Phantom Sniper Chapter 1220

Phantom Sniper Chapter 1220

The whole pill concoction process went smooth as sailing. Jiang Chen had a relaxed smile on his face the entire time, and no one could even find the slightest hint of nervousness on his face. He had found the balance point of these five elemental herbs in an instant.

"I never thought you would be such a lucky bastard!"

Shangguan Qingming asked worriedly.

It was incredible that a man's qi and blood could be so vigorous.It was so strong that it could even be compared to some ancient beasts.

Zhou Bei Zhen was worried about Jiang Chen, but when he turned around to look at Jiang Chen he could see a confident smile on his face.Zhou Bei Zhen was wondering why Jiang Chen was so confident.

Aside from that, the Heavenly Enchantress had prevented a war between two countries with a single ballad over the battlefield, causing the hundred thousand soldiers on both sides to fall asleep for three days and three nights; a truly fearful feat.

Everyone had let out a sigh of relief when Jian Chen replied. They did not doubt in his words at all. Even those not of his inner circle knew of his other identity. He was the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, one of the Eight Great Empires. Just how could a person like that give his word so easily without the strength to back it up?

In a split second, Jian Chen's body twisted in a way that had dodged 3 of the Saint Weapons, but the remaining 2 had struck him on the back and waist.

"An unprecedented chaos will definitely strike this place soon. This monk will most likely be killed. None of the Thirteen Tycoons are easily to deal with, they're all very powerful."

The gigantic body of the Bladed Crocodile finally fell to the ground without moving. Its own head had been split apart into multiple pieces as blood and brain matter began to spill out from the various sword wounds on its head.

As if worried now, the young woman began to howl and cry, "But, but, but! You've clearly master's scent! Even if it's faint, Little Spirit can smell it. Brother, you've have to have seen master before."

The energy vein, aside from it being able to provide the best cultivation environment and gather natural energies, it was also representation of fortune. Each of the Qi Province's four big sects had occupied land with energy veins, this was the reason why they were eternally prosperous and had produced countless of geniuses.

Yan Hong Tai left Red city and started journeying towards Fragrant Sky city. As for the Yan family, they had started preparing. They were preparing for when the Lee family started their attack, so they wouldn't be unprepared.


"Then let me tell you quite clearly, that was a true matter. That Imperial Protector is me Changyang Xiangtian." Jian Chen revealed calmly. Despite his tone of voice, the body of the king suddenly started to tremble. His face couldn't help but reveal disbelief, and he did not say anything for a very long time.

A few hours passed, Jian Chen and Tie Ta were getting closer and closer to the 3rd region's exit. The whole journey had been fairly peaceful, although at regular intervals, they'd encounter a magical beast carcass. Sometimes, there would even be 2-3 magical beast corpses lying in the same location.

Now that the Flame Mercenaries had an Earth Saint Master leveled expert, just who in Wake City would dare go against them?

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