The Fang Pirates Chapter 2541

The Fang Pirates Chapter 2541

"Well, I can't do anything about that now. Besides, Aunt Junwan only wants to become the blood master for strategic purposes, to make sure that Xuemei doesn't take the spot. Just wait until I'm in late Foundation Establishment, then I can fight for the position of blood master on my own. This piddling Nightcrypt! If I can make use of him in the future, I will, but if he refuses to accept my good graces, I'll kill him and make sure he never gets a proper burial!" More confident than ever, he rumbled along through the upper finger toward Grand Elder Song Junwan's immortal's cave behind the blood lake.

It was as if the River-Defying Sect had become a massive vortex, sucking in all the spiritual power of heaven and earth!

The stir Bai Xiaochun had caused in Arch-Emperor City had attracted the Giant Ghost King's attention, and had caused him to hasten his search. Worried that he might not be able to handle the situation on his own, he had brought all of these subordinates with him, hoping to use their divine abilities and magical techniques to bolster his own power.

"Don't think too much. Mingyue, with me around, no one would be able to even think of bullying you and our daughter in the future. Be more cheerful and happy!"

"Come. Or else you won't have any other chance," said the middle-aged man, looking at Qing Shui.

From a distance, that 30,000-meter area seemed to have been transformed into a frozen swamp!

Moments after he emerged, a huge explosion shook the immortal's cave.

Although Bai Xiaochun was smiling at him, Zhou Yixing trembled and loudly added, "Milord, Yixing has missed you so much!"

They contained his understanding of time, as well as his incomplete comprehension of Essences. They covered the hourglass in the form of magical symbols, and then began to shine with bright light. Bai Xiaochun shivered even more, and began to breathe more rapidly, until at one point, the shining of the magical symbols prompted him to unconsciously reach out and wave his right hand.

"Stay away!" Zhou Chenwu shouted urgently. "I can't hold it in!!"

The terrifying clawed ghost hand caused the disciples of both the north and south bank to be filled with terror. Their internal spiritual energy seemed to have been removed from their control, and their souls felt like they would be ripped out from their bodies.

Jealousy is built on distance. If the distance between status is too huge, there will only be admiration. Just as his previous life, if two families are on the same standing, but one got a windfall of 30 thousand or 20 thousand, this could invoke the jealousy of the other.?

Chapter 228 Tempered Metallic Essence!.

At the same time, Ghostfang calmly pointed up into the sky. Instantly, black clouds began to seethe overhead. When the disciples from the north bank saw that, their expressions flickered, some with fear.

"Can I start cultivating now?"

Frigidsect's eyes glittered, and his expression was grim as he looked over at the Nascent Soul cultivators from the other sects and said, "Dao River Court. Polarity River Court. Starry River Court. You three had better give us a good explanation for this!"

The Spirit Stream Sect's founding patriarch flew out with a grim face and a murderous aura. His intention was to grab Bai Xiaochun and bring him back behind the shield, but before he could get close, a teleportation interrupted him as the Blood Stream Sect's arch-patriarch appeared in front of him!

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