The space mage and his harem of beauties Chapter 2251

The space mage and his harem of beauties Chapter 2251

"Hmph! What an evil and demonic skill! Plunging people into an abyss of misery, this is not allowed by the laws of this universe, damn you all!"

"It's not that simple. The Chaotic Ocean is a very large place, and it doesn't belong to the Asura Palace. Furthermore, even if the Asura Palace were to kill all those pirates, the Chaotic Ocean would still remain in a chaotic state, and new pirates would emerge shortly afterwards. It's simply impossible to kill them all. The Asura Palace does want to resolve this problem, however, it's an excellent place for lower ranked disciples to gain experience."

"What is it? What exactly is it? Why does it feel so familiar? Why this intimate feeling?"

The blade's buzzing sounded out throughout the skies. Right at this moment, everyone held their breath. An attack with all the strength of a Mid Divine Core warrior was an attack that no one could escape.

Liang Xiao was furious, he was a Late Heavenly Core warrior, but he couldn't save a man from the hands of a Mortal Core warrior. To him, this was humiliating.

Immediately, the Sect of Dragon and Tiger was brought into chaos. A great deal of people began to pour out from the buildings to stare up at the three figures floating in midair. They felt uneasy since they didn't recognize the three figures, but knowing that they were blatantly undermining the sect's strength, the people knew that these three people would not be weak.

"That's right. We'll be leaving now. We are after all disciples of the Black Sect now, we have to go there."

Even after shooting the giant sword, Jian Chen didn't stop there. Clutching at the air, two more blades of fire materialized. Jetting off after the steel sword with a trailing path of fire, the fire began to disperse around the area and increased the overall temperature.

Nangong Wentian opened up a scroll as well.

Continuing, Huang Luan spoke, "Jian Chen, this union between the Huang family and the Huanggu family cannot be changed. You shouldn't waste your time with this, it's useless. The Qinhuang Kingdom won't be in favor for you to interfere either." Huang Luan's voice was filled with sorrow.

"Speak!" Jian Chen roared like how a furious lion would. His voice had caused the entire inn to shake as his eyes grew even colder. The spark in his eyes was almost like a sharp sword that could pierce into the man's own eyes, terrifying him so much he couldn't look at Jian Chen directly.

"Yes I know."

Jian Chen had a look of disdain on his face. To Jian Chen, who could even kill experts of the Saint Master level, these mere Saint users weren't worth even looking at.

"Hmph, old man Yu Ping, you should had stayed behind with your Cheng clan, there was no need for you to come visit Phoenix City." Another black haired elder stood on top of one of the rooftops.

Thinking for a moment to clear his mind and thoughts, Jian Chen spoke, "Senior, this junior came here today for you."

Lord Blood Moon had a sneer on his face. He didn't attack these men, what he did was write their faces down in his memory. Actually, he didn't really need to remember them, because once the blood sacrifice ceremony was completed, every living mortal in Yellowstone would eventually become his food.

"Don't kill me! I'll give you everything I got!"

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