Rebirth of an Otaku in Naruto Chapter 2460

Rebirth of an Otaku in Naruto Chapter 2460

"Looks like the situation in the Southern Continent is getting more intense. If my guess is correct, a war has already erupted between the Profound River Palace and the Demon King Palace. We need to leave this place quickly and rush to the Profound River Palace."

Jiang Chen and Guan Yi Yun both walked into the palace's main hall. In front of them, there was a big chair, and a man wearing a white robe sitting on it. He looked to be in his forties. Of course, his real age was definitely more than that.

Just as one mercenary was about to burst out into a smile and say something, Mu Jian had immediately cut him off. Glaring at him, Mu Jian turned back to Jian Chen and cupped his hands together, "I did not think honored one here would be the honored Jian Chen known for his military prowess, this one here is named Mu Jian. To be able to see the elegant and honored Jian Chen, this is truly a blessing enough for three lifetimes."Chapter 152: Indecision

"Radiant Saint Sword!" Jian Chen did not pause in his actions. Just as the Radiant Saint Shield transformed into countless fragments and shot towards the three Heaven Saint Masters, a huge sword around two meters in length immediately condensed in front of him. With a swing of his hand, the giant sword became a white flash, and sped towards another black-clothed assassin.

A terrifying scream was heard from the big yellow dog's mouth followed by a sound of bones cracking. The young man's head had been bitten off by the big yellow dog. Blood poured out from the neck like a fountain, shooting at least one meter far.

"Yes!" Qin Wuming obeyed and walked away to make the orders.

After hearing that the Gesun Kingdom and the Qinhuang Kingdom were related, the news began to spread farther and farther away. Even the kingdoms countless of kilometers away heard the news and dispatched several envoys to come congratulate the Gesun Kingdom.

Wu Cong came toward him with incredible speed. In just the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Jiang Chen. Behind him was the men from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, they were here as well with extreme anger. They were looking to kill Jiang Chen on the spot.

Although they had the superiority in numbers, they desperately wanted the Ruler Armament. At such a crucial moment, they didn't want another mishap to happen. In the case that they could take hold of the Ruler Armament, then they would have nothing to fear. Within the Gathering of the Mercenaries, no man would be able to threaten them if they were to use the Ruler Armament.


Yan Yang looked at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen said in an indifferent one. He turned around and looked at Tian Yishan and the few other men who were laying on the floor, including Guan Yiyun. All of them had suffered severe injuries. But luckily, the poison in their bodies had been completely absorbed by Jiang Chen, which saved them from instant death.

But the countless pieces of debris sliced through their Saint Force like butter before continuing onward to the five Heaven Saint Masters.

Duo Kang had not yet fully stabilized his footing after the cheetah had sent him flying backward, so it was hard for him to attack the beast with the same strength as before. Helplessly, he could only bring his sword across his body to protect himself against the claws.

"Mother, your child is not afraid of the Hua Yun Sect." Jian chen explained. Being at home warmed his heart and made him feel like a child again, almost forgetting about the troubles from the outside.

"This one greets the lord!"

The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was definitely not a kingdom the Gesun Kingdom could afford to anger.

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