Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 2692

Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 2692

Changyang Hu was stunned at Jian Chen's words, but he quickly regained his wits and placed the Class 3 Monster Core back within Jian Chen's hands and said, "That won't do. This Class 3 Monster Core was something that fourth brother got after going through a painstaking amount of trouble. How could your big brother take something like this?"

Because it was almost nightfall, the Magical Beast Mountain Range was very dark so the visibility was low. On the path, everyone had tripped more than once, but they each picked themselves up from the ground as quickly as they fell and continued to run. Some decided to run on top of the tree branches in order to avoid the swamps below.

Lin Bai glanced at the two large, cold-looking men behind him and said rather complacently, "Brother, you see the two people by me? They are the experts sent by the union to protect me at all times. They're both Third Cycle Earth Saint Masters."

"Impossible, it can't be that simple. If it was a treasure left behind by a Divine Core warrior, it wouldn't emit this kind of feeling."

The warriors from the Jiang family all shouted like they had been given a drug that raised their spirits. They raised their weapons high into the air, pointing them towards the Mu Rong family warriors. Contrary to this, all the warriors from the Mu Rong family had zombie-like expressions on their faces. How were they going to fight this war now that all their Qi Hai warriors were dead? Mu Rong Zhan was in the middle of a fight with Jiang Zhen Hai, and then there was a demon lord waiting for them on the other side.

Upon hearing of Jian Chen's plan to go to the Qiangan Kingdom by himself, the three Heaven Saint Masters of the Gesun Kingdom were amazed. They didn't understand the situation at all, with Jian Chen being an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, just what made him so angry at the Qiangan Kingdom? Although the Qiangan Kingdom had indeed interfered with the war, this was not something that could warrant Jian Chen's current plan.

"Two abnormals!"

After the group came in, the guards split up and positioned themselves in two lines, giving way to two men and a girl. These three were all dressed luxuriously, and their appearance was young and imposing. However, they all possessed powerful auras of Late Combat Soul warriors. The girl had a beautiful face and a pair of big breasts, but she gave of a debased feeling.

"The vice-manager does not need to be so polite. Is Lin Bai here?" Jian Chen said amiably with a smile.

These geniuses who usually puffed themselves up with pride instantly gasped. Jiang Chen's provoking glance frightened them, causing them to take a few steps back. Although they felt a strong desire to beat this arrogant guy to death, even Wang Yuan was killed within seconds. So, if they really fought him, the results wouldn't be much better.

Yun Xuan's eyes lit up. He immediately showed interest and impatiently asked, "Then how many people were with you when you first entered? How powerful were they? Did you have any experts as formidable as Kendall?"

When they saw Jiang Chen appearing in the skies above them, joyful expressions immediately emerged on all their faces.

"Hmph! Damn eunuch!"

The warriors from the Mu Rong family looked at Jiang Chen, their destinies were in the hands of this little demon lord whose words will decide their fate.

"How could this be possible? How can you control such a powerful monster?"

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes, and his vision landed on the rusty metal piece in Big Yellow's arm. This piece of rusty metal was almost two meters long, and its width was the size of a palm. Its metal was rusted. This thing, no one would pick it up even if it was thrown onto a busy street.

Guan Yiyun said.

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