Hi there pope Chapter 2164

Hi there pope Chapter 2164

As Bai Xiaochun sat cross-legged in meditation, his heart slowly grew calm. He had made his decision way back on the battleship. His trip to Heavenspan Island was for the purpose of getting a longevity pill, making sure that Hou Xiaomei was safe, and alsoĦ­ to find out why he had been so obsessed with Du Lingfei.

"I implore father's guidance."

He thought of his mother. He had not seen her for a very long time. The woman who had given birth to him and raised him up was the closest person to him in the World of the Nine Continents. If he were to die, he didn't know what would become of his mother.

He nodded towards the white-haired man, then climbed onto his Diamond Gigantic Elephant and rushed forward.?

When people heard it, their jaws dropped, and their heads turned to look in the direction of the rabbit. As for the people like Shangguan Tianyou and Lu Tianlei, they clenched their fists and burst into motion. Other disciples threw their heads back and laughed uproariously.

At this moment, Shi Qingzhuang blushed as she quickly shoved her panty underneath the quilt!

If Huoyun Liu-Li was this man's flesh and blood, he wouldn't say anything like this. Qing Shui had always felt that making an oath was a foolish thing to do. It was not because he was a type of person that would go back on his promises. However, there were some things that even making an oath wouldn't help if one lacked the capability. People who could go back on their words would treat the most vicious oaths like just an ordinary occurrence.

Apparently, Bai Xiaochun's warning was effective. Feeling very pleased, he flicked his sleeve to begin concocting. This time, he decided to work on twenty batches!

In the end, Chen Hetian sighed and decided not to worry about the matter any more than necessary.

He took a deep breath, and as the group prepared to attack, he smacked his bag of holding, producing a fistful of paper talismans which he slapped down all over himself. Instantly, blinding light radiated out as Bai Xiaochun created a 60-meter-wide world of brightness!

Fierce fighting played out everywhere!

They were very familiar with Zuoshi Clan as back then, they had escaped here after fighting with their clan for Huayang City. After so many years, their clan was forced out as well and they were here to look for Zuoshi Clan, hoping to be able to join forces and fight back. However, they were not expecting Zuoshi Clan to have been wiped out...

Even with that seemingly dismissive manner, Qing Shui could still feel a sense of cautiousness in Sima Sha's expression. He laughed inwardly for a bit and then slowly flew through the air over towards Sima Sha.

"Lass, later on, no matter what happens, don't come down." Qing Shui also stood on the elephant and said.

"The defensive spells are gone?" Bai Xiaochun shivered, and then subconsciously took a few steps back. The looks being given him by the three sects caused his hair to stand on end.

"She is definitely a good friend to have. She is a person that will remember you even if you gave her just a little help. Not to mention that you even saved her life. I'd say that besides her daughter, she will probably give you anything you ask for." Qianyu Dingjun was first shocked before he happily said this.

It's as if this pat woke Di Qing up from her dreams. Her face was scarlet red. She glared at Qing Shui grudgingly and quickly escaped. However, Qing Shui stood at the side in bewilderment. He felt really confused.

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