Naruto: The clan that got lost in history Chapter 1116

Naruto: The clan that got lost in history Chapter 1116

Yuchang had already disappeared somewhere!

That was especially true of the black, blue-eyed cat, whose cries seemed especially loud. Sometimes, it appeared to be reminiscing about the past, dreaming of being the king of all beasts. It started to sound even more domineering when it yowled, to the point where people in the area couldn't sleep well. Its master was the most anxious of all, unsure of what exactly was happening with her own battle beast....

Chapter 84 The Seven-inch Gold Needle.

This time round, the Diamond Demonic Boar broke three alder trees. It let out a painful cry. Qing Shui quickly used his Heavenly Vision Technique. It was only slightly injured by the impact. This was basically the largest force it can withstand without sustaining any injury.?

Weapons made with Golden Essence Extract must be really powerful!

"That's impossible! How could that be a true force of expulsion? Heavens! Only people who have the approval of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect's grand spell formation can have personal property with a spell formation like that!!"

Thinking for another 15 minutes, Qing Shui felt that this was actually a good thing. It did not matter if he could unseal it right noow or not.. As long as he unsealed it in the future, this Violet Gold Divine Shield would be even stronger.

Qing Shui took a walk around the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, and was surprised to discover that the black-colored tree branch had sprouted. It was the black-colored tree branch which he had bought together with the golden essence previously. This discovery made Qing Shui extremely happy, and the level of surprise was as if he had seen a steel tree bloom!


Bai Xiaochun immediately lifted his head high and stuck his chest out. Inwardly, though, he was terrified by what Gongsun Wan'er had just done.

There was some stuff that was best for him to not take initiative in!

Bai Xiaochun didn't know them, but was pleased with how they were treating him. Clasping his hands behind his back, he struck the pose of someone of the elder generation, and nodded magnanimously before speeding along his way.

"Thank you, Great Grandmaster, for your teachings. I have truly been benefited from your advice."

"Another thing. Although nothing extreme will happen that is outside of the purvey of expectation, for generations now, the patriarchs of the Four Great Sects have maintained four teleportation formations to evacuate you in case any emergency occurs. Based on the types of techniques you cultivate, the formations will identify you and teleport you back to the sect, or at least to the same continent.

Did it have to do with their species?

Just when the water clone was about to start searching for Bai Hao's notes, his expression flickered, and he stopped in place, looking into the mansion at one particular room where Madam Cai and Bai Qi were having a conversation!

Tianyu Liangyi suddenly yelled. He was dressed in gold and had a dazzling golden Sky Prison Sabre in his hand. He rushed towards Qing Shui and the Mu Clan's old man. The Third Sovereign, who was dressed in a brown robe, also rushed towards them furiously.

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