Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 1018

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 1018

Zhang Wei and his friends had unsightly expressions. Although Redsun Town was only a small town, it was their home, a place where they had been born and grown up in. Their feelings towards this town couldn't be replaced by anything else. Right now, when they witnessed their hometown in flames and the town folk being slaughtered, it was hard for others to understand their feelings.

The Flood Dragon once again let out a wild roar. It slammed its gigantic tail onto one of the Qingyi disciples. The disciple let out a blood-curdling screech right before he instantly exploded into a bloody mist.

But when Jian Chen's eyes fell upon the scroll, he couldn't help but rub his eye in stupefied shock.

Right as the Ice Demon King was knocked back, Yan Chenyu's attack arrived from behind the Crown Prince. She had unleashed a razor sharp sword that was condensed from her Dark Ice Energy, and she was slashing it toward the Crown Prince's body.

"He could actually escape in such a conditions? Looks like he really is a man with special abilities. I heard that Nanbei Chao was born from an Immortal Spirit, I wonder if this is true."

Master Blissful and the man in black also furrowed their brows. Although they weren't alchemists, but as great warriors, they did have some knowledge regarding alchemy. The method Jiang Chen used to concoct pills wouldn't result in the pills being good, let alone any pills at all. This method was just a waste of ingredients. Jiang Chen's actions made Master Blissful and the man in black disappointed. They really thought that this young man was just messing around.

"Jian Chen, this warbeast is unbelievably tough in terms of defenses. Not only that, but it's also a Class 4 Magical Beast. Unless we have an Earth Saint Master here with us, then it'll be impossible to fight this. Even a Great Saint Master will be unable to pierce through the defenses of this warbeast!" An experienced mercenary explained to Jian Chen. He doubted Jian Chen due to his age and because of how strong the warbeast was.

Jian Chen stared and observed the four red-clothed men. From the identical appearances of the four people, he could already roughly guess that if the four had not undergone any manipulation in appearance, there were definitely rarely-seen quadruplets.

You Yue had completely stopped her tears as she listened to Jian Chen speak. The two glistening eyes on her beautiful face stared at Jian Chen in silence. She finally understood, this very moment, the tremendous amount of pressure Jian Chen had always talked about and just what great dangers were waiting ahead of him.

"Crown Prince's cultivation has become much stronger since when you entered secluded cultivation! It looks like you're getting closer to the Combat King realm; this is something we need to celebrate!"

"A thousand thanks for the captain's charity!" The mercenaries all bowed down with a grand shout. Each one of them wes especially happy.

"This££ how is this possible? Just what is this force, actually so strong?" Jin Tian stared at Jian Chen out of shock, and his face was engulfed by disbelief. He could clearly feel that in Jian Chen's fist, there was actually an extremely strong and unknown, mysterious power hidden. The power was far stronger than the Saint Force he used. The moment the two came in contact, the Saint Force that covered his entire left arm was scattered by the mysterious but powerful power.

"It really is a pity that we didn't get that Emperor Weapon."

Fan Kun shouted out loudly. With his bare hands, he unleashed a huge golden palm and attacked Han Yan.

Everyone had become sentimental, today's Qi Province competition did not run smoothly. The dramatic progress had finally come to an end in an unexpected manner.

The Six Weirdoes of Mount Mang repeatedly attacked, attempting to find an opportunity to kill one of their opponents. Furthermore, with Eldest Mang's warning, all six of them became extremely careful, and dared not disperse their strength. They all knew how strong their opponents were, and once their combat strength was dispersed, they would immediately become weakened, and each of them would be killed by their opponent.

Jiang Chen's mind was immediately filled with joy. He could now tell that this dog possessed the ancient Dragon Horse's bloodline. A Dragon Horse was the heir of the Heavenly Dragon and the Heavenly Horse, and it was a rare being that was even rarer in the ancient era.

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