Finally, My 52 Wives Chapter 643

Finally, My 52 Wives Chapter 643

Tie Ta let out a long sigh as he looked at the pile of dead bodies around him. On his face was a happy smile; although they had just fought a long and hard battle, he didn't show a single trace of exhaustion. Instead, his fighting spirit was awakened.

"Oh!" Jian Chen indifferently replied. He did not say anything afterwards, and quietly went back to his room to pack up his things.

The bandits continued to fight with everything they had. The people who managed to survive were excellent figures that had either outstanding brains or brawn. At the moment, both the mercenaries and bandits had an equal amount of people.

"That's enough, Nangong Wentian's situation is really critical, so we need to rush now."

After hearing what the two men said, the trio finally calmed down from their impulsive states. Although they were still panicking, they knew that Han Yan and Wu Lang's words were true. With their current cultivation, going to the Qi Province would be no different than throwing their lives away.

Big Yellow felt really depressed. He had followed Jiang Chen for such a long time, but it felt like there was nothing that Jiang Chen didn't know.

Jiang Chen's fist clashed with the Seventh Grade Devil King's gigantic fist. The strength brought by 27,500 Dragon Marks was absolutely terrifying. Even when faced with a peak Seventh Grade Devil King, Jiang Chen showed no signs of inferiority. With this fist alone, which only contained the pure strength of his muscles, he forced the Devil King to take a few steps back. Furthermore, the flame leaking out from his fist had covered the Devil King's fist, causing it to make a sizzling sound as it burned through its skin. No matter how it tried to shake it off, it just kept clinging on tightly.

Jiang Chen left the hall immediately.Jiang Cheng, who stood outside, was startled.

"Yes... yes."

She was a Divine Core demon lord from the Blissful Manor, and she was here because she found out someone was trying to intrude the island before the trade fair started.

After saying that, Jiang Chen spread his blood wings and flew up into the sky. Big Yellow followed behind and spread his wings of light, dancing and gesticulating for joy.

In other words, in this short period of time, Jiang Chen wouldn't need to worry about getting pills. This had saved him a lot of trouble.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up.


Having successfully beaten back the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, the Flame Mercenaries returned to the palace.

After that, Jiang Chen flipped his palm, revealing three pills. When the pills were revealed, Greenlotus Mountain was instantly filled with a strong fragrance of herbs. The three pills immediately attracted the eyes of Great Master Ran Feng, Tyrant and Tan Lang. The pills were emanating a pure Yang aura, and shadows of dragon and lightning strikes could be seen flickering within them, as if the pills were alive.

"What a pity, we've missed a great opportunity to build a relationship with this man. It would be great if he could join the Profound River Palace."

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