Everything will be my way! Chapter 2997

Everything will be my way! Chapter 2997

"Bullying my friends, you must be retarded! If we were somewhere else, you would be dead meat by now!"

4 Tuesday

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He felt really happy, as he knew Big Yellow was going to break through to the Divine Core realm. When he awakens from his slumber, he would experience an enormous transformation.

Once the blast disappeared and people could see the situation once again, the trio were still standing at the exact same place as before. They weren't even hurt. This kind of result not only shocked Yin Zhong Cheng, it also shocked all the spectators who couldn't believe their eyes.

"The Jiang family has replied to the written challenge!Jiang Chen accepted it.Now we will have a good show!"

Wu Jiu waved his hand, then he led Jiang Chen and continued flying without stopping. Those golden warriors were standing straight as the bowed, no one dared to show any neglect.

"What a treacherous brat! I will personally punish you!"


"Customer, what would you like to order?" A cordial waiter welcomed Jian Chen with a smile as Jian Chen sat down in his seat.

"What an eerie gate! If I didn't know that this was the gate that leads us outside the Island of Ice, I would have thought it might bring us to hell!"

"Like how the boat rises with the tides, our Changyang manor will rise too, hahaha!"

About 6-7 kilometers in front of them there was a land of red magma. Thick smoke constantly rose from the magma, red colored smoke! And even from this far away, the crowd could feel the intense heat coming from the magma! It was so hot that every single man within the crowd was terrified!

"Do you really think you will be able to kill me?" Jian Chen asked emotionlessly. With his Chaotic Body and its ultimate defenses, he was sure that the Saint Ruler would be hardpressed to kill him.

Big Yellow said. His tail was wagging back and forth.

That youth was Jian Chen, the one who had easily killed the young master of the Tianxiong clan, as well as a few other mercenaries affiliated with them.

Above the Changyang Manor, five elderly men who seemed to be in their seventies had appeared out of nowhere. They floated at a hundred meter altitude, looking down from above.

"What? The Sect Chief from a big sect in the Qian Province came all the way to the Black Sect personally? When did Jiang Chen go to the Qian Province to cause trouble?"

Everything will be my way! Chapter 2997 End!

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