The graveyard shift Chapter 2831

The graveyard shift Chapter 2831

Of course, he knew that he would be one of the main targets on the battlefield, and had actually waited for someone to try to plot against him. Just when he was being picked on, that was when he chose to fight back with vicious force.

However, even as Duke Deathcrier flew out to intercept the six heavenly marquises, a sigh could be heard from the giant ghost statue's other hand.

The two cultivators immediately got nervous, and at the same time, felt ill premonitions about what was to come. They exchanged a quick glance, but knowing that they had no choice in the matter, they both nodded and asked what they were supposed to do.

Just a little bit more!

"This isn't my fault, Giant Ghost King. You screw me over? Well don't blame me for screwing you right back. Furthermore, Lord Bai is going to take this opportunity to cultivate his Undying Bones!" Although there were some flaws to his plan, Bai Xiaochun knew that he couldn't account for every possibility. However, he was certain that his overall strategy was perfect.

Qing Shui's Frosted Iron Balls, that had been tempered with poison, were just enough to kill a man of such strength. If he hadn't weakened their powers from the beginning, the hidden weapon technique Twin Dragon Explosion would not yield the result he had expected.

The guy had pretty good potential and the same went for the lady. However, Qing Shui could sense, through his Heavenly Vision Technique, that the martial technique the lady cultivated was Yin in nature and was one that replenished one's Yin energy through Yang energy, slightly better than a martial technique which required her to absorb Yang energy from the male during sexual intercourse. This martial technique would require her to absorb the Yang energy from guys, turn the energy into Yin energy and from there, raise her cultivation level.

"Oh, I was just joking, I have one already, I just did not expect the young miss to be so petty, and could not bear to give it up." Qing Shui said clearly as he carried Qing Yin, who had run over.

Plowing through the thick layers of snow, they headed for the pavilion building.

However, just when he was about to walk out of the cell, Lu Shiyou shouted madly, "Fellow Daoist Bai, wait! I... I want another one of those medicinal pills!! I'm... I'm almost there! Almost! Just give me another one, alright...?"?

Qing Shui's footwork was very fast and profound. As Mu Qing followed Qing Shui, she felt that the pressure was getting increasingly weaker. The Big Dipper Sword in Qing Shui's hand also quickly blocked the people who attacked and pushed them back.

If this was the case, he had the confidence. Although his enhanced powers couldn't be unleashed, his endurance was very strong.

Qing Shui nearly choked when he heard what the elderly man was saying. He had the nerve to play the victim role in this situation while trying to be the bigger person in this conversation. He was trying to twist the truth and make Qing Shui out as the public's biggest enemy.

A 50 meters long, 20 meters tall huge demonic beast, its weight would be in the hundred thousands of Jin. Falling from that height in addition to the increased speed would result in an extremely horrifying impact.

AST 929 - Wedding, She Is The Mistress of Silken Web Ridge

It was impossible to say how the bridge had been built, but it seemed to have been formed by countless bolts of lightning merged together in shocking fashion.


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