Ancient Dream Collector System Chapter 1336

Ancient Dream Collector System Chapter 1336

"Xiang'er, you and Yue'er are adults now. Don't you think it's time££." Bi Yuntian prodded the question. She was extremely hopeful that Jian Chen would agree since she was very fond of the idea of having You Yue and Jian Chen married.

"Haha, brother Jian Chen, I, Qin Ji, have lived at the Drifting Clouds Palace for thirty years, yet it's never been as lively as it is today. All these beauties and young ladies of great clans have gathered in my Drifting Clouds Palace. It's a great honor for my humble abode." Qin Ji chugged down a cup of good wine and laughed in a carefree manner which had originated from his joy. Although Jian Chen was already a Saint Ruler both in name and reality, he still remembered Qin Ji as a brother, even though his status was greatly different from before. It moved Qin Ji greatly.

Ye Hui joyfully laughed out. Seven to eight Combat King geniuses of the Invincible Sect came out and positioned themselves near the Heavenhawk Island, looking determined to get this treasure.

In that split second, they all didn't know what had happened. They could all see that Zhe Gu had launched the final attack of his Earth Tier Battle Skills, but Jian Chen had neither died nor suffered any heavy injuries. They hadn't expected this outcome where Jian Chen would stand without a scratch after the Earth Tier Battle Skill was released. Even more so, they didn't imagine that the unbelievably strong Zhe Gu would have his head drop to the ground.

After the third day, a large group of people could be seen standing around in the main courtyards of Changyang Manor; even the king was there. One by one, they surrounded Jian Chen with eyes of reluctance. Today was the day that Jian Chen would be leaving, but everyone was unwilling to bid farewell to him just yet.

Jiang Chen did worry about something; the battlefield below him. For now, the fight between Wu Jiu and the Imperial Emperor wouldn't have any problems, and the battle between him and the Old Emperor would take some time. If the ones below didn't get any help, they would soon be defeated.

Jiang Chen would never lookup towards someone, he wouldn't look at anybody with his head tilted upwards. In the mind of the once greatest Saint in this world, only he could sit up high in the leading position, while looking down on everyone else from the top.

Jian Chen gave a small laugh casually, "Being an enemy of your Blue Wind Kingdom is an issue for later. The vast amount of monster cores you're supplying, is to supply the war effort on the Gesun Kingdom, correct?"

Condensing a Saint Weapon at the age of 25 could be said to be quite mediocre within the Tian Yuan Continent. This type of person would be limited to being a Great Saint Master at the best, and without coming across an opportunity, they would never be able to break through to become an Earth Saint Master.

Jiang Chen explained tirelessly. He didn't lower his voice, so all the upper echelons of the main Nangong family around were able to hear what he said, including Tu Yi. His words caused everyone's expressions to instantly change.

"Bastard, watch your mouth! Are you courting death?!"

The 5th level of the library wasn't too big, and so after the elderly man entered the 5th level of the library, he promptly walked to the side to get to the staircase that would lead to the 6th layer. All of a sudden, he had noticed a young child out of the corner of his eye.

In another inn, several middle-aged men were currently seated in a luxurious room.

Ignited by the words of Ziying and Qingsuo, Jian Chen could feel a joyous smile appear on his lips. He knew that in order to craft the Azulet swords, he would need a specific amount of materials. And as long as he had those materials, he would be one step closer to forging the said swords.

But for Jiang Chen, not only was he melting and purifying all the ingredients at the same time, he was actually going to concoct all 3 Nine Soul Restoration Pills at the same time! This was ridiculous!

After saying that, Jiang Chen jumped straight onto the back of Big Yellow.Chapter 56 Ă¿ Dragon Horse's Blood

This was an incredible collision between two tremendous forces! The devastating energy ripples immediately swept across the entire area.Sponsored by: Sebastian and Jakov! Thank you very much!

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