Stardom- Logan Williams Chapter 1934

Stardom- Logan Williams Chapter 1934

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. His words were in fact true. He was the young City Lord of the Fragrant Sky City.Chapter 490 ÿ Benefactor

"It finally died, the strength of a Class 5 Magical Beast is indeed strong. I didn't think two heavily injured Class 5 Magical Beasts would require so much effort to kill. It seems that the last encounter with the Golden Fur Tiger King wasn't the full extent of its strength." Jian Chen murmured weakly.

All the people from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect had been killed, and up next would be the ones from the Martial Saint Dynasty.

"Ai, if I knew that such a day would come, I'd never would have sought trouble with such an outstanding genius. We've brought trouble onto our heads."

These 4 types of pills can be classified into 4 simple levels, Mortal, Earth, Heaven and Saint.Unlike battle skills that can again be categorized into Low, Middle and High, these types of Restoration Pills have no tiers within.It's also incredibly easy to concoct these types of pills, any alchemist can do it as long as they have enough Soul Power and Yuan power.

All the people behind them simultaneously backed off.They came here to witness the sale of the Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness, but they never expected to witness another£¦good show.'

"What's the usage of this crystal core? Is it any different than a demon soul?"

Yu Tian Long was shocked as well. But, since Jiang Chen could attack from within, that meant he was safe at the moment, and that was actually good news.

"This broken sword is surely a precious treasure, we must make it ours!"


Han Yan felt really speechless toward this dog.

"No, this is the change of the structure, the turning point in history. A major change must be associated with an intense war, and all the disciples of the Burning Sky Pavilion have to go through this major change; only then can the grow up. Today will be a bloody page in history, rivers of blood are destined to flow."

Not long after, the ground began to shake as a trail of dust began to form over the horizon. Countless humanoid and beast figures began to appear at tremendous speeds. The army of the Gesun and Qinhuang Kingdom had finally arrived.Chapter 490: City Invasion (One)

"But this time, that bastard pushed us too far! He actually sent his servants here to try and occupy our courtyard by force, asking us to move out! That's why we beat up his servants not long before this, and he came here today to give us trouble for that. If you hadn't come here, we three would have to suffer."

Yuan Ji said.

Hearing that, Jian Chen's eyes flashed coldly and cared no more for the scarred man. Instantly appearing in front of him, the Light Wind Sword stabbed straight for the man's throat.


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