Destiny Forged Chapter 2129

Destiny Forged Chapter 2129

From behind Changyang Ba, the white-robed Chang Wuji was awestruck from the sight of the rainbow. His eyes looked wondrous for a moment, but when a sudden thought hit him, he let out a shocked but happy cry, "I remember now! When rainbow clouds appear in the sky, that means a Saint Ruler is born! It's the fourth master! He's finally managed to become a Saint Ruler!"

Jian Chen's eyes started to emit an amazing light as he cried, "Big brother, please watch carefully." Jian Chen grabbed onto the perfectly straight tree branch and walked forward with it towards another small tree nearby.

"Haha, we're safe now!"

The Illusionary Flash was a Heaven Tier Battle Skill that Jian Chen had only a small grasp of. Despite it increasing his speed many times over, it would not be enough to outrace the Heaven Saint Master. After all, Jian Chen was running on the ground, but the other was flying through the air.

Cough cough££.

"Xiangtian, your silly second sister Mingyue left the family a long time ago without a trace. Despite all our attempts and efforts to try to find her, not even a single hint can be found. When you're traveling in the outside, please help find my girl." The second aunt Yu Fengyan implored Jian Chen. For her daughter to disappear without a trace for so long, made her worry as a mother.

I was the first one to see the lights coming from the Realm of Immortals, but that was all I could see.

In the blink of an eye, a year passed. In that year, the Flame Mercenaries had grown spectacularly and without ever stopping. The stronger factions of the several surrounding kingdoms had been completely annexed, including the factions from the Qiangan Kingdom, the Qianlong Kingdom, the Andreas Kingdom, the Pingyang Kingdom, and even some of the other kingdoms that had once nursed a grudge with the Gesun Kingdom. This made the Flame Mercenaries into a hegemon to be feared. Their members had exploded to over a hundred thousand with over five hundred Earth Saint Masters. Even several Heaven Saint Masters had been coerced into it, making the comparison to the past a very shocking one.

"I hate this! I shouldn't have come to this Gather of Skynet! In the end, I just ended up trapped in this gigantic net!"

It had only been a little over two hours since Jian Chen had left the city so it didn't take long for Jian Chen to arrive back at the inn he had stayed at.

Jiang Chen explained. He was in a tip-top condition right now, and the sky garden had provided him tremendous benefits.

Continuing to stand there, two hours had quickly gone by before the two Saint Rulers from the Qinhuang Kingdom finally came back out.

Jian Chen didn't return to Wake City because Tianxiong Lie of the Tianxiong Clan possessed an Earth attribute Saint Force. With that Earth Saint Force, he held the superior defensive advantage over Jian Chen's nimble sword play. Not only that, but Tianxiong Lie's strength was also at the Peak Great Saint Master, so until that man was dead, Jian Chen wouldn't want to carelessly walk back there.

Following the arrival of these men, the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House grew rather lively. There was someone practically every day who would come to inquire about the Class 5 Monster Cores. Some would ask to verify if it was true while others came to ask just which individual had supplied them.

Experts from all over had rushed to this location the moment they heard a battle taking place at the Changyang clan. They began to observe the intense battle from far away with absolute shock. In the golden age of the Gesun Kingdom, they had no more than ten Heaven Saint Masters. With Chang Wuji now as the eleventh, they were at a number that was greater than the amount of Heaven Saint Masters in their golden age.

Pushing open the doors the rest of the way, Kai Er said to Jian Chen, "Captain, please come in!"

His heart knew that even if he were to stay behind, it would change nothing. He would die along with the others since a Class 5 Magical Beast was not something he could take on.

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