Himekishi ga Classmate Isekai Cheat de Dorei ka Harem Chapter 2024

Himekishi ga Classmate Isekai Cheat de Dorei ka Harem Chapter 2024

Bai Xiaochun seemed like he had already descended into madness. He had received numerous injuries, and his eyes were completely bloodshot. Behind him, the ground was littered with corpses, and the soul cultivators ahead of him were completely shaken.

It was in that moment that Bai Hao's name suddenly lit up on the stone stele, in 1st place, with the words seven-colored flame next to it!

Their eyes met, and Hou Yunfei nodded encouragingly. Bai Xiaochun nodded back. There was no time for chatting, though, as the main doors of the grand hall were already opening.

Meanwhile, the Nine Serenities King howled at the top of his lungs and went all out to join the other four demigods in the assault.

It was at that point that he heard the captain of Squad 9 talking outside, and he seemed to be bursting with joy.

And yet, by this point, there didn't seem to be any suspense at all regarding what would happen in the end. It was at that exact same moment that the explosive aura of a deva suddenly rose up within Arch-Emperor City.

After a long moment of silence, Zheng Yuandong changed the subject, and in doing so, unwittingly touched on something that had come to be a sensitive subject for Bai Xiaochun because of the events of recent weeks.

Upon Qing Shui's return, a letter had already been sent to Qing Luo from the Hundred Miles City. The old men were also made aware of Qing Shui's situation, so that they could make ample mental preparation.

"Brother, Sister Wu-shuang, let's go eat." Suddenly, Qing Bei walked in and flashed a smile.

Even if Donggong Taiqing had used a stronger force to attempt to knock him out, Qing Shui would have still been able to stand up without any injuries. However, he had to stay extra vigilant for the next few attacks as he might be critically injured if he wasn't careful.

The soul that was the severed arm of Ghostmother had long remained inside the sword, unable to awaken, and unable to access its old memories. However, thanks to Bai Xiaochun's medicinal pills, that girl woke up!

Back when Bai Xiaochun had made his breakthrough, Daoist Heavenspan was trying to do the same thing, and had even sensed Bai Xiaochun's breakthrough. For Daoist Heavenspan, making that breakthrough from demigod to celestial was extremely difficult. He got stuck in the third tribulation, and repeatedly failed to get the approval of the Eternal Mother.

As the red sun descended, Megarock City began to melt, and countless cultivators began to scream in agony, and flee. However, they were too slow; it was obvious that, within moments, they would be burned out of existence!

Elder Sun, this kid is persistent. Hurry up and take care of those girls and help me out here." Elder Ying could not do anything other than defending himself against Qing Shui's Basic Sword Principal of the Obscure Realm and only managed to sneak in one of two counter attacks in between.

That morning at dawn, the sound of tolling bells filled Sky Quarter Rainbow, and all of the disciples who had been promoted to the yellow robe level in the past year all made their way out of their immortal's caves, looking both solemn and apprehensive.


He took her hand as they made their way towards the bedroom.

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