Contemplation Cultivation Chapter 1087

Contemplation Cultivation Chapter 1087

She had a slender and balanced figure. Most importantly, she had a pair of bulging breasts which seemed as if her clothes could barely hold in. Her eyes were bright and clear. When she saw Qing Shui, she was first surprised before she broke into a happy smile.

Qing Shui looked at this lady who was wearing plain clothes yet possessed indescribable poise and dignity. It also felt as if everything was within her grasp!

Qing Shui smiled proudly as he really did feel extremely relaxed. While Qing Shui had no interest in the Culinary Arts originally, but after tasting the black fish and turtles that had grown in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, his opinions had changed. If he were to pick up this supreme culinary art, doubled with the speciality of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, the mere thought of it got Qing Shui excited.

Still, things were not as bad as they seemed on the surface. He would only need to wait a few more years to rake in the money with the help of the time-dilation effect of his spatial realm. The problem is right now! I can't open my mouth and ask for money from Mother every time right? She had just given me a 100 taels of silver just two days ago!" Before this, Qing Shui had no concept of money, after all, he had been living in the Qing Clan, where all his needs had been catered for. Now that he had arrived in Hundred Miles City, he began to understand the value of money. A banknote of 100 taels, was sufficient to feed a family of five for half a month. You could even visit the "Night Fragrance Court" (brothel) to enjoy the services of their top class escorts for a single night.

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"But they haven't made a move. And the Giant Ghost King hasn't said a peep. Could it be that they're still feeling each other out?" He scratched his head in befuddlement, and couldn't help but feel a bit of disdain for the Giant Ghost King.

The warm feeling in Bai Xiaochun's heart caused him to feel more than ever like he was in front of his own mother. It was the same with the Saint-Emperor. The two of them took a deep breath, and then the Saint-Emperor took a step forward and began to speak in a very respectful voice.

Shi Qingzhuang was startled. Her hands that were supporting on Qing Shui's burning arms trembled. Her cool and beautiful face was instantly tinted red.

The corners of Qing Shui's mouth widened in an arc, as he let out his laughter.

Qing Shui made him drop his sword again, and caused both of his arms to become numb!

They were struck with fear by the presence of Bai Xiaochun, but at the same time, couldn't get over their jealousy and anger. As soon as the three powerful experts reached the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, they split up and went to find the powerful patriarchs associated with their various sects.

No one in the crowd noticed the ponytailed hair woman, who had blood seeping out of her mouth, had hatred in her eyes as she stared at Qi Tianping, Qing Shui and Canghai Mingyue, before she silently departed the area.

"Qing Shui, did you go and visit Elder Sister Shi?"

As the river and vortex appeared, a gravitational force sprang up that contained natural law. It grabbed ahold of the deva soul and began to tug it up. At that point, though, the Giant Ghost King snorted coldly and reached out with his right hand. Instantly, wild colors flashed in heaven and earth, and the gravitational force began to fade away. Apparently, the vortex and the Underworld River didn't wish to fight with a demigod. Gradually, they faded away, and the deva soul floated down into the Giant Ghost King's hand.

Up above in the sky, Bai Xiaochun's sixth vortex had stopped moving. However, instead of vanishing, it seemed to be building up energy.

Qing Shui thought about the day long ago when the Martial Saint made his move. He didn't know if his opponent went ?all out. However, his strength was truly terrifying.

A few days passed, over which he didn't encounter anyone, and hadn't run into any bizarre situations either. Because of that, he picked up speed, and eventually, the path of his movement as outlined in the jade slip became clearer. Eventually, he stopped and examined the would-be map.

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