Instead of Empress, I will be Emperor Chapter 479

Instead of Empress, I will be Emperor Chapter 479

Chapter 310 ÿ Controller of Life and Death

"I've got it! He's that Jian Chen who became the King of Mercenaries! I was there for the event, so no wonder I had thought he was familiar looking! It's because his hair is nearly gone so that I was unable to recognize him!"

"Deng deng deng££"

"Liang Province."

Seeing Jian Chen disappear into the sky, Huang Qinglan displayed a look of undisguised admiration and envy in his eyes. Muttering to himself, he said, "Who would have known that in so few years, Jian Chen would reach the realm of a Heaven Saint Master. Truly a sight that makes any yearn in envy."

Jiang Chen never took threats from anyone, this old man wasn't worth a fart in his eyes.

They were not from the Qinhuang Kingdom, and they were far too far away for them to know the schematics behind the Qinhuang Kingdom. Little did they know that an Imperial Advisor from the Qinhuang would only be given a medallion made from a rare type of metal as proof. It was not made from spirit amethyst at all; neither would an Imperial Advisor have the word "Protect" carved on their medallions. Only five people within the Qinhuang Kingdom were qualified to hold a medallion made from spirit amethyst.

Wu Jiu nodded his head. Although he had recovered to the Early Divine Core realm, in order to deal with the Earth Devil, this cultivation level was worthless. With three days, and a huge amount of natural essences and pills, he was confident he could go back to the peak Divine Core realm. With his cultivation base at the peak Divine Core realm, his combat strength could be considered equal to an ordinary Combat Soul warrior's combat strength. At that point of time, with Xuan Ye's help, their chances of defeating the Earth Devil would be greater.

Ka Zhafei shouted out in anger as he dashed forward so that the sword would be taken out of his body. In the next moment, a large amount of Radiant Saint Force coursed through his body to treat the wound. While the wound on his chest wasn't fatal, it was still a heavy injury that would impact his fighting ability.

Georgien's face took on the color of green and white as he listened to Jian Chen's words. His chest began to rise and fall as his breathe became ragged. This was the very first time he had someone from the younger generation look down on him. Such a fact made him extremely angry, but Georgien did not act upon his emotions. He had already seen Jian Chen's strength for himself back in the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom. He knew he was no match for Jian Chen, so if he were to recklessly charge now, it would be to only invite disaster upon himself.

"Big Yellow, how did you sense the peculiarity?"

Everyone had immediately started to smile with excitement at that information. The time they were waiting for had finally come at last.

Hearing this, Ka Di Liang's face changed as well, before growling, "This was the extent of his luck. It was because of this arena that he won; if we were to change places, then there would be no way he would be an opponent for me. Third sister, don't worry, I will definitely teach him a lesson in the future."


Jian Chen took out the Space Rings from Jiede Wukang and Shi Xiangran. He took the tokens out of the space rings. They made a crashing sound as they landed on the table. With a conservative estimate, there were around 2000 tokens in total.

Jian Chen had rented a room within an inn and had given the Class 2 Magical Beast mount to a waiter to look after. After waiting for nightfall, he slipped out of the inn without a word and leaped back toward the Huangpu compound without being detected. Like a silent shadow jumping over the wall, he carefully ran toward the room where he had hidden the tiger cub.

Chen Feng's eyes flashed with anger, but he didn't dare make a move towards Jian Chen. The library was strict on their rules, and he was sure that he wasn't a match for Jian Chen.

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