Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Chapter 103

Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Chapter 103

Chang Qing was very satisfied with the situation, it made him feel as if he was given face in front of his fellow disciples. However, when he saw two fellows sitting comfortably next to a window, his expression immediately became cold.

The old monk's eyes landed on Big Yellow's body. Slowly, he stretched out his shining arm and placed it on top of Big Yellow's forehead.

"Yes, that is the most likely situation." Yullian nodded her head slowly. "Forget it, whether or not the Class 5 Monster Cores are with Wu Yun are not of our concern. We just need to do what we are supposed to do as an auction house. Although a Class 5 Monster Core is very expensive, compared to our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House's reputation, it is a negligible cost."

Guan Yi Yun said with a dissatisfied expression.

Furrowing his eyebrows, the stall owner began to ponder the question before saying, "Honored customer, I've been asked that same question many times, but I've never told them. However you seem quite favorable to me, so I'll tell you where I found this." The stall owner's voice stopped as he pointed at the white stone, "In all honesty, this white stone was found by me in the Magical Beast Mountain Range."

"What is going on?" At that moment, a deep voice could be heard from behind as the Hua Yun Sect's patriarch Cheng Fei came walking out. Right behind him was another group of disciples.

Straight after the longbow had been pulled back, a single arrow made of pure energy began to form. The entire shaft began to emit a large rippling force of energy as soon as it fully condensed.

"Come, let's go check out some other places."

Still moving at fast speeds, he refused to listen to the youth's complaints, or even wait for the youth to react. Jian Chen's palm struck out silently like a viper, and hit the other squarely on the chest.



Why was the life of a dog so bitter?

Seeing Ka Zhafei's battle skill, Ming Dong had a serious look at last, "Don't think that you're the only one with a heaven Tier Battle Skill, I'll show you the power of an Advanced Heaven Tier Battle Skill." With that, an equally large amount of energy began to ripple out of Ming Dong before collecting together in his sword.

After Jiang Chen disappeared from their sights, these people finally awakened, and it became a scene of turmoil.

Suddenly, his eyes flew wide open and a look of regret appeared on his face. "Alas, it seems he could not do it." He sighed, "My grandson is lacking in the fundamentals. An extremely rare opportunity was placed right in front of him, but he couldn't grasp it."

"Brother Guo, this dog was behaving sneakily and tried eat your herbs. I, your brother, helped you capture him. Let's cook this dog as a side dish for our drinking session!"

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