Horror Story 1 Chapter 2586

Horror Story 1 Chapter 2586

After everything was done, a ceremonious burial project began. The rest of Lore City found the burial ceremony rather strange and confusing since it was arranged during a prosperous time for the Changyang clan. At the same time, it caused a ripple of gossip to resonate across Lore City. In a flash, the head of the other three major clans of Lore City came to visit and inquire what in the world had happened. At the same time, several of the smaller factions came by as well to express their sympathies. They also hoped that they could join the funeral themselves and earn them some small favors from the clan.

The three disciples, hearts alarmed and trembling in fear, walked behind Mao Fang. It was impossible for them to chase after the giant serpent with Big Yellow in their way. It looks like their hopes of getting the giant serpent's demon soul was gone.

Shangguan Chong furrowed his brows; he really wished he could leap forward and kill Jiang Chen immediately. But, since their cultivations were restricted to the same level, as well as Jiang Chen's previous demonstration of his might, he had no confidence in killing him right now. That's the reason why he didn't attack Jiang Chen after coming to this place.

Jiang Zhen Hai looked at Jiang Chen. A wave of terror swept through his mind, but soon his eyes regained their firmness. He turned around and looked at those men from the Mu Rong family who were under his control and said, "Do as young master commanded. Those with the Mu Rong name will have their cultivation base destroyed and one arm cut off, then chased out of the city."

5, 000 pounds was incredibly powerful for someone at the 9th level of the Qi Jing realm.With this, Jiang Chen could have an even match with a Qi Jing master.

"I can only hope our suspicions are wrong." The red-haired man sighed.

The elder had a shocked look on his face as Jian Chen's words registered in his mind. "What did you say, you're from the Gesun Kingdom? Impossible! We know every single expert within the Gesun Kingdom, and you're not one of them. Just who are you, spare us your false words!"

"Yes, captain!" Kai Er enthusiastically responded. Twisting off the stopper to the bottle, they each poured a drop of the liquid into their mouths before they passed the bottle on.

Ming Dong stood there without a proper stance, but his palms were filled with the wind element energy. Becoming a blur, his hands flew up to his chest to block Tie Ta's fist.

Now that Jian Chen was an Imperial Protector for the Qinhuang Kingdom, his status was far different than from when he first came. He had been given a splendid new palace to live in called the "Qin Heaven Palace". The Qin Heaven Palace was where only Imperial Protectors were permitted to live in. Not only was it grand in scale, but even the interior furnishing and arrangements were superior to Qin Ji's Flowing Cloud Palace.

Yan Chen Yu nodded her head.She had been suffering from the chilling cold for eight years.

The white robed Jian Chen continued to fly through the group of guards with his Light Wind Sword continuing to flash with each swing. The Zhou clan guards fell to the ground one by one. In the beginning, there had been a hundred guards, but after this short amount of time, only half of them remained.

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. If not for the fact that he didn't want to reveal his secret weapon, the Ice Demon King, he might have begun slaughtering right now. All these smug and self-righteous geniuses who felt themselves superior to everyone else were nothing but farts in front of Jiang Chen, he could kill them all without showing any mercy.

Even the Great Saint Masters who had known about the Class 5 Magical Beast already had their faces pale with fright. Although they had fore knowledge of there being an Earth Saint Master expert helping them, the situation was different now. There was three Class 5 Magical Beasts, even the experts from Monarch City would not be enough to deal with them.

"Jiang Chen, I'll rip you into a thousand pieces one day! Daoist Black, you wait for me as well, sooner or later I will kill you as well! The day Nan Bei Chao conquers the entire Qi Province will be your last day in this world, and the Black Sect will be mine!"

"Actually it is very simple. I just need a little bit of your blood!"

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