Super Dimensional Wizard Chapter 854

Super Dimensional Wizard Chapter 854

Shangguan Ying continued laughing.

Dugu Feng only smile coldly from where he stood. Looking behind Kaizer, he took notice of Jian Chen, Ming Dong, Tie Ta, and You Yue. They had just exited through the VIP entrance.

Even under the collapsed restaurant, a stream of mercenaries crawled out looking disheveled, but they continued to join the other mercenaries.

Jiang Chen didn't show any emotion on his face, but his eyes were actually lighting up. For him, these Evil Devils were merely a pile of tonics, a great wealth. And the more there were, the better. Since he had come to Inferno Hell, he couldn't leave the place with both hands empty; he had to obtain sufficient benefits, and save a huge amount of resources for his future breakthroughs. He had to kill these Evil Devils and take their devil souls to prepare for his future cultivation.

Jiang Chen opened up the storage bag, a shining long sword immediately presented itself to him. Next to the sword was a light-blue storage ring glowing with a faint light, and next to the storage ring was a box made from jade stone. Weak energy waves flowed around the box. Inside the box, was the Earth Fruit.

Big Yellow's expression turned serious.

Wu Jiu patted Xuan Ye's shoulder. He knew that Xuan Ye was very loyal to him, and that there was no way he could chase him away. When he was trapped in Inferno Hell for ten years, Xuan Ye had spent the same amount of time staying there, always looking for him, and Wu Jiu would never forget that. In Wu Jiu's mind, Xuan Ye was no longer his subordinate, but his own brother.

After Jian Chen left, the two youths who had been beaten to the ground by Jian Chen raggedly crawled up from the ground, eyes seething with a poisonous hatred as they bore holes into Jian Chen's back. One of them grumbled in a low voice, "Who is he, to be so strong that even all of us together were far from his match? Is this really a new student who had enrolled this year? How can he be so strong?"

"He has such formidable energy! Although he is only a Peak Divine Core warrior, he just knocked back an Early Combat Soul warrior! He's a rare genius!"

Taking the letter from the maid, the king immediately cut short his conversation with the prime minister of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom and read it.

However, this advantage was simply too strong. When other people started cultivating a combat skill, they would need at least a few months, or perhaps even years before they could understand the key elements within. But for Jiang Chen, it only took him a single read before he understood everything. Besides, when using a combat skill through the Dragon Transformation skill, it would be much stronger than any ordinary skills. Such an advantage was already enough to make one a destined genius without any peers in their generations.

A warrior heard what Han Yan said, and he immediately threw a look of despise at him.

Even if the half a million strong elite soldiers from the Qinhuang Kingdom were to be excluded from the garrisoned troops at Lore City, the Changyang clan had far more Heaven Saint Masters tucked away within it than the entirety of the Gesun Kingdom at its golden age. The fact that a dozen or so Heaven Saint Masters defeated the ones from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was no secret either.

"How impudent! To go against the Xia clan, you must be tired of living!" The second youth roared as he slammed his leg against the guard's stomach.

A smile emerged on Jiang Chen's face. Although it was really difficult to cultivate the Dragon Transformation skill, as it required a massive amount of energy, the energy it brought him was really frightening, and Jiang Chen had proved that with his combat history.

"Frightening! Chief Tian, is this the dog you told us about? How could he be so powerful?!"

The fat old man couldn't help but laugh, the pills were excellent and the crowd was interested. The demand was huge, and they would run out of stock soon. They were guaranteed to make a profit!.

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