I Wanna Be An Online Celebrity Chapter 1064

I Wanna Be An Online Celebrity Chapter 1064

"Interesting. The situation has become much livelier."

Jian Chen and Ming Dong strangely looked at the sudden arrival that was this red-skirted young woman. At a glance, they recognized her as the young daughter of the Yun family from a week ago.

Jian Chen took a deep breath and slowly tried to control the emotions in his heart. After he had calmed, he immediately closed his eyes and began to cultivate the World Essence around him. However, there was a difference between the time he had absorbed World Essence in the past compared to now; Jian Chen was able to differentiate the special energy from the World Essence and absorb that specific energy into his body.

"No, impossible! This can't be possible!"

Their conditions were worse than what Jiang Chen had expected. In other words, if it wasn't for them having unique body characteristics, they would have been dead by now. Any ordinary person who suffered from such injuries would immediately lost all chance of recovering.

At the same time, the general of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom's army had sent out the order to attack as well. The magical beast cannons constructed on the walls of the city fired in the direction of the Qinhuang Kingdom's army. They let loose several ear-whistling projectiles that streaked through the air toward the Eastern Deity Swords.

"Young master, have you concocted any pills before this?"

Laughing, the young lord said, "So you are a man who gets to the point. Good, I won't beat around the bush and get straight to the problem then." With this, the young lord stopped speaking for a moment before resuming with a serious expression, "Jian Chen, I know you have two Class 5 Monster Cores, I have come here today to buy those two monster cores from you."

Seeing this, Jian Chen couldn't help but feel some fear in his heart regarding the Hua Yun Sect. This city had been countless of miles aways from Lore City. He had only left Lore City yesterday and arrived at White Cloud City just last night. Yet not only did the Hua Yun Sect perfectly capture his appearance onto a portrait, but they had also been able to quickly send out the portraits to a city thousands of miles away. This type of efficiency make any person quake in fear, and Jian Chen doubted that the Hua Yun Sect had only sent out portraits to White Cloud City. Right now, he feared almost every single city within the Gesun Kingdom had warrants of his capture.

The army of 500,000 had caused everyone nearby to stop where they stood due to their might, blockading the gates to Lore City. Over a thousand people stood and watched the Eastern Deity Swords from far away and could only mutter their thoughts.

These men's sorrowful appearances caused everyone that noticed it to furrow their eyebrows in surprise. Some had even looked at them with an annoyed face.

Chang Wuji and Khafir both sighed before giving each other a knowing look. Both of them had a resolved face as they both floated into the sky toward the five Heaven Saint Masters. They would both rather die in battle than be resigned to their fates as slaves.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

£ŠIsn't this the world's biggest joke?'

There was not a single person at the scene who wasn't shaken by Jiang Chen's real identity. Everyone threw examining looks at Jiang Chen, trying to figure out what was so special about this ruthless young man.

Even Jian Chen who was by his side was shocked. What shocked him even more was the fact that this man was a Saint Ruler that was over five thousand years old. This caused Jian Chen to feel a great amount of respect for him.

Great Master Ran Feng said with utmost sincerity. Although Jiang Chen had told them that the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills could only be consumed once per lifetime, and that that was the reason why he gave them his remaining pills, even an idiot could tell that what he said was just an excuse. Who would give out such precious pills so simply? Even if he had no use for them, he could still exchange them for many things he might need. Thus, Great Master Ran Feng could only remember Jiang Chen's kindness in his heart.

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