1 000 000 years asleep mage Chapter 929

1 000 000 years asleep mage Chapter 929

After hearing this explanation, Jiang Chen was even more shocked. The way he looked at the Black Ice Talisman became even more unusual.

"That's right. This is a good idea, let us all see a fight between geniuses."

Even the headmaster of Kargath Academy sighed, "The Heavens have forgotten about our Gesun Kingdom."

However, Jiang Chen was an unusual being, a complete monster. Cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, together with his experience and the methods of a Saint, he couldn't be judged by normal standards.

"Imperial Emperor, you have one last strike. I think it would be best if you attacked me with everything you got. If not, not only will you not be able to kill me, perhaps you won't even be able to touch a hair on my body. If that's what happens, it would truly be a disgrace."

A combat weapon was not an ordinary weapon. Any weapon that could be called a combat weapon was a great weapon. The difference between a combat weapon and a normal weapon was that a combat weapon could absorb Yuan energy and multiply the user's force by at least two. It was similar to a combat skill, but it was much rarer.

"Brother Nan, you can retract your energy."

Wu Cong said with a grin.

It was because this fist sized white stone was surprisingly heavy. The moment his hand made contact with it, the white stone did not move even a single centimeter.

By the following morning, the soldiers were already beginning to pack up with Jian Chen still following from behind. At this part of the road, there weren't many caravans, so it was every so often that the soldiers came across a group of mercenaries or merchants. Because of those infrequent appearances, none of the soldiers took notice of Jian Chen. At times, when there came a group of merchants following the same direction, Jian Chen would blend in with them for added coverage.

Jian Chen looked at the still sleeping cub and nodded solemnly, "You needn't worry. I will do my best for your child, and when I can reach the Seventh Class Radiant Saint Master level, I will clear away the dark energy within you."

"Tian Xuzi said that the cave would be at the bottom of the valley. But why is it that after I've searched the entire place, I cannot find it?" Jian Chen muttered in heavy concentration.

"Honorable teachers, so it was you." Tie Ta finally recognized the four people and cried out in surprise.

"Lao Wang, can you do it or not? If not, just back off!"

On the desolate island, when looking at Ye Wuyou who had been sliced in half, Jiang Chen inwardly felt pity. A Fourth Grade Combat King; a mighty genius of the Invincible Sect, this guy must have had a huge amount of treasures. But unfortunately, those treasures had all vanished following Ye Wuyou's death. Jiang Chen had no confidence in taking control of Ye Wuyou's Qi Sea before killing him, robbing him of his treasures.

Hearing this, Jian Chen's expression clearly became startled. After finally returning to his senses, he asked in an incredulous and shocked tone, "What! An arranged marriage?!"

A small sliver of killing intent began to leak out from Elder Wu's body. Slapping the table lightly, he laughed coldly, "Very well. I hope you don't come to regret this, Jian Chen." With those words, Elder Wu left the room.Chapter 281: Legend of the Saint of the Zither, the Heavenly Enchantress

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