Trouble with Five Chapter 122

Trouble with Five Chapter 122

"Dongqing, if you try to return this to me, I will throw it away. Do you not want me as your friend?" Qing Shui interrupted Hai Dongqing's words.

This time, the Great Wall had collapsed, and the Deadmire was no longer what it used to be. It was easy to imagineĦ­ how deadly and destructive this war would be!

His heart was fairly dripping with blood as he looked on, feeling like he was being strangled. It was as if Zhou Zimo wasn't taking away his love letters, but rather, all the romance that existed in his heartĦ­.

This time, Qing Shui was stupefied by that cold gaze. He had never seen such beautiful eyes!

"Mingyue, I'll come by during the night to apply acupuncture on you to open up your body's potential. It would allow you to strengthen your constitution, cleanse some of the impurities in your channels, and make your training more effective!" Qing Shui decided to hasten Mingyue Gelou's cultivation progress!

One had a green flying sword with six silver designs. The other had a similar sword, except that it was red!

Time passed. Bai Xiaochun's sixth Tideflow slowly sucked in earthstring energy, and although the vortex wasn't stable, it didn't collapse.

Each and every spike contained mountain-toppling, sea-draining power which filled the air with rumbling sounds as they sped madly toward Lei Shan.

Of course, the reason why Bai Xiaochun seemed so familiar with what was happening was that back in the Spirit Stream Sect, he had often ended up in such situations because of the catastrophes he had wrought. By now, he was very familiar with what it was like to be chased, and in fact, reacted to it on an instinctive level....

If you were going to block a rapidly revolving drill bit piercing towards you with something, you'd definitely require an even greater opposing force to resist it.

Xu Gangze looked at Xi Yue, there was no change in his expression. Then he exchanged glances with the rest. Perhaps it was because of his beastly lust and desire, Xu Gangze suddenly laughed mischievously.


When Qing He defeated a small and lean man from the Situ Clan, Situ Ba, who was seated in the banquet, stood up, and slowly walked towards the arena.

"I'll do anything to be able to live forever!!" he shouted as he stepped onto the Golden Crow Sword and shot toward Mount Daoseed. Shortly after the other disciples converged, he appeared.

"If you weren't born in Sima Clan, someone as brainless as you would have died ages ago." Qing Shui said calmly. These kind of cold, ruthless, and inhumane people will only cause trouble living in this world.

On the other hand, a woman's best impression towards a man was more for his appearance. Qing Shui was not very approving of love at first sight, but for a woman to fall in love with a man, it would take a very long time or even a lifetime.

After circulating the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique one more time, he achieved the 76th cycle as he hoped to. This achievement made Qing Shui very happy. He was not very sure how the levels of the Ancient Strengthening Technique compared to the level of cultivation in the world of the nine continents.

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