Rolf the Barbarian Battlemage Chapter 2706

Rolf the Barbarian Battlemage Chapter 2706

The old monk was still faring better than Tyrant, but he was still obviously shocked.

Shangguan Yilong agreed. He immediately unleashed his killing intent, and was getting ready to attack the trio.

Daoist Black said as he looked at Jiang Chen.

"Multicolored Immortal Crystal? What is that item?" Jian Chen asked.

Jiang Chen felt really gloomy right now. His path of cultivation was really difficult, and he started worrying about his future. He was only at the Divine Core realm right now, and it was already so difficult to break through to the next stage.

"That won't be needed. I only came here in passing, nothing more." The black robed youth that was Jian Chen stated.

"I asked you to stop, can't you hear me?"

Everyone had been furiously discussing this topic with some hidden glee. But those who had joined the Flame Mercenaries already had gone pale in the face.

The earth was trembling and the mountains were shaking; space was ripped apart by this tremendous force. Ruan Xiong felt as if he had just crashed into a gigantic mountain. The tremendous force violently shook the combat weapon, causing him to nearly lose grasp of it. His Qi and Blood was in a mess, causing him to feel extremely bad.

What were Spirits of the Five Elements? Heaven and Earth's Dark Gold, Tree of Life, Heaven and Earth's True Water, World's True Earth. As for the fire element, Jiang Chen's True Dragon Flame and True Lightning Flame were the kings of all flames, hence, they could be considered as Spirits of Flame. The other four Elemental Spirits would be Jiang Chen's targets from now on. However, it was destined for this to take a lot of time, as these spirits were extremely rare and hard to find. No one knew where they existed. He could only depend on his own luck.

Jiang Chen was startled. When he heard those words, he became lost in memories. The Devil Realm was the home of devils, and it was located right next to the Western Region; an isolated realm by itself. Many years ago, when the devils tried to invade the Divine Continent, they were suppressed by the Buddhists of the Western Region, and Jiang Chen even ventured into this Devil Realm alone, killing many Devil Lords, bringing unimaginable damage to the devils, causing them to completely retreat back to the Devil Realm. After that, no devil dared invade the Divine Continent again. He never thought he would today hear that name again.

Wang Yun said.


"Kaka, see you later!"

"Little brother, I don't know what battle skill it is that you have, but if it can make even the Harido clan drool at the mouth for it, it can't be a low one at all." Ying Changkong spoke with a serious expression as if concerned.

The Flaming Cloud Beast's screams became more desolate as it started to sway back and forth. It attempted to remove the iron rod from its eye, but the rod had already sunk in far too deep, making it difficult to remove. As it shook its head to remove Jian Chen, the pain grew more intense. After two attempts at shaking its head, the pain was so fierce for the Flaming Cloud Beast that it didn't dare to move at all anymore.

But too bad, Shangguan Ying didn't possess the ability to destroy the Ice Demon King. It was destined for him to be killed by it.

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