Butterfly Effect Of The Hero Chapter 1839

Butterfly Effect Of The Hero Chapter 1839

At this moment, Cheng Ming Yang had already appeared in front of Tie Ta, and directly struck his fist against Tie Ta's chest. Because Tie Ta had a special status, Cheng Mingxiang did not dare to actually hurt Tie Ta, and his fist only used fifth layer force. In his opinion, even if he only used the strength of the fifth layer, it still wasn't an attack that a Saint could receive, let alone someone below that, like Tie Ta.


The room made some crackling sounds, and everything within 3 meters of Yan Chen Yu was completely frozen.An icy veil was formed on the door that had been kicked open.Everything in the room was covered by a silver frost.

Jian Chen took a deep breath before walking outside with a faint smile. In his heart, he thought, "As expected the Qiangan Kingdom didn't lie to me. There was truly a fully intact Saint Ruler's cave. Not only did I gain a Saint Ruler's skeleton containing great amounts of energy, I was able to receive a Heaven Tier Battle Skill and Cultivation Method."

Outside the furnace room, Guo Shan and Big Yellow were sitting face to face next to a stone table. This time, Guo Shan was generous enough to serve the best wine he had brewed with some herbs to Big Yellow. In his mind, Jiang Chen would need some days to concoct the pill this time, so he could use that time for find out more about what happened during their trip to Misty Mountain from Big Yellow.

This process seemed to be quite easy in terms on paper, but this obstruction had caused many cultivators to be forced to stop before they could make the breakthrough, at the same time, it had also caused many cultivators to lose their lives. As a result, the success rate of a Great Saint Master making the breakthrough to become an Earth Saint Master was ten percent. Each and every single one of those who made the breakthrough were cultivation geniuses who were well known to many.

A Gold Coin was enough to feed a small household of three for over a month, and a Purple Coin was the equivalent to a hundred Gold Coins. So a thousand Purple Coins was a generous sum of money to any mercenary. With such a tidy sum, any mercenary, or anyone for that matter, would be able to buy a nice home and spend the rest of their lives without any more financial worries. It was easy to say that this reward was so irresistible that no one could turn it down.

The intense battle was still ongoing, and both Shangguan Ying and the Ice Demon King were locked in a fierce battle where no one seemed to be able to defeat the other.


The arrival of the fourteen experts caused all the people of the Flood Dragon Bandits to calm down. To them, no matter how strong Jian Chen was, it was impossible to resist against so many people. If they all attacked him together, it would be impossible for him to survive.

Unperturbed by the patriarch's attitude, Jian Chen continued to smile, "Then I'll be calling you that from now on. You may leave now to handle your clan. Meet me in Mercenary City half a month from now and we'll leave together."

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort, then an equally powerful aura was unleashed from his body as well. Two auras were soaring through the heavens, trying their best to surpass each other.

Jasmine and Ha Ni were both staring heavily at the surrounding people--their eyes had most especially been focused on the dozen people standing in front. The both of them had grim expressions as they registered just who these people where. Each one of them were all titular figures of the Cloud Capital and were experts of the Earth Saint Master realm. Each one of them had been Earth Saint Masters for far longer than Ha Ni and Jasmine and could easily fight them two to one with an advantage.

But this was a slow process. During this period of time, strong Dimensional Creatures would occasionally drop out from the dimensional crack. However, all of them were killed by Yan Chenyu.

There were not many books on the shelf. It did not even exceeded one hundred, all with varying thicknesses. Each book was made from high class magical beast skin. The skins were already yellowed, carrying marks left behind by the past. They had already existed for an unknown amount of time.

Having received this prison of energy around him, the patriarch immediately felt shock register on his face. He had not thought that Jian Chen would become so strong in such a short amount of time.

Neither of the superpowers took anyone from the Black Sect seriously. They were treating these people as if they were slaves. If anyone dared disobey their instructions; they would give that person a round of beating, and if anyone dared fight back; they would kill that person on the spot, never showing any mercy.

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