Immortality Cultivation Era Chapter 2189

Immortality Cultivation Era Chapter 2189

After the eight matches had been concluded, eight winners were established. Aridia, Zhar, Jian Chen, Ming Dong, Baili Tong, Caraga, and Zhangsun Yunfeng.

The yellow clothed girl said nothing else.

The Heavenly Saint Sword and Profound Firmament Sword, the two peerless swords crashed into each other, and immediately produced a large amount sparks. The collision instantly caused layer after layer of space to be ripped off. It looked extremely frightening. With this attack, the Imperial Emperor didn't kill, or even defeat Jiang Chen; they were still evenly matched! Although the Imperial Emperor had used his King Weapon to launch the attack, Jiang Chen could still match him with his power.

Leaving with haste from the Yun family, the young woman rode her Class 1 Magical Beast mount at great speeds down the street. Her body was in a weaker state than before since she had been struck by the head of the family. She had received no major injuries, but she was not a Saint yet. Her body was not accustomed to taking such a blow; thus, it heavily impacted her condition, causing her face to pale.

Although he wasn't very proficient in it, Jian Chen's Tai Ji Jian made the man's strong strength seem practically non-existent. However, it was taking an extraordinary amount of effort on Jian Chen's part. Despite Tai Ji Jian allowing one to deflect and divert another person's attacks, Jian Chen was only just a Saint, so it was taking all of his energy to break away the man's monstrous strength from his Guan Dao and send it elsewhere. So while it looked easy to do, it was actually hard to pull off.

Jiang Chen continued asking. It was obvious that this would be a battle of a major scale, and there would be many participants.

Unable to clean up the rest of the Space Belts, the man brought out his long sword and enhanced it with his wind Saint Force before slashing at Jian Chen.

"Great, after young master Jiang breaks through to the Heavenly Core realm, his combat strength will become even greater! This is great news for all of us in Redsun Town!"

Outside the city walls was a flat prairie land that Jian Chen continued to fly across at a breakneck speed. With each step, he traversed at least twenty meters; even though he was not using the Illusionary Flash, he was still traveling quite fast.


Chapter 361 ÿ Qiu Tianba

£¦Keep calm, focus is the key, when the power reaches the max, that's when the Dragon Transformation begins££'

Jian Chen could be seen floating up in midair with the Origin energy blazing brightly in his right hand. The only difference to him from before the Heaven Tier Battle Skill had struck was that he was slightly pale and his clothes were in tatters. There was also traces of blood coming from his nose and lips that trailed down his throat and to his chest. With his clothes in such a tattered state, the pale white flesh could be seen underneath.

As Karl walked down the path slowly, the seniors the saw the pair walk by continued to gossip. Lord Cheng was a very well known figure within Kargath Academy, not for his character, but for his cultivation rate that would astound anyone. Within the Tian Yuan continent, he could be considered to be a prodigy blessed by the heavens, and in Kargath Academy, he could be considered as standing at the peak of the strongest experts.


Daoist Black shouted out loudly as he leapt toward Fan Zhongtang who was in an intense fight with Yuan Lei.

"Chen'er, are you alright?"

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