The Incarnate of Power: Abomination Chapter 902

The Incarnate of Power: Abomination Chapter 902

Swallowing the pill that had been thrown into his mouth, the man's face began to improve as he felt the effects of the pill. "This££ this is a Radiant Spirit Pill!" In his shock, the middle aged man immediately cupped his hands in gratitude toward Jian Chen, "This one thanks my lord, our Lanming clan will definitely thank you."

Still completely intoxicated with the damaged parts of their Saint Weapons, the Heaven Saint Masters hadn't even realized what was happening underneath them. Caught off guard, their bodies were riddled with holes, causing them to cough out copious amounts of blood.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. He could understand the situation here. There were no rules in Inferno Hell, and the most important thing here was strength and ability. Without it, one would be nothing but prey to the strong. Although Inferno City could help a person escape from the attacks of demons and devils, it couldn't help them escape from conflicts between humans.

The Saint Ruler was not angered. It seemed that he had predicted this outcome and patiently explained, "Jian Chen, consider this deal for a while. Although you may be the strongest of all beneath Saint Rulers with that energy, you are still a weak little ant in front of a Saint Ruler. To exchange the mystery that is that energy for a shortcut to become a Saint Ruler does not negatively impact you."

Afterwards, the ancestors of the various clans all left the ferry with their own clan members one by one. Soon, there was no one left on the deck of the ferry at all.

"Now you know."

The old man stopped his attack and asked loudly.

Qin Yunlong traveled through the imperial palace, and with each step he took, he traveled a few dozen meters. In a flash, he arrived at the other Qin Heaven Palace.

Coming from within the Changyang Manor, the fourth master's return quickly spread through Lore City. Even the other three major clans within the city heard the news and the leaders of each clan immediately came by bearing congratulatory gifts. Although the Changyang clan was only one of the four strongest clans in Lore City, every single person knew that the Changyang clan was the most revered within the city. This was because they had been here before Lore City was even founded while the other three clans came later.

Lord Blood Moon suddenly let out a loud laugh. His voice was shrill like a woman. With a wave of both his arms, a dark airwave emerged from his body and merged together with the dark clouds above his head, transforming into a frightening huge dark face.

"What a powerful devilish energy! Is senior disciple Han Yan going to awaken now?"


As inhabitants of the Fragrant Sky City, everyone was grateful toward the Jiang family. All of these people felt thankful toward the Jiang family's young master who was capable of achieving anything. For these people, the Jiang family had given them a new life; their lives had been saved by them. All these people represented the prosperity of the Jiang family, at least in this region. Jiang Chen had a great reputation, and the Jiang family chief, Jiang Zhenhai, he had become like a local emperor to these people.

"According to the Dragon Transformation skill, if I want to reach the Late Mortal Core realm, I will need to form a total of 60 Dragon Marks. Now, I have managed to form 40 of them. The distance to the Late Mortal Core realm is not far away."

After the bandages fell off, it was clear that the wound on Changyang Ke's stomach was nowhere to be seen. Only a small bloody scar remained, but other than that, the wound had ceased to exist.

Big Yellow's face carried an evil smile.


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