The Avalon Of Five Elements Chapter 105

The Avalon Of Five Elements Chapter 105

Wu Ningzhu and the others quickly followed after him. They knew Jiang Chen's heart was heavy at the moment, so no one said anything.

Wu Jiu turned to Jiang Chen and said.

A bright light flickered; Jiang Chen took out the Heavenly Saint Sword and held it in his hand. Freezing killing intent instantly spread across the scene. Jiang Chen slowly turned around and looked at the Seventh Emperor and the others.

Jian Chen walked straight in through the doors of the wooden house. The house was rather small, and there were no decorations within it. The very moment Jian Chen walked in, he could see a white-robed elder inside.

Jian Chen's figure continued to flicker away from sight as he dodged the girl's arrows. Although the arrows were traveling at an extremely fast speed, Jian Chen himself wasn't all that slow. He was always able to dodge at the last moment so that the closest arrow hadn't even nicked him, thus escaping danger.

"I wish that senior elder can stay in Fragrant Sky city with the Jiang family for a few days. If he can then my mind will be at peace!"

As of right now, the three siblings from the Ka Di clan were Kargath Academy's most influential figures. Practically every single student that attended the academy would know their names since the three siblings were all very strong. Ka Di Yun had been able to become a Saint Master and was on par with the strongest student in the academy. Ka Di Qiuli and Ka Di Yun were both cultivators at the same level of strength

Jian Chen and Ming Dong made no motions to be polite and took the drink to savor. With just a small mouthful, they both let out a sigh of praise, "It is truly a fine wine. Even in the palace, I wasn't able to drink something as delicious as this."

Jian Chen's group of travelers slowly made their way to the gated entrance of the city. Seeing the battleworn city walls, Jian Chen felt a complex emotion arise on his face as if reminiscing about something.

Not too far away, the earth element had begun to gather and form a stone table in front of them. The ancestor could be seen already seated on a stone stool.

The two massive attacks collided. The energy ripples created from the impact were three times stronger than the previous ones. Under the pressure f such a massive amount of energy, Yu Zi Han who was standing far away, his face turned pale. With his combat strength, if he were to join the fight right now, he would have gotten himself killed in an instant.

Outside the city, the feverish Jian Chen looked back at Tianxiong Lie, who was pursuing him from behind. His face grew heavy as he saw Tianxiong Lie; although Jian Chen hadn't fought with him yet, he knew that Tianxiong Lie was not an equal opponent.

At this moment, the Little Devil King Han Yan had regained consciousness. He had temporarily suppressed the demonic characteristic in his body, and then he saw the scene where Jiang Chen had killed Li Wu Shuang, which shocked him deeply. Right now, Jiang Chen had fallen into a difficult situation, so of course he would need to help him.

"Nanbei Chao, if that was your strongest attack££ Really disappointing."

"Alright, we'll use this plan for now."

The four Heaven Saint Masters were now been cautious about crossing swords with Jian Chen. Thus, their strikes avoided Jian Chen's weapon, always making sure to dodge it, ultimately bringing them to a state of annoyance.


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