weakest snake to strongest dragon with cheat cultivation system Chapter 481

weakest snake to strongest dragon with cheat cultivation system Chapter 481

No one responded, but if looks could kill, then the gazes falling onto Bai Xiaochun would have chopped him into mincemeat....

AST 744 - 10,000 year Cold Steel, Golden Bull Grass, Sunflower

"HoweverĄ­ the twin Master Cloud Lightnings possess a secret magic that allows them to temporarily combine back into the true Master Cloud Lightning. When they do, his cultivation base risesĄ­ to the late Deva Realm!" As Bai Xiaochun listened to the introduction, his eyes grew wider and wider. The devas from the other two sects were both in the mid Deva Realm, which wasn't very intimidating. However, when the twin Master Cloud Lightnings combined and rose to the late Deva Realm, that was something to pay close attention to.

It was at that exact moment that the fourth key popped out, and immediately began to speed toward Bai Xiaochun. It was almost as if he were a magnet, and no matter what he wanted, the keys would fly in his direction, transform into blood qi, and incite his Undying Heavenly King.

Quite a few people broke out into smiles at the sight, whereas others were even more shocked than before.

Never could he have imagined that things would end up like this, not even after having been told by the Frigid Matriarch that he would eventually have a falling out with the Celestial.

Gu Song had also heard the news regarding Mu Qing's wedding. He had always felt that the Mu Clan's young miss was his. The Mu Clan's young miss was arrogant and there was hardly any news of her having an intimate relationship with anyone. He had wanted to wait until he broke through to the Martial Emperor realm before he proposed a marriage to the Mu Clan.

If it was smelted by someone who didn't know Smelt Synthesis, the most they could do was make the two pieces of Tempered Metallic Essence into a bigger piece. Smelt Synthesis was the most ancient art of forging. The Tempered Metallic Essence's density and purity essence were greatly increased, fundamentally changing the essence!

After that discovery, Qing Shui did not dare to let anything slip by. Once he felt that the item had spiritual energy, he stored it in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

"I despise you, Nightcrypt!!"

A tremor ran through Bai Xiaochun as he realized that Hou Yunfei was stirring his last bit of spiritual energy as if to destroy his own qi passageways.

When he heard this voice, Qing Shui couldn't help but feel shocked. It was too familiar. He turned around and saw a familiar-looking girl, the girl that had the most beautiful peach blossom eyes.

Deep anxiety filled all hearts. As of this point, twenty hours had passed since Bai Xiaochun began stepping into Foundation Establishment. It was at this point that, all of a sudden, a fifth tornado shot up into the heavens!

Even as he put pressure on Xiao Qing's rising energy, a third eye opened on Bai Xiaochun's forehead. It was none other than his Heavenspan Dharma Eye.

Some of the flying rubble hit Bai Xiaochun, causing more blood to spray out of his mouth.

"Summon Bai Hao to see me. Immediately!"

As soon as he pulled back on the bowstring, the area around him became like a black hole, sucking in all of the energy in the area.

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