The Tomb of Potter Chapter 419

The Tomb of Potter Chapter 419

The three elders worked in a fluid tandem. One would verify that the tokens were real while the second took their names and numbers and the third collected the tokens.

Mu Rong Hao and the old man both shouted at the same time.Mu Rong Hao was now even more terrified.All his arrogance had vanished.He would have a hard time living without his dick, but if both his legs were broken and he was stripped naked, then he would rather die right now.

Ka Di Yun looked around the dining hall, and sure enough, a spot not too far away had opened up. Staring at Jian Chen with a ferocious glare, he waved his hand, "Second brother, third sister, let's go." He said as he started to walk over to the empty table; if he had continued with this spectacle, then there would had been no benefit for him. He was also slightly afraid of coming out as the loser, since Bai Mo Ran's clan was not at all weaker than the Ka Di clan. Bai Mo Ran himself was actually stronger than him.


Zhou Butong's eyes flashed with a cold glint as he said, "With him using his sword so fast, his Saint Force will be used up quickly. Since just earlier he destroyed the Zhou Mercenaries, there is no way for his Saint Force to have recovered that fast. Let him first use up his Saint Force on these guards, I don't believe that his Saint Force will still have such an endless supply after this. Zhou Lianyun, hurry up and bring the King Tiger Squad here. This time the enemy cannot be underestimated, I cannot say for certain, but the life or death of our Zhou clan is on the line; we must act accordingly with all our strength."

"Yes, third grandfather!" Lei Yin departed courteously.

This event caused the name of the Changyang Clan to skyrocket. They completely overshadowed even the Hua Yun Sect's power to the point where they had replaced them as the authority figure. At this, Changyang Ba didn't know whether to laugh or cry. There was a helpless look on his face knowing that the Changyang clan could no longer be as low-profile as before.

Jiang Chen pointed his finger as if it was a sword and started training the Six Solar Fingers. Immediately, rays of solar power flowed into his finger and then his body. Jiang Chen cultivated the Dragon Transformation skill which gave him a strong yang body. The Dragon Marks in his body were one of the most powerful yang powers in the world. If he can absorb more solar power, then he will reap huge benefits.

"What a strong mind, killing someone without hesitation, this young man is going to be someone great in the future!"

"Senior disciple Cai Dong is from the inner circle, we were ordered by him to do all of this! The news about you dying in the Myriad Demon Mountain also came from his mouth!"

Ming Dong sneered before leaking out his own killing intent, "Then we'll see if you can stay true to your words."

"There is a Blissful Manor on the Blissful Island, and the master of the manor has occupied the entire island. He is rich with resources, and he's enjoying a life with many wives."

"A Space Ring!" The sturdy man gasped with a bitter smile before scratching at his bald head in embarrassment. "I wasn't paying attention at all. Yun Zheng, I could detect that that kid was stronger than me several times over. Despite him having a Space Ring, a simple Space Belt is well enough for a person's everyday use. As long as one prepares one in advance, then they will save themselves some money."

Jiang Chen asked.

"What! The Seal of Treasure Mountain was stolen?" The patriarch's face blanched. The joy that he had been feeling from making the breakthrough had instantly slipped off of his face.

"I think we should enter the city, with extra caution of course. We might be able to receive some news. It has been three days since the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect announced their orders to kill, and since they haven't been able to find Little Chen, I'm sure they're up to something new."

After entering the room, Jian Chen not only found his parents, but even the oldest aunt Ling Long, second aunt Yu Fengyan and third aunt Bai Yushuang. His third brother Changyang Ke was by his mother's side while several other men covered in blood sat by some of the traumatized women. Right by the entrance, Ming Dong and Dugu Feng stood guard. When their eyes met, they didn't need to speak to convey a conversation.

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