Cultivator in a Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 2923

Cultivator in a Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 2923

Another two days later, the ice statue had taken its final shape. It was a fairy maiden sitting with her legs folded and eyes tightly shut. A near 300 meter tall ice statues that looked incredibly majestic!

The girl said, "If there is, then I'm unable to do it. If the barrier is attacked with an attack far beyond what it can handle, then it'll naturally shatter. Other than that, the barrier will fade away with time, but how long it'll take for that to happen, I don't know." Gnashing her teeth, she spoke angrily, "If it weren't for the barrier protecting Shi Xiangran, I would have shot him dead a long time ago. How vile the Shi family is. For them to use the Gathering of the Mercenaries to steal our Huang family's Ruler Armament. It's unfortunate that my fellow family had fallen prey to the evil schemes of the Shi family for the sake of allowing me to run away. Just wait until we're out, then I'll have uncle Feng and uncle Yun avenge the death of my family members." The girl spoke with an angry promise.

Old man Situ coughed lightly and said, "Our top priority is to find Jian Chen. Let's avoid the topic of treasures for now. As soon as we find Jian Chen, everything will be easily resolved. Not only can we finish the mission, everything he possesses will become ours."

Nan Bei Chao said casually as if he was a king giving out an order, giving off a feeling of someone who can't be reached.Chapter 85 ΓΏ Evil Minded Dog's Scheme


All six core disciples from the Qingyi Sect came forth and threw their glances at Jiang Chen and Han Yan.

"This is a boundless desert, where is the treasure?"

Yu Tian Long cupped his fist and bowed towards Jiang Chen. With his status, it was rare for him to be so polite towards a young man, but Yu Tian Long knew what Jiang Chen was capable. In the world of cultivation, age or status didn't matter at all compared to real strength. Yu Zi Han had told Yu Tian Long everything about Jiang Chen and what he had done so far regarding the Blood Devils, including how he had wreaked havoc in the Black Sect.

Ling Yi immediately shouted upon seeing Ye Wuyou.

Seeing the attitude of the girl, the other man barked at her coldly, "Naughty girl, we asked you a question, are you deaf?"

"This smoke isn't anything special in terms of toxicity. It's only function is to activate the poison inside you since it doesn't require to be breathed in. As long as the body is in contact with it, then the poison will be triggered. Its effects are so strong that in four hours, you'll find yourself waking up by the Yellow Springs!" By now, the one-armed man was laughing out loud. "There's one more thing I forgot to tell you, the antidote to this poison can't be bought! So don't waste your time taking those antidotes won't help you here. At most, you'll alleviate some of the symptoms, but you won't be able to cure yourself of my poison."

"Young lord Lee, rest assured, if you can help us get rid of the Jiang family then those women will all belong to the young lord completely!"

"To dare attack us so underhandedly, you must be tired of living you bastard."

No one could remain calm. Those outer circle disciples who had witnessed how Jiang Chen had killed Ling Ao and Li Wu Shuang could still accept what happened, but for those disciples who had witnessed Jiang Chen fighting for the first time, they were completely startled. Not only did Jiang Chen have powerful abilities, he struck without mercy, and he didn't even blink his eyes when killing. These people didn't dare directly look into his eyes.Chapter was sponsored by: Collin!

"Jian Chen becoming a Saint Ruler before he even reaches his thirties would be far too terrifying. With the entire continent as a scale, talent like that would be hard to come by every millenia." After a very long time, another elder spoke with a sigh.

Jiang Chen said with his hands wide open.

The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom wasn't filled with weak individuals after all. Sometimes, an expert from their side would appear, and sometimes, a soldier of the Eastern Deity Swords would be attacked by multiple enemy soldiers at once, becoming injured.

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