The supreme sovereign system Chapter 1103

The supreme sovereign system Chapter 1103

A lonely look appeared in Jiang Zhen Hai's eyes.

Jiang Chen asked.

Tu Yi said.

"I presume that the Imperial Protector has already told Luan'er the news. If that is the case, I have nothing more to say." With that, the man turned to look at Huang Luan. "Luan'er, the Imperial Protector has wasted no small efforts on this matter. Even our ancestor has made an effort on this matter in person, you must make sure to express your thanks to him."

Jiang Chen sat there with a smile on his face.He used to be the greatest Saint;for him to absorb the pills stored within this body was a piece of cake.

"This is our only possible solution, I agree to this proposal."

He had grown cold when the implications of this technique hit him. Not only did this technique make it easier for the Saint Ruler to find him, but it also limited his very own mobility. As of right now, Jian Chen could feel that it was significantly harder to move in comparison to before.

After looking at the servant with a pitying look, Jiang Chen strode into the Golden Tower. After he passed through the entrance, he immediately heard a loud sound behind him. He saw that the servant was knocked into the restaurant from outside, and was followed by a muscular big yellow dog. Big Yellow leapt onto the servant's body and bared his teeth at him, "I dare you to repeat what you said just now!"

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. An illusion realm that could even confused Jiang Chen was certainly something extraordinary. Yang Shuo must have obtained the Illusion Heart Sutra through luck and accident. Jiang Chen knew how terrifying the Great Illusion Realm was, as he had experienced it himself.

At this point, Jian Chen suddenly realized that he had asked an extremely foolish question. Mercenary City had no one that would covet these battle skills and at the same time have the ability to steal them.

Jiang Chen gazed at the man, then his cold eyes became even colder. It didn't matter if Jiang Chen judged him from his physique or energy ripples, this was the same man who had hunted him down that night. Although Jiang Wei had covered his real identity real good, it might have fooled others, but not Jiang Chen.

The Cheng family was one of the eight clans.

Hearing the word £¶pets,' Big Yellow immediately became angry. He leapt up into the air toward the waiter and pushed him down onto the ground.

Without speaking anymore words, Jian Chen grabbed the king by his shoulder and flew into the air. In an instant, he disappeared into the sky, causing everyone to look at him go with wide eyes, shocked at how their very own king had been taken prisoner. Even worse, they had no power to stop it.

"It was previously a pond completely filled with freezing water, but since I took away the Black Ice Talisman, it is now completely frozen."

If one were to borrow the dim light from the flames, one could see clearly that there were currently five elderly people who sat cross-legged with pale faces by the walls of the cave. They were like old monks who were meditating, sitting without moving at all.

Jiang Chen who was fighting a difficult battle against his foot had long ago sensed a Combat King standing next to him. He was waiting for the newcomer to attack, but to his surprise, the newcomer had actually glued himself to the ground, and was showing no intentions of attacking.

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