Cultivator in a Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 1688

Cultivator in a Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 1688

Jiang Chen mockingly said to the Demon King. He could tell with a single look that this Demon King had been trapped in this place for very long, causing its state of mind to nearly collapse. So, upon seeing a newcomer, it couldn't help but want to tease him.

"Jiang Chen is an awesome man! He really started a war with the Martial Saint Dynasty! Just his courage alone makes him worthy of respect!"

"Alright, we'll use this plan for now."

"We can't alert the Old Great Emperor now, as we're still far away from reaching a critical situation, so he won't help us. I'll go find the Old Emperor now."

Initially, Jiang Chen planned on traveling to the Divine Continent once everything here was settled. However, because of this, it looked like he would have to postpone his trip. No matter what, because of the relationship between him and these people, there was no way he could avoid the Southern Continent's situation.

"Young master has killed men from the Demon Palace, they will net let this matter off easily. However, this matter was actually caused by Lianyun Castle. We're really grateful for young master's help, but this Demon Palace is really powerful, so I think young master should leave quickly."


With a helpless sigh, Jian Chen spoke, "Tianmu Ling, it's best if you stop teasing her. She has a bad temper."

Duan Jianhong crazily roared, both his eyes had turned red.

That was impossible. If they were to do that, then they would lose all their faces and dignity. The Qi Province competition was well known for its transparency and openness, it was a fair competition. There were several hundreds of thousands of people standing in the Whirling Sun Square now. If the four of them dared to push Jiang Chen back down, then they would throw the crowd into a frenzy, and the Qi Province competition would never be held again.

There was only one expression on Li Wu Ling's face; shock. He could never have imagined this result, he simply couldn't understand how a Mortal Core warrior could be so strong.

After Guo Shan had received the Six Profound Solar Energies skill, his cultivation base had increased exponentially. In just a few days, his cultivation base at the Mid Divine Core realm had completely stabilized.



"Humph! Mu Rong Hao, you must have come here to cause havoc."

The flying magical beast crossed over many different villages and cities under the guise of the pitch dark skies. After a few hours of flying a thousand kilometers above the ground, they finally arrived at Lore City.

"Lord, surely the distribution of the monster cores is too much for me. A quarter of the monster cores here are of the Class 4 level, and there are even two Class 5 Monster Cores. This type of distribution will surely make many people bitter. It's also only reasonable to say that these two Class 5 Monster Cores should be given to the two senior envoys." Despite being tempted by the two Class 5 Monster Cores, Jian Chen knew that there were only three of them, if a single person were to get two of them, then the two envoys would definitely not feel satisfied by such a decision. Class 5 Monster Cores were rare treasures, and Jian Chen had no desire to offend two Earth Saint Masters.

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