glory seeker Chapter 2839

glory seeker Chapter 2839

Unexpectedly... a gravitational force appeared, causing the middle-aged man to lurch to a stop. Before he could even react, his entire world was completely superseded by Bai Xiaochun's pitch-black hand!

Xu Baocai licked his lips, and his eyes shone with infatuation "That's... Elder Sister Du, Du Lingfei!" he whispered excitedly. "She's one of the five hottest women on the south bank! She's the immortal beauty of my heart.... Oh my goodness, she just looked at me!!"

"They are in the backyard."

"Child, in the future, you'll be the same as Mingyue. You are wearing a veil, do you have an injury on your face?" Cang Wuya gently patted Huoyun Liu-Li on her head.

As soon as he neared the group of fatties, Big Fatty Zhang grabbed him and pulled him over to stand among them. Almost immediately, Bai Xiaochun caught a whiff of some unique aroma, something that instantly caused a warm feeling to spread throughout his body.

It got so bad so quickly that some of the leaves began to tilt to the side.

Once again Qing Shui took the Big Dipper Sword and clashed with Feng Shamo's sword once again, without any further sounds.

"Well," Chen Xiong said, "I'll have to do things within the bounds of the law. Killing him wouldn't be easy. But I can drive him out of Arch-Emperor City as easily as I could turn over my hand." He emphasized his words by smacking his fan down onto the counter next to him. His eyes shone with intense confidence.

"Do you know what kind of medicine the Diamond Pellet is?"

None of them had actually met with the Grand Heavenmaster, and yet thanks to Bai Xiaochun, their clans were all descending into chaos. It was already worse than an enemy invasion!

The beam of light which was dragging Bai Xiaochun away was far larger and brighter than the usual type. As such, it lit up the night sky, filling all of Sky City, drawing the attention of numerous gazes, many of which were filled with excitement.

It shone with boundless, holy light that instantly attracted Bai Xiaochun's attention.

Shield Attack!

In terms of why he had been incarcerated, he had no one to blame for the matter but himself. He was the type of person who would seek revenge over the smallest grievance, and would do everything in his power to kill people he didn't like, then wipe out their entire family. He had also used his authority as a city guard to raid the headquarters of numerous small clans within the city and take away all their wealth. Over the years, he had built up quite an accumulation of fortune.

Killing him would be the easiest way to resolve the biggest issue they all faced. With Bai Xiaochun out of the picture, the matter of who got the Ghost King Orchid fruit wouldn't be as important, at least, not unless the Giant Ghost King had made other arrangements.

"5th Brother, don't be reckless. If we're not careful, all of us might be in danger," a middle-aged man on the left bellowed.

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