Pokemon System in Anime World Chapter 2436

Pokemon System in Anime World Chapter 2436

Concurrently, in Sun Clan, Li Clan and Lu Clan, everyone received the news that something had happened to the few young men who were often seen together.

"This is a fire bull. Don't be fooled by its humongous size, as it actually has a gentle personality. Although it's speed could only be considered average, it's strength and endurance level are extraordinary, so fire bulls are usually the choice of most people when it comes to selecting beasts of burden." Qing Yi smiled as she saw Qing Shui's curiosity as she explained the details to him.

When Qing Shui heard the words Potential Fruit, he first fell into a daze before he rejoiced in excitement. In the Western Fantasy, the Potential Fruit could raise one's attributes. Each person could take 100 of them at most. It was just that he was not sure what the effects of the Potential Fruit were. Qing Shui looked at the small fruit that was the size of a peach and was black as ink on the auction stage. It made one feel hesitant as it appeared evil-like.

Ten of them would be even more awe-inspiring, and when it came to a formation with hundreds, it could cut down Foundation Establishment cultivators and even cause prime elders to tremble.

The rich sought only the image. They did not lack women by their side. Moreover, there were also those who seemed so fat that it made one doubt whether their bottom half would be able to be seen.

As soon as Qing Shui swung his right hand, a bunch of flame immediately shot out of it. The speed at which the flame travelled was shockingly fast. With his subconscious mind, Qing Shui has actually thrown out the Primordial Flame the same way he did with his Hidden Weapon.

In its breakthrough this time, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant once again gained new abilities.

After killing these four cultivators from the Zuoshi Clan, Qing Shui felt happy for a moment. Now, he had even more confidence in dealing with the last wave from the Zuoshi Clan.

"The idol of the masses! Lord Turtle is invincible!"

"Heavens! Is this Bai Hao addicted to kidnapping, or what?!?! First it was his father, then his highness the king, and now he kidnapped over a hundred chosen in one fell swoop!?"

The Golden Steel Demonic Boar was the mutated version of the wild boar, which had gone through mutation after eating certain special fruits or unique rocks, or even possibly after absorbing the Qi of the Heaven and Earth.

It was night when Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and headed towards the Jade Spirit Fruit Tree. It was about time for it to ripen.

"Yeah, so what?" Bai Xiaochun replied, glaring and sticking his chin up. "She made a pass at me first!!"


With the tremendous strength of fifteen million jin, even a small mountain top had been razed to the ground.?

Searing pain swept through him, and he screamed. Looking like he was about to cry, he shrieked, "Save me, Uncle Li! My Elder Brother's trying to kill me!!"

Qing Shui felt a bit uncomfortable at that piercing gaze, rubbing his nose as a pale blush appeared on his face. That demonic and elegant face made Yiye Jiange shocked. To think that even he would feel embarrassed and that his embarrassed look was quite cute¡­

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