Battle Frenzy Chapter 653

Battle Frenzy Chapter 653

If one could look down from high enough, the four sections of the Great Wall would make something like a large circle.

Yiye Jiange smiled and stretched her hands out to pinch Luan Luan's nose and said, "Sure!"



Huoyun Liu-li looked at the two Endurance pellets. She remembered that he had given such a thing to her before, but she could not remember where she kept it.?

"Hey, why are you going so slow?" Bai Xiaochun asked. Looking over his shoulder, he saw no sign of Elder Zhou, and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Bai Xiaochun kept pushing his hand down onto his bag of holding as he sped along. Really, he had no other choice but to do that. Despite the lizard having been sealed and placed in his bag of holding, its seemed to be struggling to get out into the open, forcing Bai Xiaochun to add in cultivation base power to keep the bag closed.

Everyone inside the city felt as if a huge weight were crushing down onto them. Outside, the cultivators of the Spirit and Blood Stream Sects were filled with pride, and the desire to do battle! Without any hesitation, they launched a major offensive against the spell formation shield.

"Time to go for broke!!" Sun Yifan murmured through gritted teeth. Sima Tao's eyes were just as bloodshot as his. Both of them seemed ready to put their lives on the line to come out on top in the wager.

The courtyard at the back was very spacious, with a small garden which had a few purple maple trees. A few crimson red leaves drifted down when the wind blew. It was already in late autumn, but there were still many trees which were still exuberant and flourishing!

Not pausing for even a moment, Bai Xiaochun sped off into the distance. Relying on his speed, agility, and fleshly body power, he was like a fish in water.

He wasn't sure if anyone before him had ever left the Eternal Immortal Domains in this fashion, but he had the feeling that if people had, they were few and far between. It seemed likely that not even the Vile-Emperor or Saint-Emperor had traveled so far out into the darkness.

"Like I said, since I've promised you, I will definitely do it. What do you require of me?" Qing Shui smiled lightly as he regarded Qing Lang.

The days were dull and uninteresting, but calming. Meanwhile, Canghai Mingyue was fit enough to walk around the residence without problems. Her health had swiftly recovered from her post-pregnancy state due to her cultivation base and the intensive nourishment to her body for the past six months.

Although Bai Xiaochun was a bit startled by how he had yelled, his words nearly caused him to laugh. However, he covered it with a dry cough. Keeping his face straight, he circled Song Que a bit to measure him up.

Xu Xiaoshan chuckled coldly. "Faster? Of course! If you give the corpse enough spirit medicine, then naturally the process will go faster. In fact, if you're good enough, maybe you could make a Nine Serenities Blood Pill. With one of those, you could finish within ten days. Plus, the corpse would be a grand lich, about as powerful as a patriarch!

As generations came and went, people stopped believing in the old legends about the origin of cultivation. People began to believe that their cultivation came from their own power!

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