My Kingdom Chapter 2265

My Kingdom Chapter 2265

"Can you guys feel it? Senior disciple Han has an energy that can pierce the skies! Looks like the bloodline of the Ancient Divine Devil in his body has awakened, the Black Sect has another abnormal monster now!"

"Hey, Jian Chen, you're finally back! Did you bring me anything good to eat?" Little Fatty walked to meet him from some distance away. The moment he saw the tiger by Jian Chen's side, he cried out with an astonished look, "Jian Chen, where did you find this magical beast? It has wings, so does that mean it'll be able to fly when it grows up?"

The Radiant Saint Force began to gather slowly and illuminated the dark cave in an instant. The Radiant Saint Force began to condense into a milky white light that made the inside of the cave seem as if it was daytime. Within this previously dark cave, the Radiant Saint Force would have caused anyone that noticed it to instantly become awake. The bright light was as fierce as the sun itself, but while it continued to shine brightly, the sight was not intense on the eyes.

Tian Yishan said as he furrowed his brows.

"According to what you humans classify us as, I am indeed a Class 7 Magical Beast." The tiger's weak voice rang out once more as if it was whispering something private to Jian Chen so that only the two of them could hear.

Han Yan said.


After only a short while had passed, the martial arts arena was packed with 200 or so people. Nearly everyone was excited to watch the lively scene. Amongst these people, Ka Di Liang's older brother, Ka Di Yun, also stood there, with a few people around his age standing next to him.

"Brat, you're really brave! How dare you challenge the Green Sanctuary Sect, do you really think you can act lawlessly because you have the help of a demon lord? You're just an idiot, have you seen that? Your dog is no match for a Divine Core warrior! Now, I'll capture you and bring you back to torture you!"

But with their knowledge about Jiang Chen, they knew Shangguan Sheng wasn't lying, as this young man was an existence who dared to do anything.

"Hey, how long has your father been sleeping?"

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, the two men opened their eyes until they were wide open. It suddenly felt like their brains had stopped working.

Firethorn Savage who was currently slumbering suddenly opened his eyes. An extreme feeling of danger arose in his heart; he never expected that there would be such a huge risk hiding right beside him.

Thinking back, from when Jiang Chen defeated Nanbei Chao, annihilated the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, and lastly, the Martial Saint Dynasty; the time had passed by quickly. And, ever since Jiang Chen first arrived in the Qi Province, the Eastern Continent had been in a constant turmoil.

Jian Chen looked at the man and said, "Before saying something like that, you should first discipline your subordinates."

After the subjugation of the Bloodrose Mercenaries were done, Jian Chen, Zhan Tian, and Jasmine began to discuss the next course of action. It was only until late in the afternoon that they left the courtyards with Jasmine leaving with them.

Big Yellow bared his teeth and threw an angry glance at Nangong Wentian.

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