My Beautiful Princess: the woman with a lot of secret Chapter 1868

My Beautiful Princess: the woman with a lot of secret Chapter 1868

The single input raised a flood of responses. As the student finished speaking, more and more cries of protest rang out. Jian Chen's nearly 100 Class 1 Monster Cores had already made many people jealous, and had made them feel that it was unfair. Now that he had taken out 118 Class 2 Monster Cores, which was an amount even greater than his Class 1 Monster Cores, the students were no longer able to accept it.

"It's been half an hour!"

After hearing what the two men said, the trio finally calmed down from their impulsive states. Although they were still panicking, they knew that Han Yan and Wu Lang's words were true. With their current cultivation, going to the Qi Province would be no different than throwing their lives away.

A cold glint flickered within her eyes. Without hesitating, she simply unleashed an icy sword and threw it at the Crown Prince's back.

Jiang Chen struck his chest as he spoke.

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Jiang Chen felt incredibly angry right now. This hatred towards him came from nowhere, and although he had the intelligence and experience of a Saint, he couldn't guess why this grandfather and grandson duo wanted to kill him.

"You can't get it?Try your best and get me one, it must be the soul of a Tiger Demon."

The two men were Saint Masters in strength, meaning they were ants in the eyes of a Heaven Saint Master like Jian Chen. They simply had no strength and could only be blasted ten meters back with a trail of blood escaping their mouths.

Jiang Chen was a brilliant man, something that could attract Daoist Black's attention and was related to Jiang Chen, it must be something related to Nanbei Chao.

The Energy Spring Water was like a clear and refreshing stream that flowed around within Jiang Chen's body. With help from the Dragon Transformation skill, all the energy was digested and used to condense new Dragon Marks.

Jiang Chen murmured. He was very confident in Han Yan's current combat strength. With the full awakening of the Ancient Divine Devil bloodline, Han Yan must have awakened his powerful innate ability, or perhaps even inherited the Earth Devil's powerful innate ability.

"The Unrivalled Iron Fan!"

"But, only the young master can produce Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness.There's a very high demand for Restoration Pills in Fragrant Sky city, especially for those big families££Young master alone won't be able to fulfill the demand."


"My sister-in-law is really as beautiful as a fair. Brother Jiang, Lord Jiu has learned about everything regarding you, he specifically sent me here with some herbs; we hope these can help sister-in-law."

TL Note: Both children have the same sounding name in chinese.

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