I Watched Him Slipped Through My Fingers Chapter 779

I Watched Him Slipped Through My Fingers Chapter 779

Bai Hua Die continued, "I'm sure Li Wu Shuang is definitely going to lose!"

The two glows of light were the representatives of the Sword Spirits. At the moment, Jian Chen was able to bring out a small portion of the Sword Spirits' power.

Jiang Chen was truly angry right now. Right at this very moment, his hatred toward the Asura Palace had reached new heights. After learning of Zhuang Fan's miserable encounter, he had only turned his nose down on Xiao Nanfeng alone. But now, he really believed that the Asura Palace no longer deserved to exist. It was a heartless sect, and there was no point in allowing it to continue existing. No matter what, Tan Lang was a genius disciple of the Asura Palace, and even if he had committed the crime, this punishment had gone too far, as this was the most serious punishment given to the worst enemies of the Asura Palace. Not only had Tan Lang been locked up in the Freezing Hell Jail, he had also been devastatingly tortured.

"Thank you, second sister. I will definitely take care of this charm." He said with a smile.

Yan Chong replied.


Jiang Chen could still remember how he patted his own chest and promised Yan Zhanyun he would take good care of Yan Chenyu; he wouldn't let anything harm her. But now, Yan Chenyu had been lying here for a few months. This was the first time Jiang Chen felt like he had failed to keep a promise.

"Nan Bei Chao? I have never heard about this name before. I only know that there's a man from the Burning Sky Pavilion named Wu Sheng, but in a fight with Guan Yi Yun two months ago, he was defeated. I thought the Burning Sky Pavilion would definitely lose the competition this time££ Who is this Nan Bei Chao?"

With help from the Heavenly Saint Sword, Jiang Chen's speed had once again increased by a lot. He wanted to rush back as soon as possible, so he was using all the skills that could help him increase his speed, including the Dimensional Shift and Nine Phantom Wolves skills. With his current speed, it would only take him another four days to arrive at the Eastern Continent.

Someone walked up to Li Wu Shuang and whispered to him.

Snorting, Jian Chen looked to a nearby tree. Twenty leaves from the tree broke away and shot toward the group with blinding speed.

"There is a mountain range in front of us!"

"It's difficult to say who will let who off. Also, you're just a damn palace eunuch; so you better shut your damn mouth. If you speak again, I'll cut off your tongue."

"By the heavens, how could this be happening?!"

"Master Blissful, it was this brat who killed the disciples of my Qingyi Sect first! Not only that, he also killed my grandson! If I don't kill him now, will my Qingyi Sect still have any face left? I hope Master Blissful can chase this guy off the Blissful Island so I can kill him there. I don't think that violates your island rules."

Jian Chen let out a sneer, "I am a member of the Gesun Kingdom, but the war is not why I am here. Your Yangji Sect has destroyed the Saint Weapon of the son of my dear friend, rendering him a cripple. I would not be able to rest easily if revenge was not served. So the blood of the Yangji Sect will serve as atonement." Jian Chen spoke before quickly shooting the two flame swords back at the two elders.


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