The Laziest Guardian Chapter 2801

The Laziest Guardian Chapter 2801

The moment the pleasant feeling entered Jiang Chen's body, he couldn't stop shivering.

Jian Chen glanced at the spear in his hand and then passed it to Nubis. He smiled, "Nubis, your performance today is good. I have no use for this spear, so you should just take it."

The vigilant mercenaries surrounding the Saint Masters and Jian Chen immediately charged forward to block Jian Chen heroically. The Saint Weapons in their hands immediately came down toward Jian Chen, and despite knowing how exceptionally strong Jian Chen was, those who came forward to block him were not afraid at all.

There was nothing else Huang Qinglan could do but sigh and continue to sigh. Jian Chen was truly a superior candidate. He was such a superior candidate that Huang Qinglan wouldn't even be able to find a fault with him even if he tried. Jian Chen was nearly perfect, but the future of the Huang family was in imminent peril. Therefore Huang Luan had no choice but to be the expendable victim betrothed to the Huanggu family without any power to choose who she would love.

"I didn't think that the host of the auction this year would have the strength of a Saint Master." Jian Chen muttered to himself. When the elder was speaking, he had used his Saint Force to magnify his voice so that everyone in the auction hall would be able to hear it.

Afterward, the representatives of the three other clans of Lore City came by personally to express their sympathies to the Changyang clan. They had a look of grief in their faces and concern in their voices, but their eyes remained on the five Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom with feelings of confusion and shock.

Big Yellow said as he looked at them hopelessly.

Liang Xiao shouted in anger.

"Fine, carry these three bastards as well. Later, ask them if they agree or not."

"They are from the Myriad Sword Sect! The people from the Jian Province are here as well!"

A disciple said with a trembling voice, extremely shocked. After all, before Zhang Yang left in the morning, he was still a Mid Divine Core warrior. However, just by standing guard for a mere day, he had broken through. This was unbelievable!

"Brother Qin Ji, I must depart immediately. I will be bidding farewell first!" Jian Chen could not stay for any longer. He immediately bid farewell to Qin Ji, before apologising to the famed beauties around the table. Afterwards, he hurried out of the Drifting Clouds Palace, rushing over to where the Space Gate was in the royal palace.

On the second day, elder Xiu didn't call Jian Chen to the fields. Jian Chen still had his own things he needed to do, so he took the initiative to tell fatty that he would be heading out by himself.

The Black Hawk turned to Jiang Zhenhai and shouted. However, Jiang Zhenhai could only respond with a bitter smile. He stood there without moving a bit.

Just as these mercenaries walked under the huge tree, the leaves above suddenly swayed as a person darted out with his Light Wind Sword ready to stab into the group below.

"Retreat!" The elder quickly gave the command to retreat. At this rate, even if the entire army were to sacrifice themselves, the damages done to the Qinhuang Kingdom's army wouldn't even be detrimental.

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