tales of demons and gods emperor of shizle and whooshes Chapter 2549

tales of demons and gods emperor of shizle and whooshes Chapter 2549

"Well, you got that right!" he replied, feeling even prouder of himself than ever. "If that Feng fellow dares to appear in my presence, I'll beat him to death! He's already lost his fleshly body, and exists only as a divine soul. If Master Cloud Lightning and the other devas hadn't stopped me, I would already have killed him!" With that, he laughed heartily. "Ah, whatever. Since you put it that way, I guess I might as well join you. That will be the easiest way to keep you safe."

"Then what if, I killed you instead?" Qing Shui still maintained his smile as he asked.

Eventually, the poofing sounds rang out like muffled thunder, echoing out about the cave constantly. As the haze filled the subterranean chamber, all the of the snakes came to be affected.

"People should not be too greedy. This time, they would not only get very little. I won't mind allowing them to arrive all high and mighty and leave with their tails between their legs," Qing Shui said with a smile. With the current mood, Qing Shui did not want to discuss anything related to killing. He did not want to disturb the atmosphere but whether he kills or not was uncertain. Qing Shui had never gone soft on anyone that he had wanted to get rid of.

Other than the normal training, Qing Shui depended on his Ancient Art of Forging. He eventually discovered that the effects of his primordial flames were the best. It was a discovery out of the blue, but at the same time, it allowed Qing Shui to realise whatever he knew. He would learn that it would align in the core of the Ancient Strengthening Technique.

"Elder Brother Zhao, we can't delay our next move. We get to work tomorrow....

"Old Man Ba, are you sure you want to return?"

He was now moving so fast that any puppets who got near him were instantly bashed away and sent flying through the air. He was like a streak of light that shot forward at blinding speed.

He then turned his head to look at the first stone stele, and saw that right above the magic bottle insignia was the image of a turtle. Suddenly, he felt wonderful.

Celestial Aged Spirit, Chen Su, and Sima Yunhua were all stunned¡­. As for the celestials from the Vile-Emperor Dynasty, such as the resurrected Deadfall, and Vir¨±p¨¡k?a¡­ they were more terrified of Bai Xiaochun than they had been before.

When he was forging the battle skirts, Qing Shui was still slightly astonished in the process. While these battle skirts must be shorter than the knees, there was still a need to forge knee and leg guards inside. To be blunt, it was just like adding a mini skirt at the waist.

Each of the heavenly kings had ten heavenly marquises in their home cities, but no heavenly dukes. Duke Deathcrier and his contemporaries were only earthly dukes. Although they ranked above the heavenly marquises, they were far below the heavenly dukes.

"That's right. Only disciples who get promoted to the yellow-robed level qualify to live here and enjoy the majestic sight of the Heavenspan Sea!"

Of course, there was no way that Bai Xiaochun could fight a battle to the death with Daoist Heavenspan right here and now. Even as his sword continued to fall, a cold snort exploded into heaven and earth.

The elder's voice rang out clearly!


The Golden Light Eagle fell to the ground with a loud boom. As soon as the flying beast fell, Qing Shui immediately whipped the ropes to about 200 meters long and knocked everything into shambles. After a while, everything went silent.

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