Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 61

Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 61

Soon, Jian Chen and Ka Di Liang both walked onto the arena, and waited for the start of the match. Right as the gong sounded, Ka Di Liang dashed towards Jian Chen and tried to slam his fist into Jian Chen's stomach.

Jiang Chen praised the attack. The skill was considered, £¦not bad'. He was about to counter with his Six Solar Fingers. Right now, Jiang Chen was able to unleash the fifth finger, and with its powerful strength, it would certainly defeat Yun Can.

"We know you're the imperial prince, but still, you have to consider our feelings! Because of these four guys, the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect have both lost countless elite disciples! Prince Wu Lang, you not helping us is no big deal, but not only are you not helping us, you're helping our enemy fight us! In your eyes, in the eyes of the Martial Saint Dynasty, can the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect really not compare with this Jiang Chen?"


After watching their leader fight with Jian Chen, they understood that he only wanted their monster cores. Not killing them was already a huge favor granted to them, and if they didn't hand over the monster cores, with Jian Chen's strength, their entire mercenary group would be slaughtered. If their own leader who was the strongest of them all couldn't even withstand 5 moves from Jian Chen, then they had no chance.


The golden ray penetrated into a huge rock, leaving behind a deep hole the width of a finger.A trail of smoke could be seen from the hole.If anyone had witnessed this, they would be shocked by the power of this attack.

Even Jian Chen knew that Cheng Mingxiang's strength far surpassed Ka Di Yun; the difference in Saint Force was far too great with his own as well. Therefore, Jian Chen absolutely could not afford to take that fist. Just when Cheng Mingxiang's fist was about to connect with Jian Chen's head, his head suddenly blurred and dodged the fist. At the same time, Jian Chen's two fists went up to grab at the incoming arm from Cheng Mingxiang. Assuming a horse stance, he stiffened his back and pulled at the arm with both of his own.

Despite everyone fearing Jian Chen's immense strength, the third teacher couldn't help but cry out, "Sire, the Yangji Sect has deep roots in the Qiangan Kingdom some even with the royal family. You should think about the words coming out of your mouth before you speak them!"

Big Yellow finally gave in. Just after his words left his mouth, Jiang Chen and Han Yan returned to him fast as lightning. Huge grins could be found on their faces.


Arriving at the center of the arena, Jian Chen looked at Ka Di Yun with an impassive face as he stretched his fists, "You make the first move, I'll fight against you bare handed."

Jiang Chen introduced Tyrant and Great Master Ran Feng to Tan Lang. After that, using his divine sense, he explained everything that had happened during this period to Tan Lang. There wasn't much for him to tell Tan Lang, as Jiang Chen had been in a coma during this period. What he focused on was the relationship between him and Tyrant.

Yun Long strode forward at this moment, "Flame Mercenaries, release the city lord immediately. If not, then you won't like the future consequences in store." Yun Long did not bother to negotiate with Jian Chen nor be as gentle as Katata was. Although he knew that there were four Earth Saint Masters here, he did not have any fear for them at all. With the Tianlong City supporting and championing him as a representative of the Blue Wind Kingdom. People as trifling as a mercenary group was thus far beneath his notice.

"Correct. I am not from the Cloud Capital." Jian Chen admitted before continuing onwards, "Captain Jasmine, I am here today in hopes that a proposal can be made between your mercenary group and mine."

This wasn't a long passage. They only had to travel about ten meters before they arrived at the end of the passage. It wasn't a large area, it was about the size of three houses, and it was surrounded by cold, hard stone walls. On the stone walls, there were tens of fist-sized moonstones emitting a faint light in the dark space.

"Kaka, go to hell!"

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