The Rise of Xueyue Chapter 2171

The Rise of Xueyue Chapter 2171

Currently with the rise of the Qing Clan, the statuses of the four great clans of the Hundred Miles City had already undergone a change. The Situ Clan had fallen way too much and that was soon about to change.

Looking at the fleeing Zuo Hengfeng, Bai Xiaochun growled, "You! You forced me to do this!"

"Dammit! How did Gongsun Wan'er get frigid qi like this!?!?" In the critical moment, Bai Xiaochun looked around at everything rapidly freezing, and knew that he only had one option.

Rage burning, they gave chase. As for Bai Xiaochun, his heart was racing, and he did his best to evade his opponents. However, despite being in the Heaven-Dao Nascent Soul stage, the fact that more and more enemies were showing up by the moment was terrifying.

When Big Fatty Zhang heard Bai Xiaochun talk about tier-3 spirit medicine, his heart began to thump. Tier-3 spirit medicines were available in the local market, but their prices were astronomical. Considering what Bai Xiaochun was offering him, there was no way he would refuse. Coupled with his pledge, Big Fatty Zhang only had to think for a moment before laughing heartily.

The Old ancestor silently nodded his head!

There was something about him that surpassed ordinary cultivators. Clearly, he had once held a position of incredible power and authority. That was the only way he could possibly have the extraordinary air to him that he did.

Medicinal herbs covered the mountain. Here, the age of the medicinal herbs were distinguished like a pyramid. As one went higher up the mountain, the medicinal herbs they encountered would also be relatively older. Right now, Qing Shui was looking at Yuan Su with a puzzled look. He could sense something was wrong.

At the same time, someone with ordinary techniques and high latent talent would be equally confounded.

Bai Xiaochun's heart was already pounding, but he didn't let any of that emotion show on his face.

"Ghost Mirroring: Initiate!" But there was still more to come. Ghostmother performed another incantation gesture, causing an afterimage to spring up as a second ghost king stepped out of thin air. Then a third, and a fourth! Within moments, four ghost kings were in formation, barreling toward Bai Xiaochun.

"It's just fate," he said to himself. "Bai Xiaochun, ah, Bai Xiaochun. You're just unlucky. You never managed to be anything more than a fugitive in the Wildlands, with everyone running around trying to kill you. As for me, I managed to become the pet of the Hell-Emperor! Considering my important position, I'm more powerful than you can even imagine." A look of pity appeared in Song Que's eyes as he looked down his nose at Bai Xiaochun. Then he sighed inwardly. Considering their past, he knew that if he could manage to save Bai Xiaochun, he probably should. After all, they were both from the River-Defying Sect.

Then, he landed on the ground with a boom, causing shockwaves to roll out from the point of impact. However, despite being on the ground, he was still being pulled toward the mouth.

"It's alive?" Gasping, he looked closer. Closer examination revealed that the head and limbs were all limp and lifeless. They almost just looked like mere decorations.

Although there were disciples from the four sects in some of the areas where the banebeasts began to wake up, most of the areas were devoid of cultivators. As soon as the banebeasts opened their vicious eyes, they looked in Bai Xiaochun's direction, radiating greed and madness. Moments later, countless howls ripped through the air.

361 beams of Archaean Luminescence was an outrageous number. Everyone present to see it happen felt their mind reeling, and those who had often wondered about how many shots Bai Xiaochun actually had were now completely blown away.

Perhaps those footsteps had been mingled in with theirs from the moment they had entered the courtyard, and they hadn't noticed because of the strange fruits. But now, in the silence that followed the fruits' outburst, the sound of the additional footsteps was extremely conspicuous.

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