Rebirth of an Otaku in Naruto Chapter 311

Rebirth of an Otaku in Naruto Chapter 311

"Are the others alright? Go check on them." said Qing Shui as he stopped rubbing her head.

Luan Luan sat on the back of Fire Bird. Fire Bird would constantly breathe out powerful Nether Balls. Qing Shui had also ordered the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to stay beside Fire Bird and perform a Mighty Elephant Stomp from time to time. This was quite destructive.

He was also aware that the "Crippled Yang Sabre" that he had been cultivating could only be cultivated to its peak by people with this type of Crippled Yang Bone constitution like himself. What made him even happier was that as long as he could break through to Xiantian, he would be able to consume "Yang Revitalising Pellet" and rejuvenate the most important characteristic of being a male.

"Master God-Diviner, you really ended up in a rough situation! Ai. Before running into you, I thought that Que'er had it worst. Who would have thought that youˇ­?" As he sighed, Song Que snorted coldly in his heart, convinced that Bai Xiaochun was preparing to show off to Master God-Diviner.

"I--" Bai Xiaochun's eyes began to glaze over as a feeling of disheartenment filled him. No matter how he tried to explain the situation, it wouldn't do any good. Things were going completely different than he'd imagined. Dejected, he turned slowly and trudged away, somehow returning to the sect.

"Impossible!!" Numerous cries of shock and disbelief echoed out from within the puppet. The toxic gas was one of the puppet's trump cards, something that could shake even a powerful Gold Core cultivator. The Profound Stream Sect cultivators had been completely and utterly confident that it would destroy the giant incarnation!

The woman in front of him felt as if she had some sort of magical power. When Qing Shui was in front of her, he felt that it's really easy for him to calm down. Even Qing Shui didn't even know the reason to it.?

"How much for this sword?" An elegant lady with a ponytail walked up to Qing Shui and asked!

The ones in the lead were the four oldest men. Two of them appeared very tall and powerful. Although they looked very old, they stood very upright and exuded a dominating aura.

The "iron rod" harnessed a great amount of energy that created an imposing force to suppress Qing Shui!

It then immediately shattered into pieces. But the killing intent, speed, power and pressure that it exuded at that one moment were extremely terrifying. The tiger form had already completely manifested. Although the power it unleashed couldn't match up to holding the Big Dipper Sword and Violet Star Thunder God, it could still be considered quite decent.

Qing Shui locked onto one of the Demonic Swallow and threw the primordial flames at it!

Even Qing Shui had times when he felt like becoming a bandit, a powerful bandit, snatching beautiful ladies and good items for himself. It was a direct and fast approach.

It was at that exact same moment that Bai Xiaochun realized that, not only was Hou Xiaomei being taken away, but there were other cultivators stuck on the bone galleon as well. In fact, there were dozens!

50% of the Frenzied Bull's Strength!

Imposter Nightcrypt's soul stared around blankly, clearly flummoxed. "This is impossible! The mysterious sect definitely said it was here...."

In the blink of an eye, numerous strands of hair had stabbed into the foreheads of the soul cultivators, and began to suck them dry. Screams rang out, but were quickly silenced as everyone became a withered corpse!!

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