Black Jade Chapter 1547

Black Jade Chapter 1547

"Spare you?"

Within the Eight Great Powers, the Imperial Advisors of the Qinhuang Kingdom were especially amazing. Only those with an outstanding talent within their generation would be able to become one, and they were formidable opponents to those within the same level of strength. Furthermore, each one had at least a single Heaven Tier Battle Skill, meaning their level of military might was beyond the Heaven Saint Masters gathered here.

"No wonder that young man behaved so arrogantly, it is all because he has that demon lord following him! But, by killing a disciple of the Green Sanctuary Sect, this thing is going to become huge! No rogue cultivator has ever publicly killed a disciple of the Green Sanctuary Sect in the Qian Province before, even worse is that this place is the Misty Mountain!"

His voice immediately caused everyone to throw their glances toward the source. What they saw was two golden trails of light shooting toward them at an incredible speed, and in the blink of an eye, they arrived at the outer perimeter of the Fragrant Sky City. One of these two was a handsome young man dressed in white clothes, and the other one was a big yellow dog that looks as big as a bull. A combination like this was truly unique underneath the heavens.

Looking at what was happening, the leading black crow let out a shrill cry once again. Immediately, all the other black crows, as if they had received a command, threw themselves at Jiang Chen without considered their own safety.

The First Grade Combat King took a deep breath, then came up to Jiang Chen and said, "I'm willing to hand over all my treasures. Can you spare my life?"

"Haha, Luan Er, don't even think about the two old men. They will be dealt with as well." The five men were quickly approaching with the youth still laughing.

And so the doubt in everyone's heart gradually began to melt away.

Although this wasn't a fatal attack, Zhou Yun's face was suddenly wet with perspiration as it went pale with shock. "What a fast sword! It was so fast, I was almost too slow to dodge it!"

"Master is cultivating behind closed doors; no one is allowed to disturb him."

"Alright, Old Black, let me ask you, from now on, are you willing to completely surrender to my side?"

Seeing that Jian Chen wasn't talking, the middle aged man spoke out loud, "My fellow brothers, attack with me! If we kill him, not only will our dead comrades be avenged, but that Silver Striped Golden Snake will be ours! If we can take that Silver Striped Golden Snake, then we will no longer have to risk our lives in the Magical Beast Mountain Range in order to earn a profit!"

"Is this the Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master Qin Ji told me about?" Jian Chen thought. Knowing who Xiao Tian was was completely different from actually meeting him. After seeing him just once however, Jian Chen had a feeling that Xiao Tian was an extremely righteous person.

Experts from all over had rushed to this location the moment they heard a battle taking place at the Changyang clan. They began to observe the intense battle from far away with absolute shock. In the golden age of the Gesun Kingdom, they had no more than ten Heaven Saint Masters. With Chang Wuji now as the eleventh, they were at a number that was greater than the amount of Heaven Saint Masters in their golden age.


However, just when the man's thought approached the book, the seal immediately recovered, glowing with a dazzling white light to block the man's thought.

Jiang Wei was fast, but Jiang Chen was faster. Although Jiang Wei had hidden his movement, there was no way he could hide from Jiang Chen's eagle eyes. With lightning fast speed, Jiang Chen grabbed the poison needle with two fingers.

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