The King is Avatar Chapter 364

The King is Avatar Chapter 364

"These dead spirits are infested with devilish energy, they are a perfect for Brother Yan. He has been at the Peak Mid Divine Core realm for quite some time now, this place is perfect for him to break through to the Late Divine Core realm."

The people of the eight clans were all greatly shocked. They immediately knelt on the ground and called out, "Descendant greets the ancestor!"

Jiang Chen said.If Jiang Zhen Hai started cultivating with the Xuan Yuan skill then there would be no problem for him to break through to the Mortal Core level in less than 2 months.

Bang bang bang££££

Then after using the power of an immortal, they had gathered the richest amount of Yin Yang Qi to refine themselves into the violet and azure Soul Swords. Even after that, they took the endless amount of World Essence and poured it into their own blood to fully refine the Soul Swords.

Jian Chen's eyes started to emit an amazing light as he cried, "Big brother, please watch carefully." Jian Chen grabbed onto the perfectly straight tree branch and walked forward with it towards another small tree nearby.

"Let's attack, don't give him any chance to recover!"

[TL: Imagine the green spot as some kind of cyst.]

Aside from a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, heavenly resources, and a Class 6 Monster Core, Jian Chen had essentially nothing to give. The Heaven Tier Battle Skill was definitely not an item to be gifted, and a Class 6 Monster Core would not be an item worthy of being gifted to a king of the Qinhuang Kingdom.


Many people were discussing the events. Now that Jiang Chen had taken the first place, it meant that the Qi Province competition had been concluded. However, it was obvious that something even more exciting was coming up, a good show was about to begin.

Jiang Chen put one of his hands behind his back, and walked step by step towards the Stairway to Heaven. He looked calm and patient. While the other disciples of the four big sects were fighting amongst each other and climbing the steps, there was only a smile on his face.

Jian Chen shook his head, "There's no need. I will go alone. In this moment, the other two strongholds are in bigger danger than this city, thus you two need to hurry to help out."

"Honored customers, might I ask how to serve you?" The waiter spoke as he moved alongside the two with a nod of his head.

Jian Chen had however been able to enter Phoenix City without paying the tax. To the guards, Jian Chen was a lone traveler that wasn't escorting any sort of goods, so they didn't care about him. It was only for the merchants that they would obstruct a person's way.

Under the intense heat of the True Dragon Flame, all of the impurities within the herbs were being burnt. Although the purification process looked simple, it was an important step that couldn't be neglected. Jiang Chen's action of purifying dozens of herbs at once was simply shocking.

A gloomy expression appeared on Li Tianyang's face. Jiang Chen's escape ruined his plan. Whenever he thought of the Freezing Hell Jail's destruction; the result of his hard work, he would feel a pain in his heart. The Freezing Hell Jail wasn't just a simple jail. As Li Tianyang was cultivating the Worldly Water Emperor skill, the True Water he found brought him great benefits. However, as True Water was the coldest and heaviest water under the heavens, a single drop weighed 180,000 kilos, and was more than enough to crush a mountain. With Li Tianyang's current cultivation base, it was impossible for him to absorb the True Water, as he couldn't withstand the impact brought by it. That's the reason why he had constructed the Freezing Hell Jail, so that he could absorb the ice-cold air inside to cultivate his skill. The Freezing Hell Jail had existed for a long period of time, and the ice-cold air inside had accumulated to a level where it had almost turned into a physical substance, which was of great benefit to his cultivation. However, it was now destroyed by Jiang Chen, and he would have to rebuild it from scratch.

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