Evil New Wife Seduces Hubby Chapter 2990

Evil New Wife Seduces Hubby Chapter 2990

"Damn it, kill this old swindler! This is ridiculous, I really wish I can leave a shoe mark on his old face!"

Right now, they just found another dead body in front of them. The warrior's head had exploded, and the blood on the ground had dried up.

Jian Chen's eyebrows flew up, "It seems that if we wish to find his position, we have to find out from the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger himself."

However, Jiang Chen's warning had frightened Liu Kui. He had already witnessed how brutal Jiang Chen was, therefore he dared not neglect Jiang Chen's words. Right now, he only wished that Yang Shuo could kill Jiang Chen. If that happened, not only would his life be spared, he would also have the chance to torture Tian Yishan and the other men.

"Eldest brother, you can't"

The amazement in Jian Chen's eyes had grown even more noticeable as he observed Tie Ta. This ordinary-looking punch from Tie Ta seemed as if it carried some sort of secret. A secret capable of making the sounds of thunder follow his fist while only being a Great Saint Master.

"Of course it's true. I came from that place last night, a large group of people have already gathered there. Practically everyone is a Great Saint Master with just a few Earth Saint Master. Do you think this is false?" The second mercenary spoke with a face that made it seem unlikely to be untruthful.

Everyone raised their heads to gaze at the huge beam that shone brightly in the dark sky. The energy leaking out from this huge beam caused the air to twist and vibrate, as if the sky was going to shatter because of this vast amount of energy.

With all six heavenly resources eaten, the cub laxed itself onto the bed in content and closed its eyes in order to fall back asleep.

"Fourth master, please place a hand on the Saint Stone." De Shu smiled.


"Hmph, a tiny soldier is actually blocking the path of a prince? How preposterous is that?" The prince grew furious and waved a hand, "Charge in! If there's anyone that obstructs your way, give them no mercy."

Yang Shuo's blood curdling screeches became even more plaintive, and it send shivers down the spines of the ones listening. He was trapped by the scorching flame, and underneath the True Dragon Palm's pressure, he couldn't even move a tiny bit, let alone struggle. All he could do was quietly wait for the flames to burn him to death.

Afterward, Jian Chen followed the king of the Dazhou Kingdom out to where the Space Gate was. The Space Gate had an array overlaid onto it and had a mysterious and complex magic to it.

As if taunting them, Jian Chen began to laugh out loud. At the same time, the grand elder had already drawn close to Jian Chen and tried to stab in between Jian Chen's eyes with his water attributed Saint Force.

Right now the day was already noon so the restaurant was full of people. A group of sturdy looking people sat near him and talked loudly over their meals.

Nangong Wentian spoke with the same tone Nangong Wenyen used to speak to him just now. At the same time, there was a mocking expression on his face.

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