The Empire Building System Chapter 558

The Empire Building System Chapter 558

As for Gongsun Wan'er and Master God-Diviner, it was impossible to say where they were, and even using a transmission jade slip to try to reach them didn't work.

It wasn't painful in the least and there was even a strange feeling that was growing between them.

It was obvious that at some point in the past, the entire floor had been covered with notes about flame conjuring. However, at some point, most of the notes had been wiped away by some unknown method!

It descended rapidly to the ground, causing everything to quake in a fifty kilometer area. Blazing, fiery lines appeared in the ground as the shape and design of the spell formation appeared on the surface of the land.

Qing Shui hesitated and received it, keeping it safely.

As of now, Qing You was already a Grade One Martial King. To put it bluntly, he possessed strength which was slightly above that of the Earth Rock Beast. It was normal for Grade One Martial King to tame Demonic Beasts at Peak Xiantian realm. Unless they were Beast Tamers, it was really tough for ordinary people to tame Demonic Beasts which were even stronger than themselves.

? ? ¡­¡­

It was a very ordinary stab, the old man blocked it with his sword, after blocking it he was pushed aside, he had underestimated the strength of this sword, seeing that the sword was aimed at his heart.

Qing Shui had only grasped the Diamond Qi and the Mighty Elephant Stomp to the Large Success Stage. To reach the Great Perfection Stage, Qing Shui felt that the conditions would be extremely harsh, furthermore, there was still more to learn about the Elephant form.

This was a leveling up in terms of one's conception, and was something that was hard to come by, just like a person's disposition. Disposition was something built up by time and the environment, so is the same for concept.

Suddenly, Zuoshi Yangcan disappeared in a corner ahead. Not daring to slow down, the people of the Liu Family rapidly rushed forwards. They were still very careful, and in the worst case scenario they would retreat along the same path that they had treaded.

In the afternoon, a team of more than twenty visitors arrived. What attracted Qing Shui's attention was that every one of them had a gigantic sword on their back. The sword was about five feet long, and half a foot wide. It seemed extremely clumsy and difficult to wield.

It was that ridiculously powerful. It is 20% of their overall stats, that is 20% of their strength, defense, and speed.?

The feeling of incredible power that coursed through him caused him to throw his head back and let loose a long, piercing cry. The heavens shook as if they had been struck by lightning, and everything in the area began to shake and tremble.

Qing Shui gazed at the adorable little girl walking over with a bounce in her step as he swept the little girl into a hug under the gentle smile of Wu-shuang.

Everything seemed to be progressing wonderfully until, without any warning at all¡­ an imperial decree was sent to Bai Xiaochun from Saint-Emperor City!!

But now he knew he found out that he was wrong, very wrong. One of his hands was crushed, while the other hand was badly fractured. This was just his opponent's casual attack, or rather, they hadn't even done anything.

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