Black Tech Internet Cafe System Chapter 1030

Black Tech Internet Cafe System Chapter 1030

Qing Shui was shocked, he could feel strong fluctuations of vigor!

"Oh, could it be that I've said something wrong?" Qing Shui was annoyed as soon as he saw the way the man behaved. He didn't like anyone from Sima Clan. In fact, he was starting to feel that there was a reason behind why Sima Yanming was going after Di Qing.

Concocting incense and concocting pills were two different things, and required the use of different techniques. Pills were consumed, whereas incense was inhaled. Of course, the final form was different too, one being a pill, the other being a stick of incense.

The disappearance of Bai Xiaochun ushered the peoples of the starry sky into a new age. No one could see him, but he remained where he had always been, in the former location of the Eternal Immortal Domains, his eyes closed as he sought enlightenment of Essence.


Even though it was a simple compliment, people who knew the Old Ancestor would be shocked to their core if they knew that the Old Ancestor had actually praised someone. Yet, Qing Shui did not feel a thing.?

Bai Xiaochun flew off into the distance, looking over his shoulder occasionally. Considering that everyone was in the late Foundation Establishment stage or even more powerful than that, the fighting was clearly a life-or-death matter. Nobody was holding back, and some people were already resorting to their life-saving magical items. Heaven-shaking, earth-shattering explosions rocked the area, and fluctuations that bordered on Core Formation could be felt, leaving Bai Xiaochun completely shaken.


After leaving his immortal's cave, he went down to the bottom of Middle Peak, where a few cultivators were already gathered. There were a dozen or so there, many of whose faces went grim as soon as they laid eyes on him. A few had no reaction, though.

There were a purple colored box, a silvery white colored box, and three snow white bottles and a piece of beast parchment!

"Then they had to go and lock him up in Lightning Penitentiary, which is supposedly strong enough to keep even demigods in check. But this guy¡­ actually blew the entire place up!! And look, almost half of the Lightning Order's black cloud has now been destroyed!!"

AST 775 - The Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death Against Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan (5)

Elder Xu's eyes snapped open, and he looked over at the middle-aged man, a broad smile of praise on his face.

There was also a young man being surrounded by a crowd of people. Qing Shui was not interested in this one though. He had a very sharp manner, just like a drawn sword, swift and fierce.

"Xiaochun, come to the grand hall on Mount River Defiance. The other three great sects of the Middle Reaches have come for a visit."

"Strong. So strong!" Filled with excitement, he waved at the nine-colored flame. Moments later, a ninth silver design could be seen on his nascent soul!

It was an ancient piece and the user could increase the spiritual energy of all tamed beasts which were engaged in battle, causing the attack prowess of the beast tamer's skills to increase. The increase was related to its grade. Passive treasure, zero energy expenditure!

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