Medical Princess Chapter 1522

Medical Princess Chapter 1522

Hearing the middle aged man, everyone's heart jumped for a brief second. Staring slack jawed at the gray robed man, none of them had thought that the person who had spent 100,000 purple coins on a simple Class 5 Magical Beast would be this ordinary looking elder in front of them.

Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before finally agreeing to her request, "Fine then. If you want to come with us, then you can. Seeing how dangerous the continent is would be a boon for you in any case. Since you haven't materialized your Saint Weapon, I could also give you some cultivation advice to help accelerate your growth."

A sliver of shock flashed across Jian Chen's eyes. The president of the union actually wanted to take him as a disciple. It had greatly exceeded what he was expecting.

"A Combat Soul warrior."

"Vice headmaster, it was Changyang Xian Tian, We were all injured by Changyang Xian Tian." a student weakly cried.

Lee Shan Yue retracted all of his force and bowed slightly towards the sky. He spoke in a very polite manner, not daring to mess around with a Heavenly Core warrior.

Also, although the Source of Combat Strength Talisman was powerful, it still has its weaknesses. The talisman can only be used once, and this signifies that Li Wu Shuang can only unleash one attack, after that, his own energy will be depleted, and he would become an arrow at the end of its flight

"The Crown Prince deserved to die. If not for him, things wouldn't have reached this stage. Furthermore, he has already been castrated, so did you still want to count on him to become the Martial Saint Dynasty's next Imperial Emperor?"

Hearing that, everyone in the vicinity grew alarmed.

"What a lame excuse!"

Lee Chang Hong cupped his hands, showing respect to Jiang Chen.

"You're all here to give me treasures!"

Jian Chen stared at everyone with a blank expression, "Such a phrase like that should be asked by me. Why are you here, and why act against me just now?"


Upon hearing the name of Kendall, Jian Chen immediately froze up as he looked at the shop owner in alarm. "What did you say? Kendall, did you just say Kendall?"Chapter 425: Saving a Life

"Of course."

"Big Yellow, torture him a bit, but don't kill him."

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