War God Asura Chapter 354

War God Asura Chapter 354

Although he knew that the people outside were definitely not weak, it was possible that they were experts at the same level as Ka Di Yun. However, Jian Chen still did not show any trace of fear. He was confident that if he faced a Saint at his current level, even if he didn't win, he would not easily lose. After all, no matter if it were battle experience or techniques, Jian Chen far surpassed anyone else at the academy. Moreover, he was a person who had experienced countless life or death situations.

"Remember, I don't wish to see you come and face me again, otherwise, I will definitely not be as merciful. You would best do to leave the Magical Beast Mountain Range immediately."

"Damn it, I admit defeat!"

Two men were standing on the front of this battleship. One of them was wearing a dragon robe, and he had an imposing and majestic appearance. He was none other than the Imperial Emperor. The other one was an old man who wore a grey robe was the previous Imperial Emperor ÿ the Old Emperor!

A grin emerged on Jiang Chen's face, and in the next second, a massive amount of killing intent emerged from his body. With a sway of his body, Jiang Chen caught up with Yun Can using his extreme speed.

Jiang Chen was being so arrogant that even he himself was almost unable to recognize himself. An ice-cold glow was flickering at the tip of the Heavenly Saint Sword, and judging from his posture, if the two elders refused to kneel down, he would really kill both of them in an instant.

A voice suddenly came from behind.

The old man respectfully handed the broken sword to Jiang Chen, but he was laughing in his mind, "What a rich idiot, daddy can't see anything special about this broken sword, but it still let me earn a High-Ranked Combat Weapon! Wahaha, I'm so clever!"

Now, the Second Grade Combat King felt true fear. He couldn't understand how a young man, who wasn't even a Combat King, could possess such frightening strength.

After saying that, Shangguan Yu turned around and flew toward the inner area of the Yu family. The miserable screams that came from the inner area really worried him. No matter what, he had to check it out himself.

"About ten million."

Jiang Chen chuckled. He was really happy about this situation, as he was able to bump into such a grand event right after arriving at the Divine Continent. Being able to take a glimpse at the geniuses of the Liang Province was something Jiang Chen really hoped to do. Meanwhile, Big Yellow was extremely excited. Unlike Jiang Chen, this was his first time in the Divine Continent, thus he was curious about everything in this land. Back in the Eastern and Southern Continents, he had only met a few Combat Kings, and all of those were old farts. However, at this place, he could easily bump into Combat Kings everywhere, and all of them were young men. He really enjoyed this situation.

"Brother Chen, that dog is incredibly fast. Even you can't catch up to it"

"Sire, we of the Aoyun clan won't back down so easily. Whatever it takes, we the Aoyun clan will take some of it somehow." One of the two elders from the Aoyun clan spoke.

At this time, the sounds of rapid footsteps could be heard. Jian Chen's ears shook slightly from the sound, but he made no movements to get up from his position.

Chapter 362 ÿ Beat Them!

No one in the Flame Mercenaries said a thing as their faces continued to lose color rapidly.

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