Lustfull Aura Chapter 1562

Lustfull Aura Chapter 1562

Qing Shui's actions were quickly spread around to everyone in the Skysword Sect, and now even the Sect Master and the other Elders heard of this. They were all astonished but happy. As for the injured ones, they challenged Qing Shui themselves. Wounds were unavoidable results in these skirmishes.

As soon as he appeared, the Dark Concocters sensed his presence, and looked up to see a figure that had haunted their nightmares ever since they first met him. Immediately, screams began to rise into the air.

In recent days, he had looked more into the matter of spirit enhancement, and had learned that Violet Cauldron Peak was known for their spirit enhancement abilities. In fact, if you paid enough merit points, you could even acquire the services of the Elders there to perform spirit enhancements. Word had it that the peak lord of Violet Cauldron Peak was a grand master when it came to spirit enhancements.

"Second younger brother, I forgot to ask you. Do you have something to do in the capital?" Dong Yan stopped his tracks and faced Sun Yan to ask his question.

This was the biggest city in the territory controlled by the Spirit Stream Sect.

Li Qinghou's jaw dropped, and Patriarch Spirit Stream stared in shock. After all, even though the Waterswamp Kingdom was difficult to cultivate, there had been people who had succeeded with it throughout history. And yet, compared to Bai Xiaochun's Waterswamp Kingdom, all of those previous versions seemed like knock-offs.

Was this considered as sharing pains together?

"The person that Hai Ciya likes is Tan Yang from Sword Tower."?

It was a young man with a cold, grim expression on his face. His icy voice rang out across the crowd as he said, "I better not find out who that damned little turtle is. If I do, he'll regret ever having stolen the limelight from Junior Sister Zhou!"

He couldn't even count how many times Bai Xiaochun had come to beat him up during that time. When Bai Xiaochun was in a good mood, he would beat him once. But if he was in a bad mood, he would beat him over and over again.

Qing Yi felt quite content and pleased with the envious gazes she received. It was all thanks to her son for stomping the Yan Clan and bringing happiness to the people in Qing Village. It was because of Qing Clan's matters with Yan Clan in the past few years, a lot of people in the Qing Village suffered from life-threatening threats by hostile people.?

If it had only been once, he might have been able to accept it. But in defiance of all imagination, he had witnessed it a second time. Shivering, he chose to not even try to help Patriarch Polarity River, and instead turned around and fled in the opposite direction.

"That's the aura of the Arch-Ancestor!!"

"This thing isn't bad at all!" Bai Xiaochun said, licking his lips with the realization that he had acquired something that would drive others mad with envy if they knew he had it.

"I feel like my eyes have been opened! Just watching them work is beneficialˇ­ I've already resolved a few areas I had problems with in the past."

Under Qing Shui's brute force, each of his attack cleared up a big piece of space. The Diamond Gigantic Elephant charged on recklessly, its monstrous defenses allowed Qing Shui to unleash his tremendous strength without a care.

Qing Shui could guess what they were thinking, Qing Shui could even guess that his mother thought that Luan Luan was Qing Shui's flesh and blood. Luan Luan's attachment to Qing Shui, in addition to her resemblance to Yiye Jiange, it was normal to think that she was born of Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange, in fact, it was natural. Thinking back to when Yiye Jiange first came to Hundred Miles City to rescue Qing Shui and looking at Luan Luan, the timing seemed to match.

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