The Card Apprentice Chapter 842

The Card Apprentice Chapter 842

"Hmph, he is nothing. I won't believe that he is stronger than me." Xiao Han snorted in anger as he stared at Jian Chen vehemently, "Kid, I, Xiao Han, challenge you. Do you dare to accept?"

The disciples and Sect Elders who were hung up on the pillars and beaten were still screaming and yelling. When they heard Fan Zhong Tang's words, they were so touched they felt like crying.

The five members of the Desert Mercenaries had all been killed by Jian Chen before anyone could breathe more than a dozen times.

Time quickly went by as two days came and went. In those two days, Jian Chen and the Flame Mercenaries were all sitting within the Kai clan courtyards cultivating in peace. The news of a Class 5 Magical Beast had brought about a large amount of pressure on them all, so everyone was trying their best to improve their strength in order to help protect themselves during the coming battle.

"Yes master."

Jiang Chen nodded his head. He did need someone to help him with this mission, as the number of dimensional creatures might be too overwhelming. If it was like that, there would be no way for him to kill them all by himself. Furthermore, if those dimensional creatures infiltrated the Red City's region, many innocent lives would be plunged into great misery, and the Fragrant Sky City and Red City would be in great danger. Therefore, he really needed someone to help him kill those dimensional creatures.

These three disciples were completely scared, their lives were at risk now. Mortal Restoration Pills were not going to keep them safe. They reached for their storage bags and hurriedly took out all Mortal Restoration Pills.

Hearing this, Jian Chen's expression clearly became startled. After finally returning to his senses, he asked in an incredulous and shocked tone, "What! An arranged marriage?!"

"Is it right for us just leave them behind like this?"

Both man's and dog's expressions changed, and they felt some difficulty when breathing.

Jiang Chen replied with a smile.

The sounds of an amalgamate of Saint Weapons colliding together could be heard as the Light Wind Sword clashed fiercely with all of them. Although it had blocked the offensive weapons, the opposing Saint Weapons had an unbelievably strong amount of force that had placed such a large amount of a pressure on Jian Chen, and he was forced to fall back down to the ground.

"What Chen'er said is correct. With the situation all 28 cities are now facing, if a leader can stand out and be the backbone, regardless of whether it's for rebuilding this region or helping the people get over their pain, it is the best option. Furthermore, the only candidate for leadership is the Jiang family."

Not a single man could withstand Mu Rong Xiao Rou.At least he himself couldn't.That's why he had to leave now.

The scene immediately became quiet. Everyone stared at Daoist Black, awaiting his decision. His next words would decide Jiang Chen's fate.

Jiang Chen's behavior had no doubt aroused public indignation. However, he was actually smiling right now, and wasn't show any signs of taking this to heart. This was in fact the result he was looking for, including the fight between him and the number one ranked genius.

After listening to Xuan Ye's explanation, Jiang Chen finally realized why Wu Jiu could be so domineering. It was all because of what happened a hundred years ago.

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