glory seeker Chapter 128

glory seeker Chapter 128

No one said a word. The north bank disciples stood there quietly, and many of them understood what was happening. Even more of them sighed inwardly as respect for Bai Xiaochun bloomed in their hearts.

"Elder Ge!" Qing Shui didn't look at the people from the other side but greeted Elder Ge first.

The zombie in the cistern no longer had red hair, but violet. Its murderous aura was even stronger, and much of the water in the cistern had been drained. Moments later, more blood-colored water rushed in to fill the cistern back up.

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And of course, the missions with bigger rewards were the ones that were more dangerous.

After dragging it out from within the lining of the bag, he pulled it out and held it in his hand to examine it with his third eye. Strangely, only his third eye could see it. His other senses, including his normal eyes, couldn't detect its existence at all.

Everyone knew about Mo Zitong, a person who had once won against a Martial Emperor. Moreover, the people from Demon Gate even knew that Mo Zitong had defeated a Martial Emperor who had a strength of close to 2,000 stars. He was a prominent existence even in Demon Gate and was Demon Gate's future pillar.

Those short words were like a massive hand that swept through the sky and completely eradicated the Celestial Tribulation!

There were no troop formations, nor any officers issuing orders. Everyone was simply fighting like wild animals.

There were five men standing out in front of the brigade, all of whom were Nascent Soul experts. One of them was a middle-aged man, who was none other than the colonel in command of the brigade. Standing a pace behind him were the four other Nascent Soul experts, two of whom were in the late stage, and two in the mid stage.

A mountain was beautiful because of its grandeur, might, and elegance. If one could feel its exalted energy, it would make the mountain much more desirable. There was another saying that immortals and hidden masters liked to live on high mountains, which showed that mountains were paradises.

Big Fatty Zhang seemed just as excited as Bai Xiaochun, and returned the embrace.

The black-garbed man stood there silently, unsure of exactly what Madam Cai meant when she said inhuman. However, the fact that his target had survived being hit with his Exterminating Soulbrand was actually a bit intriguing.

Meanwhile, Gongsun Wan'er staggered back a few paces, her face draining of blood; unleashing that ancient vortex had not been any simple task, and had been very draining. And considering how long it took her to unleash it in full, it must not be something that she could casually call upon. Although Bai Xiaochun was now sighing in relief that the fight was over, his fear of Gongsun Wan'er increased.

Unfortunately, the drainage was significant, and potentially dangerous.

However, the Raging Blow exhausted a lot of energy. The burden on his body would be too big if he kept on using it continuously. However, that was not too important. The most important thing was that he could use it any time. The Raging Blow would be his strongest battle technique.

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