Empress Ni¨¢ngniang Chapter 2780

Empress Ni¨¢ngniang Chapter 2780

"Everyone, why don't you inform me of your ideas." Jian Chen suggested.

Plop plop plop!


"You're not that stupid. In order to fight with the Martial Saint Dynasty, I'll need to keep some bargaining chips with me."

"Grandfather, it all began££££"

Jian Chen couldn't help but have a happy smile on his face.

"Sect Chief, please punish me, I am the one who brought Firethorn Savage here, it had nothing to do with those two."

The darkness of the night was nothing too major for any of the Heaven Saint Masters to be affected by so all of the elders increased their speeds once more.

Wu Yan climbed up from the ground. His two eyes had already become extremely red. In his eyes, what just happened was ridiculous! How dare this guy hit him, how could he do that to a prince?

"That's right, we are not ones for unnecessary slaughter. Seeing how you're this young, you still have a long life ahead of you. Just hand over your Space Ring obediently and tell us how you avoided being poisoned." A thin looking man said.

"Is there any danger to Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan's lives?"

Just thinking about the severe temper of the Tianxiong clan leader had sent shivers among all of the mercenaries. Each one of them began to look at Jian Chen with rage, if they weren't able to bring Jian Chen back with them, then they would be served as a substitute instead.

"Jiang Chen, there is no way you can escape from us anymore. You have destroyed the Freezing Hell Jail, which is an unforgivable crime, and only death can spare you from that sin. However, I, the Great Tycoon really admire you. The ability to attract Heavenly Tribulation only proves how monstrously talented you are. But unfortunately, today is your last day. An unprecedented mighty genius is destined to be killed while in his cradle."

Dugu Feng had already given his pages to Jian Chen long before. With Qin Ji's pages, Jian Chen now had seventeen of the nineteen pages. That meant only the two pages from Tianmu Ling were left until he had all of the pages to the Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

"N-no££ that can't be!" Cheng Fei was crestfallen at this unbearable fact. He knew that Changyang Xiangtian was no older than his son, Cheng Mingxiang and had only formed his Saint Weapon a mere six years ago at most. In the span of several years, the little Saint had been the carp that leaped over the dragon's gate and transformed to become a Heaven Saint Master. Even more shocking, he was able to defeat three Heaven Saint Masters by himself without a single scratch. It came to Cheng Fei as such a shock that he started to think that the three Heaven Saint Masters were putting on a show for him.

From his perch on top of the magical beast mount, Jian Chen towered over the one-armed man with a sneer. "One-armed Warrior, listen well. I am the one you said died in Mercenary City. I am the captain of the Flame Mercenaries. Jian. Chen!"

"Yes, with the steel being reinforced so many times, the price becomes rather considerable. Something like this shouldn't remain here, we should take it with us. We should have some soldiers come and cut the treasury apart into smaller pieces before putting it into our Space Rings for easy transport." Ming Dong suggested.

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