tales of demons and gods emperor of shizle and whooshes Chapter 1691

tales of demons and gods emperor of shizle and whooshes Chapter 1691

Inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

But the 141th to the 179th cycles would be relatively easier to achieve. In the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, it would take about one and a half years to break through to another cycle. This would be equivalent to slightly more than half a month in the real world.

The Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect's teleportation portal was located on the blue rainbow. As soon as it began to shine with light, the disciples manning the portal were shaken, and looked over to see who it was that was arriving.

"I'm Qing Shui, Miss Duanmu's friend. ErmĄ­ why don't we do it on another day?" Qing Shui said with a smile.

As he rose to his feet, his murderous aura grew stronger. The time had come to vent all of the madness which had been building up over the last month. The time had come to do some killing!

The Chosen were like stars glittering in the night sky, each one of whom had their own chance to shine in battle. However, there was one star that was only just now teleporting onto the battlefield.

To be the center of such attention on a daily basis left Bai Xiaochun's heart bursting with joy. Of course, he had long since gone to buy the seven-colored mistysea grass, which had been the entire reason he had challenged the trials to begin with.

Canghai Mingyue mumbled a response as she accepted the inner armor. She didn't even glance at Qing Shui before she turned and walked into Huoyun Liu-Li's room. She couldn't understand why she felt an ambivalence of joy and sadness when Qing Shui said to pass this inner armor he recently forged to Huoyun Liu-Li.

"That's what I thought, could it be that he is a powerful Beast Tamer?"

"Heavens! Just how many vengeful souls does Colonel Ji Feng have?!"

The chief of the Bai Clan was dead!

The Binding Talisman drawn by the Golden Calligraphy Brush could lower the opponent's speed by 30% of Qing Shui's speed.

Slowly but surely, everyone was coming to realize that wherever Bai Xiaochun went, he always caused a huge storm. And as far as his ability to cause disasters went, it was nothing short of legendary!

Half a month passed before he suddenly rushed out, spent the merit points, and entered the Medicine Concocting Pavilion again.

"The only thing is, reaching the Gold Core level before two sixty-year-cycles pass is very, very difficult.... Of the members of the previous generation, the only person who has even come close is Peak Lord Li Qinghou. That's why the sect favors him so much!"

"One Will to create oceans. One Will to summon mulberry fields. One Will to slaughter countless devils. One Will to eradicate innumerable immortalsĄ­. Only my WillĄ­ is Eternal."

"If Old Master had said this, then it must be true." Sun Yan seemed to feel slightly more relaxed now.

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