God of One Piece Chapter 2535

God of One Piece Chapter 2535

"Pch!" Suddenly, Hu Ba let out a mouthful of blood while his face grew pale from the sudden loss. Originally when he fought against Jian Chen, he hadn't been injured, but when his Saint Weapon and the Origin Energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits clashed, his Saint Weapon had been like a piece of tofu. His Saint Weapon had easily been damaged by the Origin Energy, which caused damage to his internal organs.

"But, but, these items are all precious! This is practically my life savings, if I give them up, I will take disastrous losses! Plus, my Space Belt isn't even that big to begin with, so I won't be able to carry much!" Hari cried out bitterly as he looked at the ten broken caravans with a broken heart.

"Indeed. We must have the Imperial Protectors come on over. If we do not take back the prestige we lost, then our Qinhuang Kingdom will have none left to remain on the Tian Yuan Continent, let alone remain as one of the strongest eight." Qin Wujian growled. Although the Sect of Dragon and Tiger was very far away, everyone was extremely angry. None of them were afraid that the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger would hear them.

However, the old man at the late stage of the Qi Hai realm kept staring at Jiang Chen.His instinct told him that this young kid was different.His calm attitude couldn't be faked, and it wasn't something that was normally seen on a young kid either.

The whole audience became silent. Everyone stared at the auction stage, waiting for Xu Neng to bring out the first auction item.

Jian Chen knew that Ruler Armaments were the remnants of a Saint Ruler's Saint Weapon so they contained an unbelievable amount of power. Just a single strike of one would be enough for him to find it difficult to endure.

With a flash of light, Jian Chen arrived on the other side of the Space Gate where a garden filled with sweet smelling flowers could be seen. Fifty meters ahead, two white robed elders were sitting there playing chess.

"Damn it, no matter how strong it is, how can it be compared to you? Even Firethorn Savage couldn't withstand your dog head!"


"One hundred forty thousand purple coins££"

Nan Bei Chao stood in the middle of the Stairway to Heaven's top; obviously, this group was being led by him. He casually raised his hand, then the beating of the war drums immediately stopped.

Jiang Chen gazed at the manager and his group of men with a cold stare. All of them immediately felt a chill down their spines. Although they were all Mortal Core warriors, they couldn't withstand Jiang Chen's gaze. Just a single look from Jiang Chen made their souls tremble; it was as if it was going to be torn to pieces.Chapter 78 Ă¿ The Little Devil King Han Yan

With that command, everyone's expressions changed. No one expected Jiang Chen would go so far. After all, Li Hui was an outer circle Sect Elder. But, not only did Jiang Chen failed to show any respect towards him, he even asked him to get the hell out of here. This was so overbearing, in the few hundred years of history in the Black Sect, there hadn't been a single outer circle disciple who was so domineering.

"We know you're the imperial prince, but still, you have to consider our feelings! Because of these four guys, the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect have both lost countless elite disciples! Prince Wu Lang, you not helping us is no big deal, but not only are you not helping us, you're helping our enemy fight us! In your eyes, in the eyes of the Martial Saint Dynasty, can the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect really not compare with this Jiang Chen?"

Li Hui suddenly felt scared. He was an Early Heavenly Core warrior, but with just one strike, Jiang Chen had completely locked him down, making it so that he couldn't even strike back. This was too frightening. Although he knew that Jiang Chen had previously killed Li Wu Ling; Li Wu Ling had just entered the Heavenly Core realm, and his foundation was unstable, so there was no way the two of them could be compared. Besides, it wasn't easy for Jiang Chen to kill Li Wu Ling, so the only explanation was that Jiang Chen had become stronger than before.

Sensing the wide open jaws of the snake biting towards him, Jian Chen immediately tilted his head to the side to dodge the gaping maw of the beast. Immediately after, his furious footsteps moved him around to the back of the Silver Striped Golden Snake. Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword shined brightly as he swung it down onto the snake's body once more, refusing to believe that it would be ineffective.

"Since all of us are heading to Wake City, you should come with us. There's still a decent ways until Wake City, and the road is still dangerous, one more person is one more person to rely on after all." The sturdy looking man laughed with a friendly expression.

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