Dragon Blooded War God Chapter 905

Dragon Blooded War God Chapter 905

"Sect Chief, when we first reached the Blissful Island££"

Guo Shan said. He suddenly remembered the time when Jiang Chen drank Energy Spring Water like it was wine. That made him frustrated.

"But, I don't think those people will give up so easily."

Within a courtyard located on Heavenhawk Island, Zhuang Fan kneeled down in front of Jiang Chen and kowtowed a few times.

"Buddy, since you're able to absorb any demon soul, I wonder if you can absorb this devil soul?"

Wu Jiu shook his head and sighed.

Luo Jian's eyes flashed dangerously as he realized Jian Chen's speed was no slower than his own. Because of the high speed kick, Luo Jian had no time to dodge it. Without any other choice, the wind attributed Saint Force started to concentrate within his left hand as he brought it smashing down onto Jian Chen's incoming leg.

After the two of them had left, the girl called Li Sha asked in a resentful tone, "Xiao Le, who are they? They're so arrogant that they don't even think they should be with us."

The four Heaven Saint Masters were completely intimidated by Jian Chen's display of might now. With the four of them and Qian Yun combined, their attacks hadn't even inconvenienced Jian Chen yet.

"Some time ago, my Flame Mercenaries managed to obtain a Class 5 Magical Beast, but a mysterious assailant snuck in and stole it one night. That assailant also killed a senior figure of my Flame Mercenaries unfortunately. This mysterious assailant was found out to be the city lord, Yun Li." Jian Chen stated calmly.

Bang bang bang££££

"Rest assured Brother Jiang Chen, I'll make sure you get pills!"

For a moment, the entire Cloud Capital was quiet before suddenly erupting into a cacophony of sound. Everyone had turned their heads to the skies as if trying to find the origins of the voice.

A loud explosive sound rang through the air as Jiang Chen's sword destroyed Song Liangdong's palm strike. However, it didn't stop there, as it continued its way and impaled Song Liangdong's palm within a split second. A fierce and trenchant sword energy burst out from the sword, and, under the eyes of everyone, Song Liangdong's palm exploded; turning into a blood mist.

The Crown Prince's was incredibly enraged. He attacked with his saber, but he just couldn't withstand Wu Ningzhu's attack. His saber was knocked out of his hand, and the frightening soundwaves even severely injured his soul.


When the golden egg was taken out, a pure and rich energy immediately flowed out from it, and a strong sense of life force and essence was emitted from the egg, which attracted the gazes of all three Sect Elders in an instant.

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