New Life Online Chapter 507

New Life Online Chapter 507

Of course, the man who obtained the most benefits was Jiang Chen. The value of a Demon King's demon soul was immense to him. If Jiang Chen absorbed this demon soul, not only would he obtain the poison of the Venomous Nether Toad, his cultivation base would improve significantly. With Jiang Chen's current status, perhaps a First Grade Demon King's combat soul could bring him another 2,000 Dragon Marks.

Right now, the entire Black Sect had almost completely moved to the new sect grounds. The Black Sect's new heart was located at the Redsun Town, and the underground energy vein had been completely activated, causing the place to be covered with white fog, resembling the Immortal Realm. It was clearly a perfect place for cultivation.

With great speed, Ye Wuyou shot toward the desolate island, aiming for the source of those golden rays. However, although he was quick, someone was quicker than him. Jiang Chen who was in the middle of his fight against Ling Yi had blocked Ye Wuyou's path like a shooting star. With the combination of the Spatial Shift and Nine Phantom Wolves, he could stop whoever he wanted to stop.

Bi Yuntian sighed as well, before turning her head to look at Jian Chen, "Xiang'er, this is your uncle¨•¨•Bi Dao."

The fat old man said to Jiang Chen while giving him a thumb's up.

"It's been seven days, I think the Island of Ice's exit is going to emerge soon."

"Heavens, he really killed Lee Chang Hao!"

"As Saint Rulers, they don't even need to bother fighting one of us. But below them is the rest of the Flame Mercenaries, do you think they'll send them after our sect to eliminate us? With our strength, we stand no chance of fighting them."

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up.The Pure-Yang fruit was a rare item that was incredibly difficult to obtain.Although the fruit in front of him was still young, it was just nice enough for him to consume.The price of the Pure-Yang fruit wasn't as high as the Soul Refining Pill, but it was still a very rare item.Jiang Chen never expected Yan Zhan Yun to just give it to him like this.

The aura of the natural defense mechanism in this valley was pretty obvious, even Jiang Chen could sense it as they approached. Its aura was much clearer compared to the invisible formation located between the two big trees.

That's right, he was feeling excitement even though he didn't know why! It was as if he was going to meet something that would make his soul start dancing. Jiang Chen had never felt this kind of feeling before. With his mentality and temperament, it was incredibly rare for him to experience such a huge fluctuation in his emotions.

The middle-aged man with the king of the Gesun Kingdom handed him over to the other man next to him before saying, "I'll leave the king to you. Look over him while I go lend a hand."

When someone had decided they wanted to kill him, there was nothing else to talk about. Anyone who wanted to kill him would be his enemy; this was Jiang Chen's principle.

"Take a look, there's someone flying from the mountain! That's a Heaven Saint Master!" Suddenly, someone with sharp eyes pointed out a figure in shock.

On the Heavenly Tower's top floor, inside a spacious meeting hall, an old man in a gray robe was sitting comfortably in a rattan chair. He was holding a cup of hot tea in his hand; looking relaxed.

"The holy maiden and number one genius of the Profound River Palace, the prettiest girl in the Southern Continent. With the title of Wonderhand Myriadtune, everyone in this land knows about her."

Wu Lang muttered to himself.

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