Dragon is Soul Chapter 2304

Dragon is Soul Chapter 2304


The middle aged man looked to be around 40 years old and wore a cyan colored robe. However, to Jian Chen's sharp eyes, this robe was made of coarse material and so was categorized as a cheap cloth. With his short black hair, there was nothing about him that stood outÿeven his good natured smile wasn't a fake one.

Over three hundred me, all of them from different backgrounds. No matter where they came from, the Martial Saint Dynasty, Shangguan Clan, or Myriad Sword Sect; all of these people were supreme existences. During normal times, any one of the people would be arrogant and proud of themselves, and they would show off no matter where they went.

Nangong Wentian and Han Yan were doing the same at the same time.

Even with those words, the third eldest still hesitated for some time before replying, "Fine then. Second brother, I will go block Wu Yun, but you all must immediately come to help me."

"You even dare to make a fool of yourself with mere Earth Tier Battle Skills!" A sliver of disdain appeared on Jian Chen's face. He slowly unfolded his hands from his chest and called out, "Radiant Saint Sword! Radiant Saint Shield!"

"I've been wasting my life for so long££"

A coughing sound could be heard from the figure that Xiao Tian had downed. Struggling to get back up to his feet, the individual gave a frightened look to Xiao Tian.

The Crown Prince was extremely aggressive, and he had arrived at the perfect time, as if everything had been carefully planned. This was clearly a trap for Wu Jiu. The Crown Prince was a clever man, and he knew what the Imperial Emperor was thinking. In order to get rid of Wu Jiu, all he needed was just an excuse.

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. His words were in fact true. He was the young City Lord of the Fragrant Sky City.Chapter 490 ÿ Benefactor

"If that's the case, then we may as well disband the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Split up the territory of the kingdom before bestowing it to the more powerful clans and sects on the condition of them swearing an oath of loyalty to the Qinhuang Kingdom and become a vassal. This will simultaneously avoid any internal struggle and ward off any attempt of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger seizing control of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom." The princess You Yue was far more used to these matters than Jian Chen, so she was easily able to find a decent enough plan.

Elder He Mu didn't bother to answer the other elder and instead looked at Jian Chen with a sneer, "Wu Yun, this change in your appearance is truly massive. To a point that not a single one of us could recognize you, but no matter how much you change your appearance, you cannot escape my Spirit Snake's sense of smell."

Jiang Chen glared at the Crown Prince.

"You're right young lord Lee, but that Jiang Chen is really a serious threat.We must get rid of him as soon as possible!"

It was very difficult for Shangguan Sheng to find out where Big Yellow was, but for Han Yan and the others, it was extremely easy, as it all depended on whether or not Big Yellow wanted to be found. After sensing the auras of these four men, Big Yellow revealed himself.

There had been plenty of antidote within the bottle for everyone to have some. Even better, more than half of the bottle remained, contradicting the words that the One-armed Warrior had said earlier about there being a limited supply.

Jian Chen and Kai Er walked to the front gates of the courtyard where the both of them could see the five captains standing with a large group behind them. Not a single guard by the gates had a happy expression while staring at them.

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