For Her, My Warmth Chapter 1005

For Her, My Warmth Chapter 1005

"Damn it, the Martial Saint Dynasty is pushing us too hard by forcing us to wear mourning clothes! What the Imperial Emperor cares about is the dignity of his dynasty; but not ours! Since Jiang Chen now has the strength to fight with the Martial Saint Dynasty, and he is a man with extraordinary talents who always creates miracles, perhaps we'll achieve something magnificent if we follow him! I have made up my mind, I'll proceed to the Black Sect and help them!"

"Sigh££ Too bad. However, with your abilities and knowledge, I'm sure you'll become a great cultivation master, as well as an expert in pill concoction."

Guo Shan heartily laughed out. Finally, the huge burden in his heard could be lifted. He hadn't fulfilled his promise to protect Yan Chenyu, and he even caused Han Yan to almost be killed. This was something had had continuously pestered his mind, but with the awakening of Yan Chenyu, he could at last finally have a peace of mind.


Jiang Chen was extremely ruthless. He extended his hand towards one of the Sect Elders and unleashed the newly awakened True Dragon Palm.

"Killing someone with its furs?"

Jiang Chen was speechless.

After saying that, Jiang Chen immediately attacked with his Six Solar Fingers. Three huge golden fingers lit up the dark skies as it pierced towards the Bloody Combat Wolf in front of them. At the same time, Big Yellow spat out a huge golden energy orb. Jiang Chen didn't know the name of this attack, but the energy ball that Big Yellow spat out was capable of dealing lots of damage.

The gigantic blood-red dragon claw descended from the sky and grabbed onto the black smoke trying to leave.

"Mm, very good! Xiao Yu is getting more powerful with each passing day!"

The sun was setting, and the night had arrived.Jiang Chen changed into black clothes and walked out from his mansion.Tonight will be a sleepless night for Fragrant Sky city.This night, blood shall be spilled.

Recalling the information he had read about this beast back in Kargath Library, Jian Chen looked at the golden colored snake with a horrified look of disbelief. His heart couldn't help, but begin to race rapidly. He didn't think that he would come across the rare Silver Striped Golden Snake in such a desolate place like the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts; it was only the outskirts of the Mountain Range, where it should've been hard to even encounter one on the entire Tian Yuan Continent.

For the sake of not causing a disturbance, Jian Chen and Ming Dong had descended from the sky onto a path that would lead them to the city.

Jiang Chen couldn't sense there was an energy vein underneath Redsun Town, but once the rough location of it was found, with his senses maximized by the Great Soul Derivation skill, it was a piece of cake for him to identify its exact location.


"Haha, cut the formalities!"

Tyrant licked his lips as he spoke. He had become a Sixth Grade Combat King not long ago, and he had done so by breaking through many stages continuously. Thus, he was eager to test his combat strength by fighting a powerful enemy. These two Seventh Grade Devil Kings were perfect candidates for him to evaluate himself.

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