Lustfull Aura Chapter 120

Lustfull Aura Chapter 120

The instant the Big Dipper Sword touched Song Lang, Qing Shui saw a cruel smile creeping up Song Lang's face, and there was even arrogance in that smile!

These members were welcomed into the large hall of the Mu Clan, this time for the banquet that only close friends and family were allowed to join. After watching Qing Shui's performance today, they knew what they should do next - form an alliance with one another.

"I am slightly older than him."

"Let's go back to the private room!"

When it happened, his fleshly body power erupted with explosive force. He instantly surpassed the fleshly body limit of Qi Condensation cultivators, and entered Foundation Establishment!

When Bai Xiaochun heard Gu Tianjun's words, he realized that they made sense. Therefore, he sent some of the sand giants charging back toward Sima Yunhua.

"Look! What a big demonic beast!" A martial art practitioner shouted out, astonished.

The ¡®Sky Platform' was the place where big carriages and flying beasts transited. Since it was too crowded in other places and it was very easy to cause a traffic jam, this place was built specially for parking big carriages and flying beasts.

"Alright. Qing Shui, thank you." the man thanked him with a faint smile.

Du Lingfei nodded in response. All she could tell at the moment was that the fluctuations were coming from some distance away. There was no way for her to tell any detailed information about what was happening. Without putting much more thought into the matter, she proceeded along deeper into the plain.


Suddenly, everything went quiet. Everyone was looking at the enormous Blood Ancestor, shock written across their faces as they tried to determine if it even had any weaknesses.

"I guess I haven't killed enough people since coming to Arch-Emperor City," Bai Xiaochun said in a fierce and brutal tone. "Well, since you and your friends decided to attack me personally¡­. Then not only will I kill your son¡­ I'm going to kill you too!"

Lower Grade One Martial Emperor demonic beasts were active within the area 100,000 li from their 300,000 li boundary. Whereas 500,000 li from where they were, there were demonic beasts which were more powerful than it. This was the information that he got from his Five-Headed Demonic Spider.

"Qing Shui, I really want to go back. Don't worry about me. I really miss home. If we are in love, this short separation won't mean anything. I'll find you." After thinking, Di Qing raised her head slightly and looked at Qing Shui.

"Everything I do is for this world and the people who live in it. And also, for my true self¡­ the first generation Arch-Emperor!

A Three-Headed Dark Flame Python hissed, its body pounced towards Qing Shui in a flash. That huge body spat out a dense black fog, the terrifying atmosphere caused one's scalp to go numb. That fog had an intense corrosive effect, for this kind of corrosive poison, the stronger its effect, the more fear it inspired. Even some mystical items were unable to withstand soaking in it for an extended period of time, no need to even mention the results it produced then it got in contact with flesh and blood.

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