God, an Otaku, in DxD Chapter 2751

God, an Otaku, in DxD Chapter 2751

"Hurry up, Colonel Ji Feng is handing in 2,700,000 vengeful souls! This kind of thing has never happened before, it's incredible!!"

One of them was currently massaging his shoulders, and another was peeling fruit which she then placed in his mouth.

Grandmaster Bai, I thought of a way. It will be very expensive, but it will definitely work. All you have to do is use murdersoul spikes. You would need a lot of them, probably at least a hundred. However, you could insert them into the spell formation from inside the clan, and then, if you detonated them all at the right time, it would definitely crack the thing open. However, it would only buy you a few breaths worth of time before the damage repaired itself....

In the past, because of her damaged meridians, she was unable to withstand Xiantian Qi which was too powerful. But everything was different now, Qing Shui put down the soup and left behind a few Meridians Strengthening Pills which he refined in the past and a few other Medicinal Pills. However, he didn't give her any Great Revitalizing Pills, for it would not be worth that period of weakness for a temporary boost in power.

The Arch-Emperor Dynasty had another celestial!

Golden Spirit Body: passive battle technique, increases physical strength by three folds, zero depletion!

Before long, the light of dawn filled the sky. However, Bai Xiaochun wasn't in the mood to go out and do anything. Instead, he stayed inside to fret and pray about the roster.

The potency of the Godly Force Talisman could be raised to 30%!

Eyebrows raised in delight, Bai Xiaochun nodded repeatedly as he inspected the bags. Next, he walked over to inspect the pill furnaces, including the 1,000 ordinary furnaces, and also the ten 300-meter-tall ones.

"Haha, it's already noon. Let's go grab some lunch together!" Today, Yu He was clad in a white, high-collar blouse. Her hair were neatly tied up, and her beautiful countenance in addition to the sensual curves of her body emitted an indescribable charm.

For a woman, who was graceful and so full of personality, to have such a cute side, Qing Shui was also quite moved by it. It could have been caused by her sister being around because prior to this, she wasn't like this. When she dealt with other people, she was a defiant woman, who was really hard to get close to.

She was holding something else, and when Bai Xiaochun realized what it was, his heart began to pound. It was a tiny cultivator, skinned like the bear had been. Although it wasn't easy to tell at first, it was none other than Lei Shan!

Chapter 264: She likes you, except she doesn't realize it yet

"This Elder Sister will help you chase away those random people." Huoyun contemplated a bit as she suddenly spoke to Qing Shui as if they were in a discussion.

"Don't thank me. If you want to thank someone, thank his highness the king." With that, Duke Deathcrier waved his hand, causing everything within 30 meters to suddenly blur and ripple, as if it were separating from the area around it.

During this long period of time, the two of them had already started addressing each other by name. Hai Dongqing initially called him Qing Shui, maybe because she felt that he was younger than her. Slowly, as the two of them got more familiar with each other, she found it weird for Qing Shui to call her Miss Hai, thus she got him to address her by her name.

Irritated, Bai Xiaochun decided not to go back to the rain region, but instead spent the next several months thoroughly searching the world of the magical item. Occasionally, the ghost face's secret magic would expire, and Bai Xiaochun would find him, whereupon he would be forced to use the secret magic again.

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