Game of Will Chapter 400

Game of Will Chapter 400


Nature Energy!

Only now did Qing Shui feel that these were worthy to be called the White Tiger Stones, deserving of the spiritual Qi in them. Qing Shui lovingly played around with these White Tiger Stones which felt like white jade.

Subconsciously, he reached down and rubbed the place on his arm where the jagged edge of his broken arm bone had poked out of the flesh. The wound had long since healed, but every time he touched that spot, he thought about how he'd stabbed Crown Prince Chen Heng in the neck with his own shattered bone.

"Now now, hold that temper of yours! If you don't have enough, I'm sure this new customer of yours wouldn't mind giving you an advance on your services." The orange-robed cultivator looked at Bai Xiaochun with a false smile, his eyes lingering on his numerous glowing magical treasures. Despite his greed, though, he didn't dare to push things too far. He could tell that Bai Xiaochun most likely had an impressive background. However, trying to get a few hundred merit points out of him wouldn't be too excessive.

He slowly placed his hands on her shoulders. His hands trembled involuntarily when he touched her silky skin. He might have already had enough beautiful women to last him a lifetime, but it was to be expected that he could not curb his reaction to yet another beautiful woman.

"Open up trade between Mistysea Prefecture and the other northern prefectures. Not only will it increase your overall power, it will also benefit you financially. Furthermore, you can be the sole agent for Mistysea Prefecture in the rest of the Vile-Emperor Dynasty! You would essentially control all spirit enhancement outside of the Saint-Emperor Dynasty!

It wasn't a matter of strength in arms, but of position and standing. There were 108 heavenly marquises in the Arch-Emperor Dynasty, and for the inspections commissioner to visit one with such brazen audacity spoke volumes about the Grand Heavenmaster's stance.

Old Man Wan didn't feel anything from the shouts and chidings coming from the ground. He looked at Qing Shui and smiled, "Young man, it's important to think before you speak. Don't you think that what you've just said is very funny?"

"Sister, you're already Misty Hall's Palace Mistress and Sister Jiange is also Heavenly Palace's Guardian." Huoyun Liu-Li chuckled and said to Canghai Mingyue.

"You don't have to worry about the Wang Clan looking to exact revenge on you, that would be impossible. Furthermore, do you even have to be worried? With your age and cultivation, people will fear you in the future, who would ever dare to stir up trouble with you?" The old man could see that Qing Shui was hesitating.

"To hell with it! Qing Shui!" Huoyun Liu-li spat.?

"A few years ago, an extremely rare opportunity presented itself!

"Alright, go look for her at Zhu Qing Peak. That lass also misses you!"

The rest also quickly raised their cups and took a drink.

He sorts out two ores, both of which satisfy Qing Shui, it's just that one of them is Earth attribute, the other one is Metal attribute. Earth attribute increases heaviness and stamina, while Metal attribute would increases sharpness, but more likely to break.

There was a sign on the door that had three simple words on it: Spirit Enhancement Shop.

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