Aimless Life: Mood Swinger And Sadistic System Chapter 908

Aimless Life: Mood Swinger And Sadistic System Chapter 908

Jiang Chen looked at Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han. In order to concoct a good quality pill, there were simply too many rare ingredients needed. The mission of saving Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan was a tough one. However, no matter what he needed to save them, or no matter how difficult it would be, he was determined to save their lives.

Tie Ta, on the other hand, only slid backwards two meters. His face showed no outward emotion, and he appeared to not have suffered even the smallest amount of damage.

Jiang Chen went through all the belongings in his storage put, and put all demon and devil souls together. He had so many of them that they simply piled up like a small hill. Most of them were demon and devil souls, and some were crystal cores.

"Haha, this monster is no match for me! Jiang Chen, if this is your secret weapon, you are all going to die today! Once I kill this monster, I'll proceed to kill you all!"

Once more, Bi Lian felt shocked at Bi Yuntian's words before turning to Jian Chen. She knew that Jian Chen held supreme status within the Gesun Kingdom, but she didn't think that his status would be the same within the clan itself, especially if he reigned over the family head and the elders.

Wolf King asked with a loud voice.

"Hmph! I don't believe there's an herb that I, Guo Shan can't grow!"

When the Light Wind Sword in Jian Chen's hand collided with the Saint Weapons, the expressions of all the surrounding students that were all Middle Saints changed. They immediately retreated, the Saint Weapons in their hand shaking from the collision. Jian Chen's sword appeared to be extremely small, but it hid a great amount of power behind it. After a single collision with his sword, the Saint Weapons all vibrated so intensely from the aftershock that it made the students' arms numb.

"You should speak less crap." The girl fumed as her eyes stared furiously at the girl as if she could spit fire from them.

"What, you can't contact the grand elder?" Hearing what Ming Dong had said, Nubis's expression changed greatly.

Ye Xiao angrily said. His hatred toward Jiang Chen was much stronger than his hatred toward Shangguan Chong. He was fooled by Jiang Chen and was forced to pay 400 million for the Heavenly Wings skill, and this made him feel awful, like he had just swallowed a fly.

"Let's go look."

Arriving at the Space Gate, he looked at the mysterious array formation on the ground before letting out a single breath. After packing up his things, he left the valley.

This time, both Ha Ni and Jasmine were startled to hear Jian Chen's plan. Neither of the two had thought that he would be thinking on such a large scale. To annex the entire Blue Wind Kingdom of its mercenary groups and then the ones from the surrounding kingdoms was not what they expected to be his goal.

The five old men were old man Situ and the other four who had escaped from the old woman.

The last time Jian Chen had met the Zhou Mercenaries, they had came across a Class 5 cub in the Magical Beast Mountain Range, Although the original members of that Zhou Mercenary group weren't here, they had cost the Flame Mercenaries their lives and caused them to lose the Class 5 cub. Plus, while running away from the Class 5 Golden Fur Tiger King, if it weren't for that member of the Zhou Mercenaries who threw the cub at Captain Kendall, the Golden Fur Tiger King wouldn't have chased after the Flame Mercenaries. So the entire destruction of the Flame Mercenaries and the death of everyone in it could all be blamed on the Zhou Mercenaries.Chapter 150: Extermination

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