Otaku Card System Chapter 1841

Otaku Card System Chapter 1841

Jiang Chen mockingly said to the Demon King. He could tell with a single look that this Demon King had been trapped in this place for very long, causing its state of mind to nearly collapse. So, upon seeing a newcomer, it couldn't help but want to tease him.

Just as Jian Chen was barely able to control his breathing, suddenly the azure and violet glows of light within his dantian suddenly emerged from his body in the form of two glows of light around his head. They looked to be the two handles of a sword that were currently stabbing into his head.

Jiang Zhen Hai asked with a frown on his face.

Seeing the Golden Fur Tiger King retreat, Cross let loose a sigh of relief. At this moment, his heart was pounding, and if anyone were to stand behind him, they would be able to clearly hear it. In this moment of desperation, Cross was nearly at the end of the road of life. However, he was rejoicing now because he had succeeded. Yet at the same time, it was far too early to rejoice, since while the Golden Fur Tiger King was temporarily held back due to the cub, the Class 4 Tiger behind was not. There was no way for Cross to make the Class 4 Tiger retreat, but he had to make sure he didn't do anything hasty; otherwise it would lead to an unwanted ending.

But there had been no leaks of the information at all in regards to the tungsten alloy. Aside from Jian Chen's group, only the seven leaders and their men had known about it. The excavators had all their storage items confiscated during their time in the mines in order to prevent news or evidence from being spread. Even their movements had been limited to only ten meters beyond the mines.

Jiang Chen let out an emotion-filled sigh. He had waited for this day for a long time; waited to become a Combat King. It meant that he had stepped onto a higher platform in his road of cultivation, it also meant that the Combat Emperor realm was no longer far ahead of him. Soon, he would be able to break through to the Saint realm, returning to the pinnacle of his previous life.

"Come out now!"

After digestion all the information, Daoist Black became stunned. Jiang Chen really killed a peak Mid Divine Core Firethorn Savage, and he even obtained its demon soul. If Guo Shan hadn't told him this personally, Daoist Black would have never believed it at all.

With a icy glare of his own, the elder took out his own Saint Weapon to block Ye Ming.

Han Yan clearly felt the hostile gazes from Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong. Besides these two men, there was another pair of eyes filled with hostility looking at them; it was Mao Sheng from the Qingyi Sect.

Just as Jian Chen was crossing by a garden, the sweet melody of a zither being played could be heard in a nearby pavilion. Almost as if the song had an enchanting ability, the moment anyone heard this melody would feel as if their heart strings were resonating along with the zither.

Big Yellow's eyes lit up.

As soon as Jian Chen finished speaking, curses immediately arose from the surroundings. The surrounding bandits all swore aloud as they stared at him maliciously. What Jian Chen had said had completely enraged the ill-tempered and arrogant bandits. If it were not for the presence of the boss, perhaps they would have already rushed at Jian Chen like a swarm of bees to slaughter him.

Translated by XianXiaWorldChapter 176 Ă¿ The Powerful Firethorn Savage

"Ai££" Watching Jian Chen leave, Changyang Ba's face clearly had a look of extreme disappointment. He had placed high hopes on Jian Chen before, but as the expectations were very high, so was the later disappointment. With this result in the end, his fourth son Xiang Tian was merely a cripple.

Zhou Bei Zhen and the skinny old man sat down beside him, while Jiang Cheng stood behind Jiang Chen, like a loyal bodyguard.

"Kill me if you will. The losers are always in the wrong. Being defeated by you, I have no complaints."

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