Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect Chapter 73

Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect Chapter 73

"Look quickly, there're 2 new weapons today! They are obviously much better than the other two, if I had such a weapon it would be easy to catch a wild boar," a simply-dressed man felt the Jagged Sword on the shelf and chuckled.

It wasn't that he didn't suspect Bai Xiaochun had something to do with it, but rather¡­ it never occurred to him that Bai Xiaochun could possibly already be the owner of the damaged fan!

Bai Hao could tell that his Master suddenly seemed a bit distracted. Feeling a bit hesitant, he continued with his second plan.

Qing Shui and Yun Duan stood side by side on his Fire Bird's back. A breeze blew as their sleeves fluttered behind them. Yun Duan's dress danced in the wind, making her elegant refined face even more poised and graceful.

The hand got closer, and in the critical moment, Bai Xiaochun screamed, unfurling his Landscape of Nine Provinces, which gave him another burst of power similar to teleportation.

Although his branding mark was indeed being slowly erased, that didn't take away his control of the fan!

Not only that, Qing Shui was truly astounded by the heaven-defying effects of the spirit concentrating pill. When he wasn't in his spatial realm, Qing Shui would listen to the guidance of the Palace's elders while also practising the insights of the Tiger Form he gained from the stone monuments.

Tan Yang's face turned pale, and his arrow suddenly shot out towards Qing Shui!

Qing Shui realized that he wasn't as excited when he first came to the Treasury. Perhaps he had become stronger, which was why he wasn't particularly enthusiastic to find items that were not extremely valuable or rare.

The Body Securing Talisman's ignore armor effect applied to everything, not just equipment or the body but even the organs and bones.

"You don't need to call; we already came!"

"Impossible!!" Chen Hetian breathed. Bai Zhentian and Li Xiandao gasped in astonishment. All three of the devas were filled with fright and terror that defied description.

"If you want to know, go try it out for yourself!" Di Chen said.

Seeing how furious Zhao Xionglin was, Chen Haosong frowned and said, "Enough!"

Bai Xiaochun wasn't the only one to be shocked by this. All of the cultivators hurrying toward the desert felt very ill premonitions because of the withering, dying lands around them.

"Although my lass is ugly, at least she's my daughter. As for other people's... that I wouldn't be so sure."

"People from Sky Prison Sect are here." Qing Shui said softly.

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