I was mistaken for being gay and ended up in a all girls school Chapter 988

I was mistaken for being gay and ended up in a all girls school Chapter 988

Nodding his head slightly, Mu Zhaye spoke, "Fine, I was wanting to test his strength anyways. I'd like to see just how strong the rumors say the King of Mercenaries is."

The Big Yellow Dog laughed out loud. This mean fellow ran to the dead bodies and used his rock hard feet to crush their skulls. When Big Yellow striked, it would be cruel.

Hearing the sound of footsteps behind her, Huang Luan seemed to have realized that it was Jian Chen from her spot next to the window and whirled around to look expectantly at him. A trail of tears could still be seen on her face in a rather pitiful site.


"Ah! Feeling the deep pain within his chest, Elder Wu gave a miserable cry. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Jian Chen immediately slashed at the elder's neck with his sword.

Jiang Chen was surprised by another good news as well; in the past three days, Big Yellow had broken through to the Mid Divine Core realm. Together with Jiang Chen, this group of men could sweep across the entire Inferno Hell without much resistance.

"His future achievements will be limitless! From now on, the Yu family will submit to young master Jiang, we will follow him and obey all his commands!"

"I'm afraid to disappoint the princess, but my Huang family is affiliated with no kingdom. We live in the mountains and rarely encounter the surrounding kingdoms or any other family that might share our surname." Huang Luan replied.

"This Jian Chen is far too hard working at his cultivation. It has been half a month already, and he only comes out every three days or so to eat a meal. I don't know how he has managed to endure this, but it's been four days this time and he hasn't stepped out of his room even once. Ai, I'm worried he worked himself into an illness." Fang Hui looked at the closed door to Jian Chen's room with a look of worry on her face.

Unable to preserve his calm composure, a tremendous aura exploded forth from Bi Hai's body and solidified the area around him so that Jian Chen felt himself unable to move a hand or foot in any direction.

"Crap, the captain has been captured!" From not too far away, one of the Black Armors in charge of protecting the king cried out in shock.


Jian Chen slowly descended toward the bottom of the valley. Tian Xuzi had said that the cave would be at the bottom of the valley with its exact position hidden in a way that would be hard to detect.

"Damn you, you're just a guard, but you're still so arrogant?! Let your father show you how I bite you to death!"

The power of this second Fudo Seal was much greater than the first one, and the Seventh Grade Devil King was completely unable to defend against it. It was sent flying straightaway, and the scales on its body were sent flying all over the place, accompanied by its blood. Tyrant didn't stop there, he once again leapt forward and launched another attack. If he kept fighting like this, it wouldn't take much time before the Devil King was killed by him.

Tian Yishan walked up to Guan Yiyun and hurriedly broke the iron chains on his body, then he helped him down.

Looking at them, an uncontrollable anger immediately exploded within Jiang Chen's body. From their wounds, he could easily tell what their opponents had done to them. It required some really cruel and brutal methods to make a Late Mortal Core warrior lose his ability to move.

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