the strongest Loner - RE: world of immortals Chapter 2210

the strongest Loner - RE: world of immortals Chapter 2210

"I never thought you would have the guts to come in here with me, kid. Think you're safe because my cultivation base is sealed?

It was during the reign of the ninth-generation Arch-Emperor that Heavenspan rose to prominence. All the lands rebelled, and the rulers of the world changed. The battered and broken survivors of the Arch-Emperor's bloodline fled into the Wildlands, and the sepulchers of the second-generation Arch-Emperor became little more than legend.

As for the first and second spell formations from each mountain peak, they were the strongest, and brimmed with power equivalent to Core Formation!

Successfully refined!

Big Fatty Zhang stood there in the crowd. He glanced at everyone around him, and then looked at the gravestone, and Bai Xiaochun's name. As the rain fell and soaked his clothing, he wept, recalling all of his memories of the past. He thought about how they had eaten the various pilfered spirit treasures, about how they had laughed and joked together, about how they had sold spots in the Outer Sect, and about stealing chickens....

At the same time, a shocking gravitational force sprang up from the white restrictive spell. As it did, the fruit began to rise up toward the vortex created by the spell.

He would only have himself to blame for thinking about it now. If he had made an estimation after analyzing the skill, he wouldn't have to think about what he had thought during the day! Then he wouldn't have to feel mystical about it.

Anyone who cultivated it would eventually have to change to another technique after reaching the mid Deva Realm, which was exactly what the other three patriarchs who had cultivated it ended up doing.

The soul-shaking spirit-piercing sound was no longer the same as it was in the past, the Three-Headed Dark Flame Python was caught off guard and started trembling due to the effects of the Soulshake Bell, it could not control its body as it slid down by tens of meters.

"Die, you unfilial bastard!!" The clan chief shot toward him with incredible speed, apparently attempting to ram him with the soulship. Face falling, Bai Xiaochun drew upon his ability to make everything around him slow down, and yet, considering how fast the soulship was moving, it didn't do much good.

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"ThisĄ­ thisĄ­." he muttered.

Yu He hesitated before nodding. There was no need to worry for their safety. Putting Hundred Miles City aside, there were not many people in Greencloud Continent who would dare to do anything to them.

In a blink of an eye, Hu Yuanqing was the only one left standing.

"Big Brother Qing Shui, it's okay. Both of you should go. I will follow in a bit."?

And then... the palm descended!!

Even the middle-aged man who had escorted the second prince seemed to have the same attitude. His expression was placid as he looked at the Necromancer Kettle and waited for everyone to emerge from inside.

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