Apocalyptic System : apocalypse/dimension travel Chapter 432

Apocalyptic System : apocalypse/dimension travel Chapter 432

Jian Chen had only traveled the Tian Yuan Continent for one or two years, and he had mainly lived in the more isolated cities and towns. However, he was able to answer the majority of the questions Rosco and his wife had while also managing to answer the occasional questions from the children.

By this point, the remaining Heaven Saint Masters had already shot down with their Sword Qi aimed at Jian Chen.

Liang Xiaole looked at where Tie Ta was pointing, and sure enough, she noticed that underneath a large tree nearby, an unknown magical beast had fallen to the ground. One of its legs had already disappeared, and the ground was covered with fresh blood marks.

Seeing these objects, a scene flashed within Jian Chen's mind that caused Jian Chen to instantly be shocked. "This££this is a Magical Crystal Cannon!" Jian Chen had seen what a Magical Crystal Cannon looked like from his time in Wake City so he was not unfamiliar with their looks. Thus when he saw the components wrapped up in these boxes, Jian Chen knew that they were for the construction of a Magical Crystal Cannon.

Yu Zihan didn't say much. After giving out his name, he simply leapt forward and prepared to attack. Guan Yiyun and Tian Yishan followed on both sides. The trio unleashed killing intent all the way into the heavens. They had no words to give to these people from the Shangguan Clan; slaughtering them was the best option.

"Since that's the case, we'll make anyone who tries to rob us run around completely naked. And on the third day, we'll make everyone run around naked!"

As far as Tie Ta was concerned, Jian Chen was not at all surprised that he had made it. However, Jian Chen did not think that Ka Di Liang would unexpectedly make it into the top 4.

The student named Luo Yun nodded his head and spoke with a weak voice, "I'll be fine after a few days of cultivation." Turning around, he asked the other injured student and whispered, "Karl, you can find information around the academy faster than us; find out what that brat's name is then have Master Cheng sort him out!"

Before Big Yellow could finish speaking, he was slapped on his head.

Right now it was already noon. Spreading out his senses, Jian Chen quickly found out where Little Fatty was and soared over to him.

Before Zhou Yun could finish his statement, the large gates to the Zhou Clan's mansion blew open with a great sound before breaking into four different pieces that flew into the courtyard.Chapter 214: The Zhou Clan's Brave Rush

Guan Yiyun saw the light.

The spectators were all certain that this trio would die today. Judging from how this fight has been playing out so far, it was impossible to hope for a miracle now.

Or, put it this way, Jiang Chen had done something that many people dreamt about doing, but lacked the courage to do. Now, as long as they could find and kill Jiang Chen, they would be able to obtain an inestimable wealth.

"As of right now, we've done nothing wrong to him. We simply cannot afford to offend such a genius like him for the sake of a single Class 5 Monster Core. Junior, tomorrow, you will return to Wake City and if possible, become close friends with Jian Chen."

Jiang Chen really wished to ask what happened to Ancestor Greenlotus. However, since Great Master Ran Feng had even hidden it from Tyrant, it must be a painful topic to touch, so he would most likely not tell Jiang Chen either. Perhaps Great Master Ran Feng felt that the time to expose the secret was not right. He was waiting for Tyrant to mature. In fact, with Jiang Chen and Tyrant's current strength, even if they knew the truth, there was nothing they could do, as they were simply too weak.

"Guan Yi Yun, get out of my way! Disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect are not someone who can simply be killed by outsiders!"

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