Farming For Gold Chapter 1234

Farming For Gold Chapter 1234


News of the fact that the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House was selling two Class 5 Monster Cores had quickly spread throughout Fengyang City like a torrent of rain on the roofs of every household. The very instant they heard that the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House selling them, many of the more powerful families had sent out a flying type magical beast to give reports to distant places. Within a mere four hours, everyone within a thousand mile circumference had heard the news.

Jiang Chen's red eyes returned to normal, and he had regained consciousness. He felt lucky in his mind, as he had almost been trapped by Yang Shuo. If not for him entering that strange state of mind in that critical moment, perhaps he would have been killed by Yang Shuo by now.

"Here is merely a guy who has just broken through to the Divine Core realm, and he wants to get first place in the outer circle competition? What about those top ten outer circle disciples who are just a single stop from the Combat Soul realm? Who does he think they are?"

"Mrrr££" The white tiger cub was exceedingly happy and continued to purr into Jian Chen's chest as it rubbed its head against Jian Chen's chin. Its tongue licked at Jian Chen without stop in a clear indication of its joy.

The first floor of the pavilion was a very expansive lounge. Despite it being spotlessly clean, it was vacant and devoid of any single person, but at the end of the lounge was a wooden staircase that led to the second floor.

"This is the first time a Tycoon has been killed in the Freezing Hell Jail, this is incredible!"

Wu Ningzhu said with an indifferent tone.

Of course, Jiang Chen wasn't bothered by it. In his eyes, these ordinary Ice Demons were harmless. The Firethorn Combat Armor was more than enough to kill him. His main focus was the two last Combat Soul Ice Demons.

Jiang Chen was very satisfied with the Tiger Restoration pill he concocted, a Mortal pill could only be concocted by an alchemist who had reached the Mortal Core level, and even then it was very difficult to reach 100%effectiveness.

Before Ka Di Liang could even respond, Jian Chen's fist had already made contact with his back. The force of his punch was so strong, it forced Ka Di Liang to stagger backwards, before falling to his knees.

Wang Yanhong was also extremely curious about why the Bloodsword Sect had come to the Changyang Manor. She wanted to know the answer. Her first guess was that Jian Chen had some connection with the Bloodsword Sect.

Chang Bai exhaled slowly with some minor shock still, "The fourth master is quite the genius. I once held large expectations for the fourth master, but I never would have imagined that after six years, the fourth master would transform into a Heaven Saint Master. Such a talent like this is rarely seen even once every ten thousand years on the continent."

Behind them, Chen Shuang shouted and unleashed a sword beam towards Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. Jiang Chen turned around and attacked the sword beam with his Single Solar Finger, blocking the sword beam.

A Class 5 Monster Core was even stronger in terms of quality and quantity than a Class 4 Monster Core. The moment the energy from the Class 5 Monster Core entered Jian Chen's dantian, his Saint Weapon couldn't handle it anymore and immediately exploded, causing countless of tiny fragments to appear within his dantian.

"Haha, fourth master. We are here because our patriarch wishes to invite you to serve as an honored guest at our Huang family." Elder Feng smiled.

"Sire, I have no idea what great price Wu Yun has offered for you to risk offending my Harido clan, but as long as you don't interfere any longer, my Harido clan will offer you just as much Wu Yun has offered you. There is no worth to making an enemy out of my Harido clan; the ancestor of our clan is on the verge of becoming a Heaven Saint Master and turning our clan into one of the best clans in the Blue Wind Kingdom. Why not exchange our weapons of war for banners of silk instead? We can kill Wu Yun together and plunder the battle skill for both of us." Ankhs cried out. He knew that he wasn't a match for Ming Dong. Therefore, he could only hope to deter and tempt him with the might of the Harido clan so that some fear or greed might take hold in his opponent's heart.

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