the king legacy Chapter 2961

the king legacy Chapter 2961

"Jiang Chen!"

Tianxiong Lie's forehead was full of sweat now. If it were not for that sword, he wouldn't have been able to stand there alive and breathing.

When the golden egg was taken out, a pure and rich energy immediately flowed out from it, and a strong sense of life force and essence was emitted from the egg, which attracted the gazes of all three Sect Elders in an instant.

"Captain Lang Tian, the captain came back victorious!"

Kendall walked up to the door of the house and lightly knocked on it. Not too long after, the wooden door opened slightly to reveal the dark skinned head of a person. Judging from his skinny face, the youth looked to be around 26 years old and looked like the type of person to be a snatcher if put within a group of people.

"I just with these wicked monsters can burn in hell!"

A young woman wearing a red skirt walked into the room with a look of discomfort on her face. "Father, I've just heard that the heads of the three major clans were killed off, is that true?"

The fatty stilled as he looked at the wound on Jian Chen's chest with curiosity. "Jian Chen, just what type of magical beast did you fight in order to gain those wounds? Do you want me to have my dad to bring it back? You don't need to worry, my father is extremely powerful. He'd definitely bring it back and you can have your revenge."

An Early Divine Core Sect Elder said.

Katafei's face hardened as he looked on from far away. Seeing how Jian Chen was struggling to get up, his face paled as he realized the Green Scaled Ape would reach him in no time.

Looking at the three pieces of beast fur for a moment longer, Bi Hai returned them to Jian Chen, "My child, you are the one remaining hope to our Bi family. I entrust these three pieces to you for safekeeping. Perhaps you'll come to see the evolution of the mysteries of the world and use it to empower yourself."

"Oh! Big brother, you've already absorbed fifty thousand years worth of energy Little Spirit accumulated. When will you be done, soon enough, all the energy Little Spirit accumulated will be gone." Seeing the energy lessen, Little Spirit couldn't help but speak with a slightly pained look.

A man's reputation could scare people, and Jiang Chen's name was living proof of that. Besides, he just killed eight Early Divine Core warriors with just a single strike! Such an aggressive approach just made everyone fear him even more.

"Who would've thought that he's actually a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master. Such a young Class 6 Radiant Saint Master. Unbelieveable." Lei Yin mumbled to herself. Her expression was extremely complicated and shortly afterwards, a gleam of light flashed across her eyes, "I must quickly tell third grandfather this."

"Senior, would it be possible to tell me how you managed to do this?" Although he was unable to harm the ancestor at all, Jian Chen was not discouraged and even asked a question with some curiosity.

Therefore, although Jiang Chen had stood at the highest peak, his life wasn't considered complete. In this life, he wanted to change that. He wanted relatives, he wanted a wife, and he wanted some good brothers. In this life, he didn't want to be lonely.

Jiang Zhen Hai was stunned.He searched through all the information in his brain, but he failed to remember meeting someone who could produce pills with 100%effectiveness.

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