The Unusual at Trost Academy Chapter 2929

The Unusual at Trost Academy Chapter 2929

Beast cores, beast leather, medicinal herbs were in abundance as well. Qing Shui was pleased that the medicinal herbs inside the room seemed quite powerful, with even some being of the 5,000-Year level.

"Don't be shameless! Don't be rude to me!"

Her hair was gathered in a high bun, her eyebrows curved gently, and her features were naturally beautiful even without any makeup on. She had a heavenly goddess-like beauty. Her white dress could not hide her gorgeous figure¡ª that distinctive shoulder, the curve of those breasts that could steal one's soul, a waist like flowing satin¡ª which seemed perfectly sculpted by God. Even her pair of exposed jade legs held a faint crystal-like glow...

"It doesn't have anything to do with the bloodflame stones. The pill is being destroyed from the inside out!" Panting, hair in disarray, eyes shining with enlightenment, he quickly rolled up his sleeves and produced a new pill furnace to work with.

Qing Shui didn't try to convince her. What she said was similar to how it was when people in his previous life got involved in drugs. This Plum Blossom Wine was much more amazing than the drugs from his previous life but it wouldn't make one overly reliant on it, unless the person had extremely weak self-restraint. Neither would it make one thin down to their bones.

Qing Shui had seen Earth Dragon Beasts that were like them, ahead of their packs. Now that two of them were fighting with each other, it was clear that they were fighting to be the leaders of their packs. This was a battle to the death. There can only be one leader.

Their expansion hadn't slowed in the least, and in fact, they were still growing. As a result, their Fantasy Pill business grew with shocking speed.

Because of the birth of these living things, the starry sky changed. It was no longer dead and still. Instead, life force began to build. The suns and moons that were Bai Xiaochun's eyes took note of them, and watched for tens of thousands of years¡­ as they changed the 1,080,000 sets of ruins.

"Mmm, what coincidence." Ye Guyan smiled and said.

Neither Bai Hao nor Bai Xiaochun had thought very much about that. It was the way Bai Hao usually spoke. But when Zhou Yixing heard it, it filled his heart with pounding waves of shock that threatened to overwhelm him.

Pausing for a moment and studying the formation, Qing Shui confirmed that this first trial was a failure. However, he was not discouraged. Qing Shui picked up the pebbles from the ground and sat down. He studied the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation, placing more attention on the crucial points of the formation. While doing so, he also practiced his Nine Palace Steps several times.

That was one of the unique characteristics of tier-4 medicinal pills. After examining them closely for a bit, Bai Xiaochun started to get even more excited than before. Although he was confident that a pill like this would please a prime elder, it probably wouldn't be good enough for the Song Clan patriarch.

The Grand Heavenmaster truly did want to get Gongsun Wan'er to join the Heavenspan Realm. With two celestials on their side, their position in the Eternal Immortal Domains would be stronger than ever!

Bai Xiaochun backed up in the face of the seemingly endless amount of water filling the sky. It was water that thrummed with destructive power, power that seemed capable of eradicating any life force that got in its way.

Qing Shui stood in the water for a whole hour without moving, not even a single movement!

As far as Bai Xiaochun was concerned, his life really was on the line. Up ahead was the Hall of Devil Slayers, a huge mountain surrounded by swirling clouds and covered with countless pavilions, temples and other buildings. Cultivators were hustling about everywhere, and most notable of all were the enormous characters carved upon the mountain itself!

After becoming familiar with the Beast Conservatory jungle, he'd almost immediately noticed the traces of a vein of earthflame in the area. This small cave he'd excavated connected to that vein, and had become his pill-concocting workstation on the north bank. All of the pills he made for the beasts were concocted here.

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