Mountain?"

Jiang Chen inwardly let out a sigh. The devil and demon beasts in Inferno Hell were really unique, there were even some that Jiang Chen couldn't recognize.

Many disciples carried excited expressions on their faces. This was the first time in history that a Heavenly Core warrior from the Black Sect was going to fight a core disciple from another sect, it had never happened before. Therefore, everyone were eagerly anticipating it. If Jiang Chen could defeat Yun Can, the fight would definitely be recorded in the Black Sect's history. Even Nanbei Chao doesn't have such a record.

Now, Shangguan Ying was completely baffled. In a split second, he countered with the Earth Shattering Palm, blocking the Ice Demon King's attacks. But, since the attack came without his awareness, he was knocked back at least 30 meters before he could stabilize his body. Now, there was a storm raging in Shangguan Ying's mind.

"Don't let the baddy get away! Big brother, chase him down, hurry!" Little Spirit spoke out anxiously from the side again and again. If not for the fact that she couldn't attack the Saint Ruler, she would have perhaps helped Jian Chen earlier to strike him down.

With a baleful glare at Ka Di Liang, Ka Di Qiuli wasted no more words with him and continued to think to herself.

"You even dare to make a fool of yourself with mere Earth Tier Battle Skills!" A sliver of disdain appeared on Jian Chen's face. He slowly unfolded his hands from his chest and called out, "Radiant Saint Sword! Radiant Saint Shield!"

At the same time, Jian Chen was in the air, stabbing the Light Wind Sword like a streak of silver light towards Cheng Mingxiang's chest.

"That youngster is the same guy as the one in the Dancing Sun City? How can this be?"

"Jiang Chen, I'll let you die in the most painful way."

The owner glared at Big Yellow furiously.

"Heavens, I wonder how much force was in that punch. How could it crush the Heavenly Yellow Finger?"

The patriarch of the Lanming clan quickly reached the entire group, causing the entire group of bodyguards to salute, "We greet the patriarch!"

"Yes!" The soldier immediately ran off. Afterward, the captain led a group of five hundred soldiers away from Lore City to see the situation for himself.

"En, many member of the Yan family were seriously injured. Chen Gege has a lot of pills that are good for healing them, so we need to help them recover as soon as possible."

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