Can The Weak Become Powerful in another world Chapter 2004

Can The Weak Become Powerful in another world Chapter 2004

"I'm not from a clan or a sect that specializes in formations. I've only had a lucky encounter previously and got my hands on a book related to formations, thus managing to pick up a thing or two about it. If Miss Mu isn't interested in this, then I wouldn't have thought about bringing it up." Qing Shui explained.

The north bank disciples weren't very happy, but the south bank disciples were bursting with excitement. As for the Chosen, they had mixed expressions on their faces. Ghostfang watched Bai Xiaochun walk off, and sighed. Deep in his heart, he still didn't believe himself to have truly lost.

The comfortable life of an Outer Sect disciple on Fragrant Cloud Peak was great for Bai Xiaochun. Although he missed the delicious food he had access to back in the Ovens, everything else was quite satisfactory.

The sky darkened, Qing Shui watched the sparse crowd around him, many of them gesticulating, even making comical movements.

Next reward: Ten 3,000 year Thousand Orchid!

Even Qing Shui found it beyond comprehension. Not only had her strength greatly improved, but the constitution of her body had also developed by a moderate amount.

After seeing the young man, Qing Shui broke into a smile. From their encounter back then, Qing Shui knew that this person would come back again. Looking at the leather pouch that seemed extremely bulky, Qing Shui could guess the intentions of the young man. He gestured for the young man to come forward and the young man took the initiative to speak.

After exiting the city, Qing Shui allowed the Emberlion steed to run free. After they left the city, his hands had not been idle, as he constantly caressed the beautiful contours and outline of Shi Qingzhuang's body.

Bai Xiaochun knew that a critical moment had arrived. Maintaining full focus, he waved his left hand to produce a large quantity of soul medicine. He crushed it without hesitation, which caused numerous streams of soul power to spring out and then flow into Bai Hao's soul body, replenishing what was being drained away.

After greeting them, Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing left Hai Clan.

It didn't take long before the group of more than 200 had been whittled down to less than a dozen or so. Bai Xiaochun stood there, blinking, wondering what exactly was happening. Then he looked over at Chen Manyao and realized that she was wearing a look of shock, at which point, his heart began to sink.

Two hours later, his eyes snapped open, and they flickered with dazzling light. Rumbling sounds filled him as his fourth spiritual sea became completely crystallized!

"Liu-Li said that she wanted to wait for you to give her a name when you come back!" Canghai Mingyue smiled and said.

"Everyone, watch out for the Exalted Zodiac Moon Domination Sect from the west. That old man with a transcendent air is known as Guru Spirit Immortal, and is adept with the Daoist magic of mountains and stones. He can transform living beings into nothing more than soil and rock! He's very formidable. In general, the Exalted Zodiac Moon Domination Sect is adept with the Daoist magic of the five elements. Although that might not seem like anything extraordinary, their skill has reached the level of being completely terrifying.

"Flaming bird? Mmm, it's also right. Red Luan is a mutated beast in the world of the nine continents. It is said to be of the same blood heritage as the Flaming Phoenix and could possibly evolve into the legendary phoenix. However, the chance is very low since the phoenix is a legendary Divine beast in the world of the nine continents." Canghai Mingyue looked yearningly at Qing Shui's flaming bird.


A loud explosion rang out, but there was no screaming to be heard. The man had turned into ashes instantly after being hit by the fireball. After the explosion, the remains of the black flame from the fireball were scattered everywhere, which had set a house nearby on fire. Within a few seconds, the house was completely burnt down into dark sooty ashes.

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