My Perverse Equivalent Exchange System in Doomsday Chapter 2267

My Perverse Equivalent Exchange System in Doomsday Chapter 2267

"Big Bro Jiang Chen, you"

The Seventh Emperor continued to kowtow three times, and after that, he felt as if all his strength had left his body. "Jiang Chen, kill me, kill me now!"

"What's the problem? Speak, Jian Chen, I'll definitely help you." Little Fatty immediately stood straight up and pledged.

Tyrant worriedly asked.

Big Yellow spat his tongue out, but he didn't say anything else. This old fatty didn't look like someone who could be easily fooled with.

"That's enough. Since the problem has been solved, let's go back home before we return to the Martial Palace. The Red City region has suffered badly from the Dimensional Creatures' attacks, and many innocent lives have been lost. There's a lot of things we need to settle, and I barely even returned, so if I just left without informing anyone, my dad will scold me to death!"

"The Origin energy is very weak, so it hasn't reached an optimal state yet." Jian Chen replied with a half truth.

The elder brought back his dagger and brandished it in front of him, defending himself against the various strikes.

The their family treasure's most important function was to produce Nine Solar Holy Water, with this pot of Nine Solar Holy Water that could last them for 100 years, losing that treasure was no longer a big deal for them.

"Come on!"

Xu Neng was the one who stood closest to the pills, causing him to be the person who inhaled the most medical fragrance. When the fragrances entered his body, Xu Neng could feel his soul being nourished, and his vitality receiving a boost.

Wu Jiu had a unique method to communicate with the Imperial Emperor, so when both men entered the Martial Saint Dynasty, the Imperial Emperor had appeared inside the Martial Saint Palace.

Jian Chen shook his head. Qin Ji's way of thinking was far too simplistic. If it was just a matter of extinguishing the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, Xiao Tian's group and Jian Chen would be enough to complete the task. All it would require is some energy, that's all. The reason why he had run all the way here to borrow an army, and use so many monster cores to transport them, was for a different reason that was not as simplistic.

"Right, we will hand over everything we got, we won't even leave behind a single pill, it will all belong to chief Jiang!"

Someone sitting next to them even spat out food from their mouth. He genuinely couldn't take this anymore. Where did this rude dog come from?

Although the biggest help came from Big Yellow, they hadn't forgotten that he was brought here by Jiang Chen. The Yan family was not related to Big Yellow in any way.

"One moment!" Jian Chen suddenly called out. "City lord, there is no need for such an inconvenient way of searching for the culprit. That unknown expert has most likely changed his face so we wouldn't know what to look for. However, there is a definite method to find them. The Class 5 Magical Beast cub is still with them, so we just need to focus our efforts on finding the cub. This way our goal will be much easier."

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