Mage in the World of Cultivation Chapter 2924

Mage in the World of Cultivation Chapter 2924

Unable to stop himself from smiling, Jian Chen replied, "Money is of no concern. As long as it'll benefit Lian'er, then all the money spent is worth it."

"I've heard about the Island of Ice. It appeared once about 100 years ago, and it caused a great commotion. But, since I grew up in the Black Sect, I don't really know much about anything in the Eastern Continent aside from the Qi Province."

Ye Hui joyfully laughed out. Seven to eight Combat King geniuses of the Invincible Sect came out and positioned themselves near the Heavenhawk Island, looking determined to get this treasure.

A man with a sturdy body said before he left the meeting hall.

Yan Chen Yu had also finished her portion. Her face was apple red, and she looked really alluring.Chapter 135 ÿ Five Elemental Pill

These two men looked to be seventy year old elders with white robes and bright eyes. However, their faces were scrunched up in anger as they looked forward.

Disciple Huang was laying on the ground crying in sorrow. Tears flowed down from his face. What happened, why was he always the one getting beaten?

"He is a true hero! His heroic image will star eternally in my heart!"

Jian Chen had a happy smile on his face. He took out a gold coin and placed it onto the counter as he said, "Give me a few of every item!" These herbs were all extremely common goods; a single gold coin was enough to buy a cartful of them.

Nan Bei Chao shouted out coldly. An obey or die aura was unleashed from his body. Right at this point of time, many people had read what was in Jiang Chen's mind.

Jian Chen did a somersault in midair as he descended back down onto the ground. Dispersing the shock from the initial blow with ease, he didn't take a pause even after landing on the ground. Immediately charging toward the elder person once more, the Light Wind Sword in his hand emitted a hazy glow of light that wrapped the entirety of the blade. To the naked eye, the sword looked as if it was a hazy silver ray of light as it shot toward the man's throat with a ridiculous speed.Chapter 110: Traveling to the Magical Beast Mountain Range

Big Yellow was furious to the point of blowing smoke out from his nose. However, he couldn't do anything to Jiang Chen, This guy had after all robbed his treasures many times, and Big Yellow had already gotten used to it.

"Xiang'er. Your mother has heard that you've made the breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler. Is that true as well?" Bi Yuntian followed up her question with more questions. There was a slight tremor to her voice, as if she was eagerly expecting to hear confirmation from her son.

Jian Chen took another few moments to ensure he hadn't overlooked anything to perfect his new appearance. Satisfied, he immediately burned his old clothes in a fire and exited the alley.

"You may all leave. I will go find Jian Chen. The Seal of Treasure Mountain must be returned as soon as possible to avoid any other unforeseen circumstances." With that said, the patriarch's figure instantly dissolved into a bolt of lightning that shot straight into the sky with speed just as fast as lightning.

Feeling the presence of the azure and violet Sword Qi dissipate from his body, Zhar let out a sigh of relief before staring at Jian Chen with a frightened voice, "Just what in the world was that force? It was so strong that it easily managed to shatter my Radiant Saint Armor!" He quavered.

Holding the cub tightly, Jian Chen gently caressed its head before following the cub's stare and landing on a nearby tree branch.

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