ThIs PrOjEcT iS rEvIsEd Chapter 2994

ThIs PrOjEcT iS rEvIsEd Chapter 2994

"The Arch-Emperor has the aura of the founding ancestor!!"

White Crane Spreads Its Wings!

When Lady Duanmu heard what Qing Shui said, she wasn't really surprised by it. On the contrary, she smiled gently and explained patiently: "There are too many powerful sects in Central Continent. It's not something that can be counted, they exist in every country. Within the eighty-one cities, there will inevitably be a few that are particularly strong. For example, the Buddha Sect, the Demon Gate, the Tang Manor, the Dragon Emperor Mountain, Sky City and Moon City¡­¡­"

AST 852 - Leveled Up Nine Continents Steps, Arriving At Eastern Victory Divine Continent

Qing Shui did not even move a muscle, his hands were clenched into fists, pointedly guarding against the area where he had sensed the gaze was. He did not dare to move about carelessly, or underestimate his enemy. He knew that if it was a wild beast, the distance of 30m was negligible, it could be crossed in an instant! Based on his current strength and the pebbles in clutched in his fists, Qing Shui hoped that he would be able to deal with the problem.. He did not know why but his intuition was warning him that the thing hidden in the trees was extremely powerful.

Deadfall, Daoist Heavenspan, and Prince Ur-Demon were visibly taken aback. Aware that a critical juncture had arrived, they bit their tongues and spat out blood, drawing even more deeply on their cultivation bases to add power to the spell formation, and hopefully stabilize it.

"I'm here today because I wanted to gift you something. I need to leave here and would only be back after a long time." Qing Shui smiled.

"Who stays in front and behind of the Wuma Clan?"

"I love the River-Defying Sect," he thought, "and I love all of my fellow disciples...." It was with some difficulty that he collected himself and then oh-so-carefully placed the love letter into his bag of holding. With that, he stuck his chin up, flicked his sleeve, and prepared to make a little speech. But then...

The previous four acupoints were all located on the buttocks while the latter four were even more sensitive. Her tensed up body and her soft moan made Qing Shui's hand tremble and land in between her butt crack.

After opening the bottle, he saw there was about ten bean-size pellets, surrounded by an yellowish-orange hue that emitted a clear fragrance.

"I should think of a way to get more Fantasy Pills to them!" Even as he sighed and pondered the issue¡­ all of Saint-Emperor City trembled!

They floated around mindlessly, and apparently, would continue to do so for all eternity as long as no one bothered them. However, if they were disturbed, they would become vicious, and completely intent on gobbling up anything living. Considering the vast number involved, it was only possible to imagine the shocking scene that would play out if that happened.

However, his heart was pounding with even more shock and fear than before.

"Lady and Miss Duanmu. We have bothered you for a long time so we should leave." After staying for almost another month, Qing Shui bid his farewell to Yu Ruyan and Duanmu Lingshuang.

"Senior, why does the Sword Tower organise such tests?" Qing Shui didn't understand. If you were a powerful sect, there shouldn't be any problems attracting disciples. However, the Sword Tower did have very little people. Not only that, if you won, they would still gift a precious treasure to you. What exactly were they planning?

"For now, I'll have to forget about my Undying Bones. The most important thing right now is my research into fifteen-colored flame¡­." Obviously, the best way to keep improving his cultivation base was by working hard with multi-colored flame. Up to now, he had already done plenty of research into fifteen-colored flame, but there were still many aspects of the formula that he didn't understand.

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