Knight Kings : 1st Encounter Chapter 1896

Knight Kings : 1st Encounter Chapter 1896

Just as Jian Chen had entered the auction house, a female worker had called out to him sweetly.

"Chen Gege, when are you coming back? Little Yu can't hold on much longer."

The only thing he could sense within the caravans was merely the breathing of a person, other than that, there was nothing.

Sounds of crackling could occasionally be heard from the small campfire lighting up the cave. Jian Chen lay powerless on the ground with a pale face. First, he had been hurt by the girl's arrows and then fought in a battle with her. Then, before his body had even healed from his wounds, he had been smashed deep into the ground by the giant iron seal. This had caused more damage to his body then he was used to, and had even threatened his life. Right now his entire body was crushed and damaged to a large extent. If a regular Earth Saint Master were to be hit by the Seal of Treasure Mountain, then they would've died for sure.

Luo Yun, who was standing next to Luo Jian, shouted, "How dare you, Changyang Xiang Tian. What kind of status do you have to dare to use that kind of tone to talk to my clan's lord? Do you want to get kicked out of this academy?"

"Hmph!" Cheng Mingxiang sneered. Smashing his fist against Changyang Hu's face, he immediately slammed him to the ground once more. "Will you speak or not?"

Big Yellow couldn't help but curse.

"All of us from the Nangong family will never forget the kindness nephew Jiang Chen has shown us."

"Daddy's name is Nangong Wentian! I don't know who the Myriad Sword Sect is, but this Chen Jiang is my friend, and I won't let you kill my friend!"

"This is a Nine Solar Lightning Dragon Pill. I concocted it while facing Heavenly Tribulation. I suppose great master has heard of it before. Using my blood and this pill, I'm sure I can make Big Yellow leave his state of suspended animation. Although he won't awaken any time soon, I can guarantee that no accidents will befall him."

Wang Ting whispered.

Seeing Jian Chen actually give a Ruler Armament which was treasured by Saint Rulers in such a magnanimous fashion, Nubis was deeply moved. He smiled, "I'm not used to using this thing. Also, I am a Silver Striped Golden Snake, a beast of antiquity. My strength in battle itself is already extremely powerful, so I don't need to use anything else. You should keep that thing. Don't forget that there's a huge group of people under you. When the time is right, giving it to them is pretty good too. It'll strengthen your Flame Mercenaries."

Jiang Chen waved his hand, signaling for everyone to stop the discussion.

"Yeah, Jian Chen, this type of talk shouldn't be said so casually. If you can't make sure of this in the future, then it's best to not joke about it." Hudolf reprimanded.

"Hmph! The woman that I, the Crown Prince desire, will always be mine! Who is that Jiang Chen anyway? A girl with outstanding beauty like Yan Chenyu should only be mine! How dare she reject me like this? When I finally get her on my bed, I'll definitely let her taste my strength!"

Instead of running, Jian Chen's face darkened as he said in a low voice, "Big brother, who in the world beat you to such a state?" The suppressed rage in his tone could've been identified by anyone.

What was even more pitiful was that he even felt some hatred towards Big Yellow, but he still had to pray that Big Yellow would live forever. The reason for this was because once Big Yellow died, the Divine Sense Seed in his mind would explode, killing him as well.

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