Seizing Dreams Chapter 2701

Seizing Dreams Chapter 2701

The Black Swamp Serpent cursed. He was startled by Big Yellow, and he had started to look at him seriously.

Yin Ren was screaming like a pig being slaughtered. He wanted to touch the chopsticks in his eyes with his hands, but he didn't dare do so. The intense pain had made his body cramp up, and he could only scream in hopes of releasing the pain.

When Zhan Tian heard Ming Dong's name, his mind found it rather familiar as if he had heard it before. However, he paid it no mind since he had to greet the guests. Thus, he put the thought away for the time being. Putting up an amiable smile, he began to escort the group in, "Haha, please come in. We can talk inside."

With five Heaven Saint Masters against him, Jian Chen didn't dare be lazy either and resolved to use the Origin energy of the sword spirits. A beam of azure and violet light immediately shot forth from his right palm and formed a single blade.

"That's right, this is the first round of the Qi Province competition! Tomorrow, the four big sects will each send a Late Heavenly Core warrior and position them on top of that stairway. They will then unleash their aura and spiritual pressure. The disciples participating in the competition will need to climb up from the bottom to the top, and the higher they go, the more pressure they will face. Finally, the first 30 disciples to reach the top will be chosen to participate in the second round of the competition."

Looking down to see the city, Jian Chen asked, "Chang Bai, you should just drop me off here."

Actually, with the Great Saint Laws mixed in with this Skymend Formation, it was impossible for even a Combat King warrior to break it so easily. However, when Jiang Chen was constructing the formation, he purposely left behind a loophole. He channeled all the power of the formation into the other side of the crack, preventing the violent energy and Dimension Creatures from escaping. He didn't put any defense on the outer side, so even an ordinary Combat Soul warrior would be able to break it from the outside with ease. That's why the Imperial Emperor could rip it apart so easily.

Afterward, the ten Heaven Saint Masters brought the king and Bi Dao into the sky, leaving thousands of the Black Armors and the heavily injured Ye Ming to watch in agony as the group of now twelve flew away.

There weren't any trees or grass in the cave, and aside from the illusion array and the wooden house, there was absolutely nothing else. From this, it could be inferred that the owner of the cave did not care for the environment and instead, only cared for the sake of his own cultivation.

Even more relieving for Niu Er was the fact that Jiang Chen hadn't asked his name in order to complain to the young palace chief.


Jiang Chen awakened and realized that his mind had temporarily gone wandering just now.

Within the Blood Banner, Jiang Chen could clearly sense the changes within the banner. The feeling of it being controlled by someone else had disappeared. With Jiang Chen's experience, he immediately realized that Big Yellow had succeeded, he had completely cut the connection between the banner and Lord Blood Moon.

However, they did still have some bargaining chips in their hands. Yu Zihan and the other men's families were still in the control of both superpowers, and they might be of good use during the final moments of this upcoming battle.

"Changyang Xiangtian is a genius from the heavens with unlimited potential. His future prospects truly cannot be measured, may be the only source of hope that Gesun Kingdom has ever had in the last few hundred years. For this reason, Changyang Xiangtian must be protected at all costs. Although we cannot guarantee his future achievements will go smoothly,we cannot allow him to get involved in an accident within our Gesun Kingdom." The emperor spoke with a hard face.

As for Qin Ji, he had personally seen Jian Chen's amazing prowess with his own eyes before. His mind had already thought of Jian Chen to be stronger than what his own words could say.

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