The girl with the cross Chapter 1576

The girl with the cross Chapter 1576

Jiang Chen told Yu Zi Han. After that, in the blink of an eye, he arrived close to Liang Xiao. His body was glowing, and his spirits were high.

"Then thank you senior for your assistance. With this, the ones helping the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger will think twice now. Presumably, the Hongfu clan will find their bonds with the Yan family broken, leaving the Sect of Dragon and Tiger alone with the Honfu clan. That should be a small enough power for us to deal with." Huang Tianba spoke.Chapter 659: Patriarch of the Bi Clan (One)

Jiang Chen asked.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. With his sensitive senses, he discovered that the demonic energy that was spreading across the sky was isolating the city from the outside world. In other words, the four guardians had sealed up the city with some secret tricks, causing it to lose connection with the outside world completely. Therefore, even if this place was soon going to be filled with violent battles, no one outside the city would be able to know. With this, when the Profound River Palace finds out about what happened here, the city might already have become a city of the dead.

A twenty-four-year-old Class 6 Radiant Saint Master was just too astounding. As a result, Gaethyr's act of calling the elders could be regarded as extremely quick. Very soon, a series of rapid steps could be heard outside the testing room. Two ruddy old men in luxurious robes rushed in from outside, who beared an exquisitely-crafted purple badge on their chests.

Suspicious, the man's eyes glanced over the young women in front of the gates before speaking with an impassive voice, "Who are you?"

Outside of the arena, everyone began to point wildly at the scene with loud chattering of amazement at the initial strike.

"Hmph! I'll capture you personally! Wu Jiu, if you surrender now, I can still spare your life and let father sentence you himself! However, if you dare fight back, I'll kill you on the spot!"

"Once we get to the Divine Continent, this thing will no longer be useful."

Qin Wuming looked to Jian Chen, "Imperial Protector, please allow us to go to the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. This matter is important to the dignity of our Qinhuang Kingdom, we cannot let things stand like this."

Jiang Chen gazed at Big Yellow, then he found a big rock and sat down on it. He started adjusting his energy.

"Jiang Chen, get yourself out here right now!"

Jiang Chen was not someone who could be easily messed with, and he was also a man like a dog with a bone. Jiang Chen kept hitting Li Hui with the pike, making it so that he could only mumble in pain. In just a short period of time, Li Hui had become swollen like a fat man.

The Fourth Emperor shouted without hesitating.

A happy expression emerged on Fan Kun's face.

Afterward, Qin Yunlong and Harry called in Qing Shaofan. He led the two Saint Rulers to the Space Gate to leave the Qinhuang Kingdom.


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