Tattoo Cultivation Chapter 2358

Tattoo Cultivation Chapter 2358

Right behind him, three middle-aged man were running at him with their Saint Weapons in hand.

Just as Jian Chen and the group of seven all entered the hall, the ten elders opened their eyes at the same time. Their eyes were full of a bright light that seemed to stare curiously at the six.

After saying that, Jiang Chen stood up and walked toward the exit of the main hall.

Shi Xiangran who was situated inside the barrier looked as if his face could leak water. In his heart, he had felt inexplicable resentment, he hadn't thought that in his one single strike, he would somehow offend everyone there. Thus, he blamed everything on Jian Chen.

A voice sounded out from within the crowd, instantly stopping all laughter. Everyone threw their glance at the young man in white. When they saw the face of this young man, they immediately swallowed their mocking words. Because, this young man in white was none other than Jiang Chen!

Although the group was short Yun Zheng and Senior An, it did not impact them much. Jian Chen had wanted the Flame Mercenaries to leave Wake City for the Magical Beast Mountain Range, so he had the two protect them in secret. Otherwise, he would never feel at ease.

The profit he had gained today was truly massive.

"The restrictions of the world?" Jian Chen was extremely curious now. This was the very first time he had heard of such a matter relating to a Saint Ruler.

"Besides, I'm still carrying the final wishes of Kendall. I must find his family quickly."

A ripple of energy appeared behind Jian Chen's back as he retreated. In that instant, the third brother had slammed against Jian Chen's back with extreme force.

"Impossible, that man is no idiot! He has incredible combat strength, and even if he can't defeat Yang Shuo, I don't think he would just give up and surrender!"

Xiu Rui turned around and saw Big Yellow as well, and he felt like a huge bucket of cold water had just been poured onto his head. He had yet to forget, this dog was able to fight against the Heavenhawk Island Master equally. So, with their strength, if they flew toward the island where the monk was located, there was no way they could be a match for this big yellow dog. It would truly be a sad event if they were killed by his bite.Chapter 505 - Kill

The speed at which the Light Wind Sword was moving was incomparably fast; the remaining Great Saint Masters couldn't help but ultimately die by Jian Chen's sword.

Those arrogant Sect Elders and disciples from the Green Sanctuary Sect had become dead bodies in an instant. Jiang Chen didn't even look at their bodies. With a calm expression, he turned around towards the spectators and said, "Pass this message to the Green Sanctuary Sect: Do not challenge me."

"Oh no, oh no."

"To all the misters here, this treasure belongs to me. I suggest you all scram right now."

"Chief, that young lad Jiang Chen was too cruel.We can't let this matter go so easily."

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